One of my favorite signs: Joggers Beware Mountain Lion Area @ Zion National Park @ZionNPS
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Zion National Park Searching For Better Way To Manage Desert Bighorn Sheep
‘Paving the Way to Zion’ recounts park’s early days
Would You Love Zion If It Were Called Mukuntuweap?

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Indigenous Peoples

Ancestral Puebloans inhabited the area from 500-1200 A.D, followed by the Paiute, who were still in residence in 1858 when Mormon missionaries arrived. The Paiute called the area Mukuntuweap which means “straight canyon” in Southern Pauite.

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229-square-mile park is



Zion National Park is famous for its Navajo sandstone walls that tower above the Virgin River.

Zion Canyon runs 15 miles long and up to half a mile deep


The bloom of the sacred datura (also called moon lily or moon flower) is often seen throughout the park in the summer. This familiar looking plant is a member of the family Solanaceae, a close relative of the tomato, potato, and eggplant. However, unlike some of the other edible plants in this family, every part of the datura is poisonous. Look for the datura’s beautiful bloom in the early evening and at night when its flower unfurls. By noon the next day, it will typically be closed.


Mule deer are named for their mule-like ears, a great adaptation for living in the desert. Large ears not only help them hear exceptionally well, but they serve as a cooling system. -


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