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So you'd like to integrate the social web with the natural world? Let me know if I can help.

My name is Ron Mader and I thrive on collaboration. Happy to do as much as I can without charge. If there's something more complicated-innovative (tk), then there's a small charge. First thing you should know is that any formal workshop or presentation inviting you to be an editor on this wiki. We can weave the web and figure out the proper strategies. It's no so expensive, rather simple, frugal and fun. Viva lo bueno, barato y bonito!

Yes, the workshop can be imparted on both sides of the screen or in person with face-to-face interaction.

Learn using a hands-on approach to communication and collaboration. Required is curiosity and the wanting to learn. The goal is continued development and maturation of personal storytelling and story listening abilities over time. Our tools are the ever-expanding universe of the social web: Facebook, Flickr, Google, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter, wikis and YouTube. We'll share insider's tips and create an effective strategy in using these tools.

Tip: Engage your senses and upgrade your world.

Dead Trees

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To begin the collaborative process, a few questions:

What are the intended outcomes?
How many people will be participating?
What would participants like to learn?
In terms of face-to-face instruction, what works best in terms of where and when to hold the training?
What social web tools are you already using?

Timeline (example)



Ron Mader offers workshops and presentations. If you'd like to inquire about availability and terms, please make contact! Email:; Twitter: @ronmader

Options include public talks for conferences and trade shows, webinars, face-to-face presentations and private training sessions. The workshops are designed to be mutually beneficial (win-win-win). Would you like to develop a partnership? Let's make the most of innovative, world-changing collaboration!


Ron gives preference to attending conferences, workshops and trade shows with online dialogue before and after the event and wi-fi and livestreaming during the event itself. We'd like your commitment to a slow conversation that helps improve the relevant content on, develop your social web skills and inform other stakeholders (players) about lessons learned.


Presentations are conducted in English or Spanish with a smattering of buzzwords.


We help you social web and improve your own web presence
The workshop also provides an insider's view of, a website with a 15-year history and helps you make the most of our site
Public events in which we participate and which you announce on this wiki can be featured on the Planeta Calendar.
Extended conversation before, during and after the event.


To secure dates, a deposit needs to be made a month before the presentation and tickets need to be arranged.
Short seminars and webinars for small groups (5-10 people) - US$100/person plus expenses. Minumum cost: $500. Time: 1 day
Speaking engagements and consulting - US$1,000/full-day plus expenses.
Workshops and Seminars - US$5,000 (one month preparation before an event and follow-up for another four months, five months total). We develop the agenda and objectives via the wiki (an experiential learning tool that uses new technology to promote new technology).


Time commitment for workshops and seminar - 5 months (minimum) which includes:
Preparation - 1 month minimum, 2-4 google hangouts to define the schedule and objectives
One or two weeks on site. Various presentations, training sessions, potential photo safari
Post-event, 4 months minimum. Guided online tutorials focusing on specific short-term outcomes


Co-create a list of objectives that participants want to accomplish
Agree on expected outcomes (wiifm!)
Cover all travel expenses, including travel insurance, accommodation, meals and out-of-pocket expenses.
Confirm tickets at least one month before departure. Tickets must be available as e-tickets or delivered two weeks before departure.
The workshop organizer will agree to help co-edit a media announcement regarding the speaking event or workshop.
Learn new technologies, to focus on a specific topic over time and to be willing to share.


Add a link to from your website.

Help us edit the relevant guide or wiki page on our site.

Participate in at least two Google hangouts.

Register and participate online our wiki for at least one hour per month for a year. We will direct you to the relevant branch and topic for postings. If this is a public event, post an announcement and a summary.

We would like you to stay in touch and follow-up on any developments. Convene a small working group to prepare for training and to pursue follow-up after presentation. If you need coaching, we can help.


How green is your event? Let us know!

If you are invitingly us to an event that takes place on a regular basis, let us know where we can read, see or listen to presentations made at the previous event.

If you are inviting us to participate in an event, please send us a poster to add to our online gallery. Examples: New Zealand Ecotourism Conference Brochure, Ecoturismo Urbano en la Ciudad de México and Taller Internet. Better yet, post your own photos on Flickr!


Ron Mader is a professional speaker, photographer journalist and the founder of, the web's first site dedicated to ecotourism. Ron's work catalyzes communication about environmental conservation, travel and peacemaking. He gives presentations and seminars on topics including Strategies for using the Social Web.
Ron Mader ofrece talleres y ponencias. Si deseas solicitar información sobre disponibilidad y términos, por favor ponerte en contacto! Email:; Twitter: @ronmader

Las opciones incluyen conferencias públicas, ferias comerciales, seminarios web, consultación cara a cara y presentaciones privadas. Los talleres están diseñados para ser de beneficio mutuo (ganar-ganar-ganar). ¿Le gustaría crear una alianza? Vamos a sacar el máximo provecho de una colaboración inovativa que puede cambiar el mundo!


