Wildlife Tourism Australia

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Wildlife Tourism Australia -- www.wildlifetourism.org.au -- is a national organization promoting the sustainable development of a diverse wildlife tourism industry that supports conservation.

Upcoming Conversation

Dec 12th-ish (date and time to be confirmed)
Getting close to wildlife on tour: the pros and cons for the animals themselves

Recent Video Conservations

October 18 2pm Las Vegas, October 19 10am Brisbane Conversation with Wildlife Tourism Australia
Online conversation with Ronda Green and members of Wildlife Tourism Australia. We'll spotlight the members on the social web (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and preview the 2018 Wildlife Tourism Conference

October 28-31, 2018 Wildlife tourism values and challenges: balancing the needs of wildlife, tourists, operators and residents (Tasmania)

Too often we consider the needs of tourists or tour operators only, and when needs of the animals themselves or the needs of local human residents are considered, there is much emotional opinion but too little evidence. WTA is bringing together delegates and presenters from varied backgrounds to discuss the issues, the pros and the cons of different approaches to tourism, where it can have positive and negative impact on individual animals (welfare), populations of animals (conservation, education), local residents (economic boost, other advantages, nuisance value) and how to best fit this in with what tourists want (or adjust accordingly) and what tourist operators need in order to keep operating.
Email chair@wildlifetourismaustralia.org.au if you would like to be on a mailing list for updates about this conference.

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Email: chair@wildlifetourismaustralia.org.au
1770 Running Creek Road, Rathdowney, Queensland, Australia. Zipcode / postcode 4287
Telephone: 61 7 5544-1283 or 61 447 7772t5




Main account - @wildlife_aus
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Recent Events (2015-2017)

Workshops in 2017:

Where the Wild Things Grow. Australia's 4th National Conference on Wildlife Tourism. Adelaide, 2016. See here for details

Enjoyable, Memorable, Meaningful: Using Wildlife Tourism to Do it All. Scenic Rim, Queensland, 2016. See here for details.

Wildlife Tourism Workshop in Grafton, northern NSW! October 24, 2015
Details http://www.wildlifetourism.org.au/wildlife-tourism-workshop-grafton-2015

Wildlife Tourism: a Force for Biodiversity Conservation and Local Economies? (Geelong, Victoria); 2015
hashtag: #wildlifeTourism2015
September 29 - October 2 Wildlife Tourism: a Force for Biodiversity Conservation and Local Economies? Geelong, Victoria
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Oct 19/20 Wildlife Tourism Conference Recap #wildlifetourism2015

Older events (2014 and earlier), including reports of some of the presentations and round-table discussions

Australia's Wildlife Research Network

This is a network for:
  • tour operators or staff of eco-lodges and wildlife parks conducting research (whether or not this involves volunteers)
  • tour operators or staff of eco-lodges and wildlife parks assisting researchers by recording and collating observations
  • tour operators or managers of eco-lodges and wildlife parks assisting researchers by offering free or discounted travel to research sites, accommodation or park entry
  • researchers who would like to enlist the help of tour operators or volunteer tourists
  • tourists who are interested in participating as volunteer research assistants (which can range from carrying and cleaning equipment through helping to find and photograph animals to actually recording observations) or simply accompanying and learning from researchers
For further details, visit http://www.wildliferesearchnetwork.org

Some older posts

Workshop in Darwin, Australia: Snake as Sister: Connecting the Dots for Wildlife Tourism #rtyear2013