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editing: World Travel Directory's World Travel Directory is a select guide featuring meaningful eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel. Established in 1995, the Directory is the oldest of its kind on the Web and is updated on a regular basis.

During this transition phase listings in this directory have not been charged for the past year. Starting in April, we are launching a new system. We can discuss this further.


Do you have a business account/profile on Facebook and Twitter as well?
Spanish: ¿Tienes una cuenta de negocios / perfil en Facebook y Twitter también?
Maori: E whai koe i te mahi pūkete / kōtaha i runga i Facebook me Twitter rite te pai?
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Workshop 21: March 2017

Greetings and Saludos!

I want to thank you for your connections with We are celebrating our more than 20 years online with the first major revision of the World Travel Directory. How we created it and its role over the past 20 years is a story to be told later on. But what I'd ask you to focus on now is what it should be in 2017.

I've said this before, but it makes it no less to true to say that this is the time to connect using the social web. I talk a lot about 'slow travel' but it's critical to make connections in real-time. And that starts now. Besides email, do you have a business account/profile on Facebook and Twitter as well?

The recommendation I offer any travel service provider is to show as much as tell what's on offer. More photos and videos, please! Join a live hangout and describe your business AND your relations with the local community. Travelers may book a 'self-catering apartment' but they remember and will recommend and return to a place with community connections.

A reminder - the directory listing is a catalyst toward conversation, starting with a personal conversation between you and me and then our circles of friends and their circles and you get the idea. It also means being human and walking the talk and talking the walk on our shared journey toward conscious travel, responsible tourism and ecotourism. It helps connect buyers and sellers. World Travel Directory members, be inspired and inspire us!

I want to thank you again for listing your business on The directory -- -- continues to be a popular resource. The directory is regularly updated but it's squarely old school in design and 'hits' continue to decline from such directories.

That said, I am putting greater emphasis on the interactions on Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twitter and other social web channels. The value of a listing is that you have my attention. In addition to linking to your social web channels, there are other ways I can help amplify your presence, namely through videos (YouTube), photos (Flickr) and messages (Twitter). You are also cordially invited to help edit the Planeta Wiki if you'd like to deepen your collaboration.

If you are using the social web, be social and 'say hi' on the individual platforms. Also, please double check the following links. If you're not on the list, let me know so I can add you.

Ask your clients: what made you book this trip? What do you learn?





Kind regards, Ron Mader

December 2015


View my Flipboard Magazine.
World Travel Directory #Flipboard 08.2014
Social Web Classes: Your directory listing entitles you to two convenient Google hangouts scheduled around your schedule with personalized instruction and guidance.

We encourage the use of open journalism, the notion that what's newsworthy runs along a two-way street. Instead of receiving media releases via email, we'd prefer that businesses post the releases online. Members can request a page on this wiki that can serve as a conversation with Ron and the whole wired world. Show your work! We'll add the #workshop21 hashtag to posts relevant to the World Travel Directory.

This page showcases how responsible tourism pros are becoming savvy on the social web. Those listed in the directory are encouraged to set up a google hangout with Ron to discuss specific actions, particularly if you want to edit a page on this wiki. You should know best that it helps to have a guide!





$250 (US)/year

$100 (US)/year


World Travel Directory listing
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Workshop 21: Making the Most of the Social Web

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@BlackSheepInn (Ecuador)
@handsupholidays (England)
@HotelXixim (Mexico)
@marehrenberg (Mexico)
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The Basics

Bookkeeping: Renewals are requested of listings that expire July-September 2013. We prefer receiving the payment a month or two in advance of your due date to focus our attention on collaborative work in the coming year.

If you'd like, we can arrange a google hangout to discuss the strategies most appropriate for your operation. If I can help make social web simpler for you, let me know. It's time to be more social!

Mind you, the social web is new to us all. I need to know from you what sort of interaction you'd like.

A reminder. Please make sure all your information and links are up to date in the directory --

Listings includes the business name, address, city, country, telephone and website AND links to social web channels including blogs, facebook, flickr, google+, pinterest, slideshare, tripadvisor, twitter and youtube. If you have a page on this wiki, we'll add that as well!

