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How national parks around the world influenced sustainable tourism development - WTTC

Tourism for Tomorrow Awards


Tourism for Tomorrow -

According to Costas Christ in a post on TravelMole: The point of the Tourism For Tomorrow Awards, completely revised and redesigned by WTTC since the days when British Airways first sponsored them, is to promote and encourage the world's leading examples in sustainable tourism best practices. The Awards have a detailed criteria, involve a team of 17 expert judges from all around the world and are the only global awards to my knowledge that carry out an on site verification inspection of all finalists to make sure that what is said is being done in regards to sustainable tourism practices is really happening on the ground. This is not an Award program to recognize individuals as leaders in sustainable tourism, as other responsible tourism awards already do this. Rather, the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards specifically focus on raising the bar of sustainable tourism practices within the private sector. The Awards recognize and promote best practices within the travel and tourism industry that contribute to the protection of cultural and natural heritage (local, regional and at the destination stewardship level), make meaningful and tangible contributions to the wellbeing of local peoples, and engage in environmentally sensitive operations, among other criteria. While many tourism award programs have recognized successful small scale sustainable tourism projects, which the Tourism or Tomorrow Awards also do, few have focused on demonstrating that sustainable tourism is a viable practice within the larger mainstream tourism industry. This is something that is important to the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, as demonstrated by an Award category for "Global Tourism Business." The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards bring the message of sustainable tourism into the mainstream tourism industry, where it needs to be heard and built upon if we are to truly have an impact in helping to transform tourism into a real catalyst for protecting the cultural and natural heritage of our planet.

2015 News

The finalists for the 2015 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards have now been announced. Winners will be officially announced during the Awards Ceremony taking place in Madrid, Spain on 15th of April 2015 during WTTC’s Global Summit :
http://www.wttc.org/tourism-for-tomorrow-awards/winners-and-finalists-2015/ The award ceremony video can be viewed on the Livestream Video Global Summit 2015 Day 1 Part 2 1:05:00

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In 2003, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) launched its vision statement - the Blueprint for New Tourism. Outlining a multi-stakeholder vision, the Blueprint for New Tourism "looks beyond short-term considerations... and focuses on benefits not only for people who travel, but also for people in the communities they visit, and for their respective natural, social and cultural environments." One way in which WTTC exemplifies that vision for New Tourism is with the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

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