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Wildlife includes all non-domesticated plants and animals.

Planeta Wiki features collaboratively edited features about biodiversity, parks and wildlife around the world. Editors are encouraged to add relevant links, current headlines and upcoming events.


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bighorn sheep
monarch butterflies
sage grouse

Spotlight on canned hunting

Spotlight on cage diving

An ethical history of zoos
2015 Wildlife Resolutions - @MeganShersby
Africa: Can Indigenous and Wildlife Conservationists Work Together?
Leaving Only Footsteps? Think again. - Outbounding
why-we-need-to-rethink-wildlife-tourism - Outbounding
Skip the Circus, Marine Park, and Zoo: Here are 10 Humane Ways to Interact With Wildlife
The Coming Age of the Internet Naturalist
19 apps that will turn you into a wilderness expert
Mi’kmaq to conduct ritual for moose
Renoster-aanval: Haar man red haar
Tourism and poaching – silence is not an option
Tourism helping to save gorillas
Introducing India's Magnificent Seven

Wildlife Tourism on the Planeta Wiki

Headlines: Wildlife Tourism

Net Effects of Ecotourism on Threatened Species Survival - Plos One
Going on safari? Research shows ecotourism can help save threatened species
Buenas prácticas para la observación de oso, lobo y lince en España
“Born Free*” (Not): Releasing wildlife tourism’s economic potential - Chris Warren - @ChrisWarrenRT

World Animal Protection
Checking out of cruelty - World Animal Protection
TripAdvisor profiting from 'cruel' animal entertainment, World Animal Protection says
TripAdvisor Inc. profits from wildlife cruelty: sign our petition to stop the abuse

Checking out of cruelty - World Animal Protection

Headlines: #HuntersNotPoachers

Survival's #HuntersNotPoachers campaign highlights the irony that tribal peoples are persecuted for hunting while trophy hunting is encouraged.
Hashtag: #HuntersNotPoachers
Parks Need Peoples

Headlines: Captive Animals - @dodo

Headlines: TBEX Dolphin Controversy - @nomadicmatt
Why I Won’t Be attending TBEX Cancun @bemusedbackpack -

Recommended Listening

ScienceTalk: ecotourism research and wasps that fly backwards - Out of the 20 thousand species on the world's endangered list how many are truly helped to survive by the advent of ecotourism?

Eyes Wide Shut: conservation and the ethics of wildlife documentaries - Wildlife films offer magnificent windows into nature but is their romanticised view of wilderness hiding the darker side of habitat destruction and threatened species? - @LEstrangeTimes

In the Presence of Elephants and Whales - We were made and set here, the writer Annie Dillard once wrote, "to give voice to our astonishments." Katy Payne is a renowned acoustic biologist with a Quaker sensibility. And she’s found her astonishment in listening to two of the world’s most exotic creatures. She has decoded the language of elephants and was among the first scientists to discover that whales are composers of song.

Wildcounting animals - An innovative program is trapping wild animals in national parks with cameras. More info: Environment NSW

Queenie, Choi and friends: 150 years at the Melbourne Zoo - 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of Melbourne Zoo in its location at Royal Park, part of the green ring which surrounds the city. Australia's oldest zoo, the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens opened to the public in 1862, part of the city's boom time grandiloquence, and a mark of its growing urban cosmopolitanism.

People and Planet - David Attenborough presents the 2011 RSA President’s Lecture. There is no major problem facing our planet that would not be easier to solve if there were fewer people and no problem that does not become harder – and ultimately impossible to solve – with ever more.

Wild Talk - Radio Lab's superb documentary

Frank Fraser Darling: Wilderness and Plenty: 1969


Wilderness Travel


Wildlife Traveller


24 September - 5 October
The upcoming CoP17 will be the largest ever CITES CoP. There has been a 29% increase in the number of working documents submitted for discussion. This reflects the ever growing level of interest in CITES and its role in regulating legal trade in wildlife and wildlife products and combating illegal trade in wildlife.
Learn more about CITES by visiting or connecting to:

National Wildlife Refuge Week (USA)

National Wildlife Refuge Week, celebrated each year during the second full week of October, is a great time to visit a national wildlife refuge to hike, fish, paddle or just delight in nature. Enjoy some of the many special events and festivals hosted by refuges this month. Or just come out and explore. Check the special events calendar for Refuge Week events. Hashtag: #WildlifeRefuge


1. What are the most respected wildlife festivals?
2. How is 'wildlife' translated in other languages?
3. How should visitors evaluate how well zoos treat wildlife?
4. What are the best ways to care for wounded wildlife?
5. How do parks best educate visitors on wildlife encounters?
6. What are examples of irresponsible tourism when it comes to encounters with wildlife?
7. Can hunting be an effective strategy for wildlife conservation?

