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Wine = An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.

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    The philosophy of wine - aethetics, taste and smell

    Can a wine really have notes of chocolate, truffle and violets? Can wines be feminine, pretentious or cheeky? Can wines express anything? Or, more philosophically, are the senses of taste and smell as structured as sight? What is the role of metaphor in the language of taste and smell? Is the production of tastes and smell an expressive art and can objective statements be made about these things? This week on The Philosopher's Zone we hit the bottle to find out.


    We hear of the conversion of water into wine at the marriage in Cana, as of a miracle. But this conversion is, through the goodness of God, made every day before our eyes. Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy!
    - Benjamin Franklin

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    One of the greatest ways to experience the Stellenbosch wine route is by using Vinehopper, a hop-on, hop-off vehicle service.

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    Enoteca (plural: Enoteche) is an Italian word, derived from the Greek word Οινοθήκη, which literally means ”wine repository” (from Oeno/Eno- Οινός "wine", and teca Θήκη, "receptacle, case, box"), but is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy.


    House Wine @ Las Vegas 02.2012
    Klein Constancia @ Cape Town 05.2011

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