Ron da preferencia a asistir a conferencias, talleres y exposiciones comerciales en línea con el diálogo antes y después del evento y wi-fi y livstreaming durante el mismo evento. Nos gustaría tu compromiso con una conversación despacio que ayuda a mejorar los contenidos de, desarrollar tus capacidades las redes sociales e informar a otros actores interesados acerca de las lecciones aprendidas.


Las presentaciones se llevan a cabo en inglés o español con una mezcla de buzzwords.


Le ayudamos a aprender sobre las redes sociales y mejorar su propia presencia en la web
El taller tambien ofrece una vista interior de y como sacar el máximo provecho de,
Actos públicos en los que participamos y que tu anuncies en este wiki puede ser figura en el Calendario de
Extensión conversación antes, durante y después del evento.


Para garantizar las fechas, el depósito debe hacerse un mes antes de la presentación y los boletos tienen que ser organizados.
Seminarios breves y seminarios para pequeños grupos (5-10 personas) - 100/person dólares de los EE.UU., más gastos. Costo minimo: $500. Tiempo: 1 día
Hablar en público y la consulta - $ EE.UU. 1000/full-day dólares más los gastos.
Talleres y Seminarios - EE.UU. $ 5000 (un mes antes de un evento de preparación y de seguimiento durante otros cuatro meses, cinco meses en total). Desarrollamos el programa y los objetivos a través de la wiki (una herramienta de aprendizaje experimental que utiliza las nuevas tecnologías para promover la nueva tecnología).


Compromiso para los talleres y seminarios incluye:
Preparación - 1 mes mínimo, 2-4 hangouts de Google para definir el calendario y los objetivos
Una o dos semanas en el sitio. Diversas presentaciones, sesiones de formación, potencial foto safari
Después del evento, 1-4 meses. Guiada tutoriales en línea, centrados en determinados resultados a corto plazo


Co-crear una lista de objetivos que los participantes desean llevar a cabo
De acuerdo con los resultados esperados (wiifm!)
Aprende nuevas tecnologías, centrándose en un tema específico en el tiempo y estar dispuesto a compartir.
Cubrir todos los viáticos, incluido el alojamiento y las comidas.
Confirme las entradas por lo menos un mes antes de la salida. Los boletos deben ser disponible como e-ticket o entregado dos semanas antes de la salida.
El taller organizador se compromete a ayudar a co-editar un reportaje.


Añadir un enlace de tu sitio web a

Help us edit the relevant guide or wiki page on our site.

Participate in at least two Google hangouts

Inscribirte y participar en línea nuestro wiki por lo menos una hora al mes por un año. Nos lo dirigirá a la rama y el tema para los desplazamientos. Si se trata de un evento público, publicar un anuncio y un resumen.

Nos gustaría que tu permanezcas en contacto y haz seguimiento. Convocar a un pequeño grupo de trabajo para preparar y llevar a cabo la capacitación de seguimiento después de la presentación. Si tu necesitas entrenamiento, te podemos ayudar.


¿Cuánto tiene de verde tu evento? Déjenos saber!

Si se nos invita a un evento que tiene lugar sobre una base regular, háganoslo saber donde podemos leer, ver o escuchar las presentaciones realizadas en el evento anterior.

Si se nos invita a participar en un evento, por favor, envíenos un cartel para añadir a nuestra galería. Ejemplos: New Zealand Ecotourism Conference Brochure, Ecoturismo Urbano en la Ciudad de México and Taller Internet. Mejor aún, publica tus propias fotos en Flickr!


Ron Mader es un orador, periodista y fotógrafo el fundador de, el sitio web dedicado al ecoturismo. Ron cataliza la labor de la comunicación acerca de la conservación del medio ambiente, los viajes y la paz. Imparte seminarios y presentaciones sobre temas como Estrategias usandando las redes sociales.

Upgrade your world: How to integrate Web 2.0 tools in promoting European Ecotourism from Aivar Ruukel on Vimeo.

american environmental leaders 2008

Taller Internet (Guadalajara Workshop)

Biodiversity, Indigenous Peoples and the Social Web 2012

October 8-19 Hyderabad hosted the Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Planeta Founder Ron Mader facilitated the Global Workshop for Indigenous and Local Communities: Biodiversity, Tourism and the Social Web to engage CoP 11 participants and colleagues around the world with new networking tools that highlight indigenous and local community tourism services that conserve traditional culture and local biodiversity.
Summary on Ron's blog



Core skills




Experiential learning

South Africa Proposal
Martin, let's find a way to challenge our mutual readers - on our websites, Twitter and Facebook. Are they interested in social web workshops which we could co-create? Honestly, if we could collaborate, I'd love to offer communication coaching strategies for tourism pros in South Africa and tourism pros who are interested in South Africa. From my perspective across the Atlantic, too much is taken for granted by locals and too little is known by potential visitors. Consider this fertile ground for a road trip of the imagination.
What if we considered some creative ways of promoting engagement. You already have the experience of holding a photo safari. If we could weave together those types of social bridging exercises, I think we would have the proverbial win-win-win.