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Editor's note: This is a compilation of tourism development news in the press and from government websites. Yes, it's a messy working draft - aka information dump - but with help from editors, it could be a polished essay.

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Collaboration in NZ Travel and Tourism.


The Great Tourism Squeeze: Squeeze on the Government to ease tourism pressure
John Key's high hopes for tourism
New Zealand’s Green Tourism Push Clashes With Realities - NY TImes
New Zealand's Tourism Future 2011-2014
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand__
Includes 3-year government scorecard
Charm offensive to convince Australians to visit New Zealand
Tourism Organisations in New Zealand - Confused by it all?

Tourism Export Council of New Zealand
Address: 79 Boulcott St, Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi is a framework to unite New Zealand's large and diverse tourism industry.


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    No Vacancy: Can New Zealand Cope with Rapidly Growing Tourism? - Teresa Cowie takes a looks at rapid tourism growth, and the toll it's taking on the very unspoilt nature and friendly locals the tourist have come to see.

    Insight for 8 June 2014 - Tourism's Lofty Goals - Steve Wilde considers tourism industry plans to almost double visitor value in under a decade. - @rnz_insight


    In New Zealand / Aotearoa, our environment is on a precipice and we need to put a lot of energy into maintaining what we have and seeking to improve the ecology of this island nation
    This is an incredibly exciting environmental project which is growing as philanthropists get on board,


    New Zealand Tourism Industry Blog was created with the objective to foster a community for tourism in New Zealand that provides ongoing and accessible information for all parts of the industry, particularly for the small business operator that does not often get the opportunity to network and learn at conferences, workshops or industry events.

    Tourists’ demand for sustainability

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