Social Web Workshop: Need to exercise your digital literacy? We schedule a 5-day webinar on demand. The cost is normally $200 per session ($100 for businesses already featured in the World Travel Directory). Further info online

You are also welcome to tweet any page from There's a link in the left-hand column throughout the site (and on the Planeta Wiki). Please include in your tweet @ronmader so I can give you the proper kudos in a tweet of my own!

Flickr: We would love to see your photos. They can be the promotional images or the pictures that take us behind the scenes of your operation. Examples: show us the recycling work behind the scenes

Slideshare: I have updated the presentation: Lessons from World Travel Companies on the Social Web

World Travel Directory via QR Code

Social Web Posters

Check in

Claim your place (for business owners)

World Travel Directory

Should your tourism business be featured on Here is a review of the benefits.

Travel guides and operators who wish to be featured on can apply for a listing in the World Travel Directory --

The cost is $100/year for the directory listing and $250/year for the directory listing AND a link on the relevant country guide. Operators who wish to be included in this directory should submit an application.

Additional regional links cost $50/year.

Background is the award-winning website focusing on ecotourism and responsible travel around the globe. Planeta's founder Ron Mader has won numerous awards and speaks about how the social web channel are used to develop and promote tourism around the globe.


To be featured in Planeta's World Travel Directory, operators need to show they offer quality eco-friendly, people-friendly tours. Operators must have a website to facilitate direct contact with potential clients. does not list operations that keep caged animals or offer hunting. We give preference to those who are proactive and contribute articles, editorial advice or participate in shared social web channels.

If we receive criticisms of the operation, we will pass this along via private email. If the criticisms are unresolved, the operator will not be permitted to renew the listing.

Workshop 21

Travel companies featured on have access to Workshop 21. Instruction is shared via email and tweets with the objective of sharing suggestions and answering questions about how you can improve your own web presence and social web skills.

Participants receive practical advice on the following topics:
Debe estar tu negocio turístico aparece en Aqui encontraras una reseña acerca los beneficios.

Los operadores de viajes que deseen ser promovidos a traves de pueden solicitar un listado en el World Travel Directory -

El costo es de $100/año para el listado de directorio y $250/año para el listado de directorio con un enlace a la guía correspondiente al país. Los operadores que deseen ser incluidas en este directorio deben presentar una solicitud.

Ligas regionales adicionales tiene un costo de $50/año.

Respaldo es el galardonado sitio web centrado en el turismo ecológico y responsable de viaje en todo el mundo. Planeta del fundador Ron Mader ha ganado numerosos premios y habla acerca de cómo los redes sociales se utilizan para desarrollar y promover el turismo en todo el mundo.


Para estar el World Travel Directory de, los operadores tienen que demostrar que su oferta es eco-amigable, y que sus tours son persona-amigables y de calidad. no muestra operaciones que mantienen a los animales enjaulados o la oferta de caza. Damos preferencia a aquellos que son proactivos y que contribuyenr con artículos, editoriales asesoramiento o participan en canales compartidos de redes sociales.

Si recibimos críticas de la operación, se comunicara por la via de correo electronico privado. Si las críticas no se resuelven, al operador no se le permitirá renovar el anuncio.

Workshop 21Los que aparecen en el directorio tienen acceso a taller propio de Planeta en línea, Workshop 21. La instrucción es compartida a través del correo electrónico y tweets con el objetivo de compartir sugerencias, habilidades y preguntas acerca de cómo se puede mejorar la propia presencia en la web y las redes sociales.

Los participantes reciben consejos prácticos sobre los siguientes temas:

Recommended Tweets's World Travel Directory features eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel #TravelTuesday
Want to support Patronize the guides and businesses featured in the World Travel Directory

Viernes de Vocabulario

What's this about Storytelling Now?

Listings have increased value if you let us know what is important to know about your corner of the world.

In workshops I give about tourism and social web my suggestion - like many others - is simply to focus on your STORY and what you want to share in the coming year. If you haven't already, please print and fill out the 'Storytelling Now' worksheet

I would be happy to schedule a google hangout to go over the details but the point is simply to keep you focused on your core values and figuring out creative ways of using online and offline communication tools to connect with potential visitors and allies. Take a deep breath and reflect on the stories you'd like to share.

Things you can do to improve your web presence ...

