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Deborah Wall
For a great winter hike, check out natural bridge
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Ruby Mountains



Wilderness / wildlife / biodiversity fans, here is your guide to Wild Nevada. We take a deep dive into the state parks, national parks, national monuments, proposed wilderness areas and more. Planeta's Wild Nevada Wiki is the go-to and who's who of leaders working to protect and conserve Nevada's corner of the natural world.

Las Vegas Seven published its annual collection of 'Best of the City." Some of my favorites were not there, including Vaquero and Big Buns Bakery. But thinking outside the box and the city ...

Special kudos go to Jim Boone, a longtime vocal advocate for wilderness and wildlife conservation, focusing on southern Nevada and the greater Southwest. Public lands and national monuments are under threat in the United States with many people unaware of their value and often how to visit. Jim's website Bird and Hike - - encourages people to visit, learn about, and fall in love with the Mojave Desert. He writes: "Birdandhike is intended for two audiences: (1) people who might not visit public lands on their own, and (2) visitors from afar who don't know the area. But really, the main audience is people who haven't gotten out on public lands but want to."

Also of note, the Hiking with a Purpose meetups -- -- a service project working in numerous areas around southern Nevada, with a focus on the Gold Butte region, to locate and knock down illegal mining claim markers. For more information on the marker problem, see:

Nevada can’t miss too many chances to showcase natural wonders

Seven magic mountains
#7MagicMountains #UgoRondinone

Wetlands ParkAugust 2017
Whose egg is this?

Playing match the scat

Live from the park (Facebook)

Other features

Jean Dry Lake
Aquarium stones
land art

Wild Las Vegas

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
350 E. Galleria Drive Hours: 6am-2pm daily 702-267-4180

View larger map - @alxmey


October 7, 2017 Get Outdoors Nevada Day, Cornerstone Park - @getoutdoorsnv
Lorenzi Park (Google Maps)
hashtag: #outdoorsnv

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation, in partnership with the City of Las Vegas, proudly presents the 3rd annual Get Outdoors Nevada Day. A free, fun, family-friendly event highlighting all Southern Nevada has to offer in recreational activities, education, volunteering, tourism and local businesses.
For the 2016 edition, the City of Las Vegas is hosting the event at historic Lorenzi Park, an America’s Great Outdoors Site, located at 3343 West Washington Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89107.

The event starts at 9:00am and concludes at 2:00pm with food available for purchase. Come join us, bring the entire family! Only well-behaved pets on leashes please.

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation (OLVF) is a collaborative, Las Vegas Valley-wide partner in creating a community that gets connected to Southern Nevada’s great outdoors. Because our outdoor areas strengthen our economy and increase the local quality of life, OLVF works to create a community that enjoys, values and protects our special outdoor places.

October 15 is Get Outdoors Nevada Day @getoutdoorsnv @CityofLasVegas #GetOutdoorsNV


Upcoming Hikes in Red Rock Canyon


Recommended Listening

Attacked On All Sides, The Stress Of Being A BLM Ranger

Backpacking Basics And Hiking Tips From A Pro
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Friday, August 21: Wild about Nevada
We talk to Friends of Nevada Wilderness and Friends of Gold Butte to explore rural and wild Nevada. What is the role of ecotourism in the newly-christened national monuments Basin and Range and Tule Springs? We'll take a look at what's wild, what's protected, what can be protected.
Wiki: nevada wild, goldbutte, national monument, usawild

Elsewhere on the Web - @ByBenSpillman @Sierra_Outdoors - @friendsofnvwild - Facebook - @Nature_Nevada - @getoutdoorsnv
Southern Nevada Agency Partnership

The Tahoe Rim Trail
The John Muir Trail
Kershaw Ryan State Park



Friends of Nevada Wilderness
Nevada State Parks
Protect Basin and Range
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
River Mountains Loop Trail


nevada dcnr
wild nevada




basin and range
Black Rock Desert
gold butte
Mojave Desert
Sloan Canyon
red rock canyon
lake mead
valley of fire
spring mountains
desert wildlife center
Moapa Valley

National Parks

State Parks

valley of fire

Native Plants

Nevada Native Plant Society
Protected Plants
Cactus Harvest Regulations
Christmas Tree Harvest Regulations

Nevada Big Tree Register

Twitter Hashtag: #BasinAndRange

Great Basin Desert

The Nevada Wilderness Project is a catalyst for wildlife habitat conservation, wilderness preservation, and smart development of renewable energy. Since 1999, we have successfully led statewide campaigns to protect more than 3 million acres as Wilderness and National Conservation Areas.
Flickr - Facebook

Friends of Nevada Wilderness - Facebook
Xtremehorticulture of the Desert

Nevada Land Trust


The Nevada state reptile is Gopherus agassizii, commonly known as the desert tortoise.
State mammal is desert bighorn (Ovis canadensis nelsoni).
State bird is mountain bluebird (Sialia currucoides).
State fish is Lahontan cutthroat trout (Salmo clarki henshawi).
State insect is vivid dancer damselfly (Argia vivida).
State fossil is Ichthyosaurus (Shonisaurus).
State artifact is the Tule duck.

Sensitive Species
Nevada, the driest state in the union, has a number of threatened and sensitive species.
Amargosa Toad Strange Ecology
Desert Tortoise
Devil's Hole Pupfish

Nevada Fish and Wildlife Office - - @NvDOW

Nevada Natural Heritage Program
The mission of the NNHP is to develop and maintain a cost-effective, central information source and inventory of the locations, biology, and status of all threatened, endangered, rare, and at-risk plants and animals in Nevada.