Documentaries: Blackfish!yIh0u

October World Wilderness Congress (WILD10)

Wild Ones

August 28: Responsible Tourism: Wildlife

Twitter: @nuttisamisiida @alastairmck @WildNavigator @ThisTourismWeek
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wildness in oaxaca folk art

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Birds of the World
Identifying Australian Rainforest Plants - Main Database Index

Snake as Sister


DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


Wildlife Traveller






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#WorldWildlifeDay (World Wildlife Day, March 3)






Wildlife Tourism Australia


Tourism and Wildlife

Wildlife Watching / Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing Tips
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Animal encounters - Outbounding
Blogging for birders
The secret life of bacteria - small, smart and thoughtful! -- We can't survive without them -- and we've long underestimated their prowess.
Austin bats
Curiosity that's killing the cats - @careforthewild
Australia for Dolphins -

Irresponsible Wildlife Tourism

Photography and Wildlife

National Geographic's tips for photographing wildlife


Marine Megafauna Collection presents research focused on the biology, ecology and conservation of the most captivating creatures in the ocean. These articles represent a broad survey of fascinating organisms and systems, and provide a core set of reading materials for marine science educators seeking to increase the engagement of students in class using compelling examples.

Noah's Ark



Wildlife Trafficking
WWF Traffic Organization
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Wildlife Leaks

Frozen Planet

The Amphibian Specialist Group strives to conserve biological diversity by stimulating, developing, and executing practical programs to conserve amphibians and their habitats around the world.



But we shouldn't assume that because an animal does poorly on a test, it doesn't have self-recognition or a theory of mind. It's quite likely we've done a poorly designed experiment. For a long time, people thought chimpanzees weren't good at recognizing faces. Then someone had the bright idea of testing chimps on other chimps' faces, rather than our own.
- Jonathan Balcombe, How to have fun like monkeys


March 3 World Wildlife Day celebrates the world’s wild fauna and flora
Hashtags: #WorldWildlifeDay, #DiaDeLaVidaSilvestre
Twitter: @WildlifeDay
Wikipedia: World_Wildlife_Day

Monday, March 3 is World Wildlife Day which celebrates and raises awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. Hashtag: #WorldWildlifeDay

World Wildlife Day marks the anniversary of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) which was signed on March 3, 1973.

We conducted two public hangouts on air. This is an open call to colleagues who would like to participate online in a conversation about wildlife conservation and responsible travel. These chats were webcast via livestreaming on YouTube. and

830am Las Vegas - 430pm Edinburgh - 630pm Kiruna
Confirmed: @AbhishekKBehl @WildNavigator @nuttisamisiida

330pm Las Vegas - 1130pm London - Tuesday 930am Brisbane - Darwin 9am - Auckland 12:30pm
Confirmed: @RondaJGreen, Denise Goodfellow

Technical Tip: Those interested in appearing on camera for Planeta's hangouts are asked to download the Google+ hangout plug-ins (if necessary). You will need a working webcam and microphone. Test this out beforehand! Please let Ron Mader know ahead of time if would like to join on screen and your gmail address. While the hangouts can be viewed by everyone, those appearing on screen are by invitation. Everyone is welcome to provide specific examples via Google+ or via Twitter by including @RonMader in your tweet.

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Mesoamerican Herpetology is a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic journal dedicated to the study of the herpetofauna of Mexico and Central America.

March 3 is World Wildlife Day #WorldWildlifeDay


September 4 National Wildlife Day (USA)
National Wildlife Day serves to celebrate wild animals & bring awareness to the number of endangered animals globally.

Winner of WWD2016 poster competition entry




October 20 Recapping Australia's #WildlifeTourism2015 Conference
Ronda Green and Maree Treadwell recapped the recent #WildlifeTourism2015 conference hosted by Wildlife Tourism Australia. The conversation is archived on YouTube -- .

World Wildlife Day Hangouts
For World Wildlife Day -- March 3 -- we hosted two live Google+ hangouts

March 2, 430pm Las Vegas = 630pm Mexico, 730pm NYC, 6am (next day) Mumbai, 130pm (next day) Auckland, 1130am (next day) Sydney World Wildlife Day Hangout

March 3, 830am Las Vegas = 1030am Mexico, 1130am NYC, 430pm London, 530pm Kiruna, 630pm Cape Town, 10pm Mumbai
World Wildlife Day Hangout