In a small town being neighborly is essential and every local job is vital

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Five ways work will change in the future
David Hyde, the Unpaid U.N. Intern Who Lived in a Tent, Tells His Story
Are you paid to look busy?
How to Find Fulfilling Work: Roman Krznaric

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The contingent workforce and the growth of digital taylorism - The size of the so-called “contingent” workforce is on an upward trajectory. We explore what’s driving the trend and what it means for employees. And is a digital form of “taylorism” also on the rise?

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40th Anniversary Pop-Up Museum, Sanchez Pascuas Market @ Oaxaca 09.2012


El problema es que nos educaron para buscar trabajo, no para generar.
The problem is that we are educated to look for work, not to create employment.
- Misael Gachuipin

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