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World Food (300+ members) is a popular group on Flickr. More than 2,000 photos have been contributed. Many thanks to everyone for making this such an engaging group. What's delicious where you live? What local specialties have you savored while traveling?

We are particularly interested in examples of global cuisine. Please show us the meals you have loved and the restaurants and markets you would return. Bonus points for pictures of dishes made with local and natural ingredients.


  • Please include a caption and explain the regional and cultural significance of the dish.
  • Recipes are appreciated!
  • More veggies, please!
  • Please keep photos of beige food on beige plates to a minimum.


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Food, Health and Building Communities


October 16 World Food Day
World Food Day - FAO
Hashtags: #WFD2015 and #hunger

Ron's Essay
I am a foodie photographer and a curator of foodie pics in the World Food Group on Flickr (300 members, 1,900 pics) and a fan of the popular group titled I ate this! (with more than a half million images). I'm not a fan of food porn (the impossibly beautiful photos of food), but then I'm not a fan of travel porn either. But I want to see what people are eating, particularly in the places to which I travel. It's a great way to get up-to-speed on what's on the menu and if there's one thing I've learned about travel, the inside track to understanding what's local usually comes on a plate, in a glass or better yet, both. Cheers!

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