Buzzword Bingo: Remote Participant = people who are interested in an event but who cannot participate face-to-face.
Remote Participant

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Remote participants are people interested in an event but who cannot participate face-to-face.

Remote participation can take the form of viewing or interacting with livestreaming video or audio. There can be questions solicited with a particular hashtag that conference attendees pay attention.

It's easier than ever to invite those not in the room in events via livestreaming video and a thoughtful approach that engages multiple audiences.

Tips for Remote Participants connecting to live events
• Be encouraging and generous
• Use the official hashtag in posts and tweets
• Ask questions and post comments

Remember the other POV: Those at the physical event are people are sharing their experiences and knowledge. There might be technical difficulties or other challenges you cannot see on screen. Be patient.

Tips for Event Organizers connecting to remote participants
• Announce the official hashtag, use it and encourage others
• Welcome remote participants, explain where they can find more info (website, blogs, facebook, google docs, twitter, flickr, instagram, youtube, wikispaces)
• Retweet and comment on tweets about the event
• Create Twitter lists
• Be encouraging and generous

Remember the other POV: Those unable to attend in person can contribute with their attention and interest. Let them know where to find more information. Indulge their curiosity as it may stoke the interest in the room that the audience for such important matters extends far beyond the four walls of the room. Be wired.

Embedded Tweets


Research Data Sharing Without Barriers
Seventh Plenary Programme

Climate Change #COP21
Greetings to all paying attention to #COP21
November 30 - December 11 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21 (Paris, France)

Spotlight on NetHui and RSA Lectures

New Zealand's internet conference NetHui is one of the best events in the world. RSA lectures are conducted live in London and livestreamed through audio and sometimes video. Big plus - they actively solicit questions from the Twitterverse, instructing listeners how to submit questions for speakers.

That said, we'd love to see a tipsheet for remote participants. 'How would you like us to participate with NetHui?' Organizers of other events should ask the same question: what would you like your relation to be with remote participants?

Shaping Our Future Together: #NetHui July 9-11, Auckland, New Zealand @NetHuiNZ @InternetNZ (Poster with Attribution-Share Alike License Poster)

How engaged do you want to be?

Conference organizers should ask themselves how engaged do they want to be with those in the seats and remote participants. There is considerable overlap.

Mild engagement
Facebook: Event page with updates
Twitter: Live tweeting, retweeting

Medium-level engagement
Taking questions via Twitter (RSA example)

Mega engagement
Collaborative wiki or Google docs editing (Nethui example)
Live events in the locality

Example: COP11

cop11 - cop11web

Example: World Parks Congress (2014)
How will the World Parks Congress engage locals in Sydney, Australia, locals nationally (Australia) and global participants?
How will the World Parks Congress engage remote participants?

Example: Indaba (2014)


Does your conference offer livestreaming video?
Yes - Provide tips so that remote participants and tune in
No - Explain to local and remote participants why livestreaming is not an option

Does your conference seek questions via livestreaming?
Yes - Explain to remote participants how to pitch a question (see RSA for examples)
No -

Does your conference have pre-event online public video conferencing/hangouts?

Does your conference have post-event online public video conferencing/hangouts?

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Engaging events: Remote Participants @Ruukel

Let's not debate whether participating at an event is better than watching it online. Certainly it is more engaging. That said, g