Schedule a google hangout with Ron

Have a look at Flickr photos of other members

Read the tweets

Tweet on Twitter

Upload a photo to Flickr
wiki worksheet:

Upload a video to YouTube
wiki worksheet:

Upload a presentation to Slideshare
wiki worksheet:

Fave a photo on Flickr

Add a photo to Workshop 21

Give a thumbs to a video on YouTube

Write a kind message on Planeta's Facebook page


Rules for Writing Travel Copy - Michael KayeEl Arte Ser Guia de Empresas de Turismo Rural - Marlene Ehrenberg

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Black Sheep Inn

recommended reading: Tourism Operators: Make Traveller Reviews Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Letter to an operator

Good to see you this weekend! I would definitely make Flickr a #1 priority. It's the simplest intro to social web and provides a great platform for us to see your work.

You'll need to get an account on Flickr

Then you can share your pictures in groups, focusing on mutual interests -- markets, museums, food and workshop21

To get you motivated, check out World Museums - also documented on

If you are promoting cultural tours, use Flickr to show us not only the places you visit but also the respect and knowledge you bring. Post just a few pics (3-4) and let me know so I can favorite the ones i like and send you any coaching comments in the backchannel. Then post a few more pics on a regular basis - social web only works with repetition and redundancy. So don't be afraid to repeat yourself on different platforms and figure out a schedule that works for you (uploading every week, every two weeks, everymonth - you decide but make it stick)

After that I'd recommend YouTube and Twitter. I explain more about how to make the most of the social web in various essays and presentations on Planeta. All of this is geared toward people in similar situations - a passion for travel and interpretation.

"How many people actually do business through"

My quick answer: we have no clear idea and the current ways of measuring effectiveness to not address the reach in an adequate manner.

The value of a listing in's directory - - is the mix of a link AND receiving social web tips and nagging from the webhost (me) about the value of storytelling. Let me tell you, this is not a good business model. People want direct traffic and sales and I've set up everything in a different fashion, one that I believe serves helps generate critical mass needed to sustain responsible travel and ecotourism.

So many operators join a directory or an association just to 'tick the boxes' but fail to engage. For we offer a lot of carrots. To make the most of your listing, to develop business leads, speak up! Update us what you're doing, what you're offering in the next six months.

How are we going to measure's directory when it purposefully directs readers to the operators Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube channels? What gets top status are the operations that have convinced me that they are the kind of tours or social programs that merit attention. But I cannot retweet unless there has been a tweet. I cannot invite photos to Workshop 21 - - unless someone uploads to Flickr.

For operators not renewing

We understand that some operators do not wish to renew a listing.
We remove the directory listing and links from
We remove your email from the Workshop 21 email
We remove your photos from the Workshop 21 Flickr Group
We remove your account from the Workshop 21 Twitter list
We should remain in contact. There are no hard feelings!

Today's drill: sprint!

See how many of the following you can do in 15 minutes (after looking up your passwords). Only spend 15 minutes on this and reflect on what you accomplished. Repeat this in 1-3 days. And repeat again. If you establish a routine, this will become comfortable and natural to you.


Do you have a high-res version of your logo?
Do you have high-res photos of your operation?
Do you know what font you use for your brochures and posters?


storytelling now, contando histórias ya (2012)

worksheets: claim your place = reclama tu lugar, levels of engagement

Adventurelife (USA)
Adventure Life (Global)
Adventure Life
@AdvLifeTravel (USA)

Renewal Message

Thanks for renewing your listing your language school on, the world's first website focusing on ecotourism and responsible travel. In addition to the directory, there are a plenty of ways to collaborate and promote your work.

The directory first developed in 1994 on a gopher site. For our 20th anniversary, we'd like to call attention to travel businesses by creating a new campaign. Ideas? The directory has been static far too long. We'll be brainstorming via Google+ hangouts. Let me know if you can join us.

There's a great number of social web channels we can use if we so choose. Are we on the same screen? Let me know if you're using blogs, wikis, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, YouTube - and let's figure out how to collaborate.

For your premium listing, your business is featured in the World Travel Directory AND there is a link to your school from the relevant regional guide. You also have an invitation to help edit a business page on the Planeta Wiki and to contribute photos to our Flickr Group and videos for our Workshop 21 playlist.

Thanks again for your payment which makes all this possible.

Kind regards, Ron

Upgrade your world from Aivar Ruukel on Vimeo.

Free Flyer! Rural Tourism (viewmaster)