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If you want to understand what makes a place tick, visit a museum. These venerable institutions orient visitors and engage locals. Ron's Slideshare presentation reviews how museums interact with locals and patrons via the social web. We highlight upcoming events and share screenshots of good practices around the globe.

World Museums Gallery on Flickr

World Museums (600+ members) is a popular group on Flickr. More than 7,000 photos have been contributed showing popular exhibits, visitor interaction and behind the scenes shots taken by museum staff.

What we're seeking
Good practices
You (!) enjoying a museum

What not to submit
Photos of random people
Multiple copies of the same subject

Special request for those who work with a particular museum -- show us what goes on behind the scenes and how you connect with the community and visitors. Bonus points for all photos that have a caption!

Question: Would anyone like to help curate the Flickr Group

Mark your calendar: International Museum Day is May 18


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World Museums
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Other Museum Groups on Flickr

El Museo del Oro visto por sus visitantes - Qué buenas imágenes hay en Flickr sobre el Museo del Oro y sobre las personas frente a las vitrinas. Este es un sitio para compartirlas. El nuevo web del Museo tiene un enlace a esta página, donde con la participación de todos construimos una comunidad en Flickr. Por cierto, las fotos de este grupo son de varias sedes del Museo.

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Tourism and Museums

What are the differences and commonalities among 'indoor' and 'outdoor' museums?
What are the differences and commonalities among museums and art galleries?
What are some of the best ways travelers can promote or create a buzz about museums and exhibits?
What are some of the best examples of world museums shown on Flickr?

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