Birding and Wildlife Watching in Nevada - - @RedRockAudubon
Red Rock Audubon Society
Lahontan Audubon Society
Spring Wings Birding Festival
Eagles and Agriculture Festival

Amargosa River Valley

As the toad goes, so goes the valley


The Torrance Ranch Preserve was acquired by The Nature Conservancy in 1999 and is the Conservancy’s first restoration project in the Oasis Valley. The goal of restoration at this site is to re-create a functioning ecosystem in an area that had been affected by over 100 years of human activity.

In 2008, the Conservancy completed its first prescribed burn in the chapter's history at Torrance Ranch. The goal of using prescribed fire is to reopen wetland habitat for Amargosa toads that has become choked with cattails and reeds.
Learn more about our work at Torrance Ranch and get details on visiting the preserve.

Take US-95 north from Las Vegas to Beatty. From Beatty, continue north on US-95 for 7.3 miles and take a right turn onto Oleo Road (this is a dirt road). Please note that Oleo Road is not marked. Coming from the south on US-95, if you reach Fleur de Lis Road, you have gone too far. From the north, watch for Fleur de Lis Road, and Oleo Road will be on your left shortly after the road curves to the right.
You will see a gate and “The Nature Conservancy / Torrance Ranch” sign to your left. Proceed through gate, close gate behind you and continue north on dirt road and bear right after approximately 1/10th mile. Follow Oleo Road for roughly another 1/10th mile to parking/trailhead area.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in the Amargosa Valley of southern Nye County, Nevada. The parks was established in June 1984.

The Conservation Lands Foundation dedicated to protecting the National Conservation Lands--30 million acres of BLM-managed public lands, rivers and trails found throughout the West.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is dedicated to preserving all qualified Nevada public lands as wilderness, protecting all present and potential wilderness from ongoing threats, informing the public about the values of and need for wilderness, and restoring and improving the management of wild lands.

Claim Markers

Hike with a purpose


Which Nevada state parks have accounts on Twitter?

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Open House at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge

Embedded Tweets




Nearly 90% of Nevada is public land. These areas are managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, the National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bureau of Land Management

Nevada Division of State Parks plans, develops and maintains a system of 24 parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of more than 3.3 million visitors a year.

Great Basin National Park boasts the 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak
Operating Hours & Seasons
Fees & Reservations
Lehman Caves Tours
Goods & Services
Laws and Policies
Centennial Initiative 2016
Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park
Nevada Site Stewards

The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources conserves, protects, manages and enhances the state's natural resources in order to provide the highest quality of life for the state's citizens and visitors. Established in 1957, the Department includes eight divisions (Environmental Protection, Forestry, State Parks, State Lands, Water Resources, Conservation Districts, The Natural Heritage Program and The Wild Horse Program) and eight boards and commissions.
@NevDCNR - - @NevStateParks

Nevada Recreation & Park Society

Passport Booklet

Cathedral Gorge
Cathedral Gorge State Park


You haven't experienced Nevada until you have experienced the outdoors of Nevada @RickiBarlow

Mustang Monument

For those keen on public lands and responsible, eco, conscious, sustainable tourism, watch Assembly Bill 277, #AB277.

AJR13 Overview

Finding the big quiet
Community groups team up to champion Las Vegas’ outdoor offerings
great_basin_pinyon-juniper_forests_under_threat - @earthislandjrnl
nearby wildlife refuge remains largely unknown
Sandoval tour brings attention to Nevada's treasures
From Wasteland to Treasure - Margie B. Klein/Helen
Conservationists, company rally to protect Gold Butte
In expansion of protected land, Reid’s conservation legacy nears 5 million acres - Washington Post -

Proposed Walker River State Recreation Area

Nevada could get first new state parks in decades

Vegas to nearby parks

Rebellion on the Range

Nevada faces constraints because the state’s dominant landlord is the federal government. In this report, “Rebellion on the Range,” 8 News NOW examines Nevada’s relationship with federal land and the competing interests fighting over its use.


Live on #Periscope: Nevada Department of Wildlife @NvDOW

Great Basin Night Sky_Dan Duriscoe_NPS

Black Rock

Black Rock Desert
Fairy Shrimp Exposed

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Workshop: Wild Nevada on the Social Web

As wild as you want to be ...

Wild Nevada on the Social Web asks participants to use their own smart phones, tablets and computers to share information about Nevada's biodiversity, wilderness and parks. We offer practical tips and hands on training using Facebook, Flickr, Periscope, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube and wikis. Prizes are awarded at the end to the most creative participants.

Session Outline
Prior to the workshop
Create a Google doc or wiki that can be edited by participants
Ask participants to name the social web channels they are curious about
Ask participants to register online the social web channels and share information about recreation and parks
Ask participants to upvote, like, heart and share news about the conference and one another's work

Specific challenges
Twitter: Ask participants to commit to sending 10 tweets a week for the next 7 weeks focusing on their professional interests

Set up live video
Virtual Tour: Show participants rapid highlights of existing websites, blogs, twiter accounts and the like.
International connections: Introduce TAPAS, upcoming global events including cbdcop13 and iucn2016

After workshop
Arrange hangout(s) two weeks after the workshop

Learning Outcomes
Participants will have hands-on experience of using the social web
Participants will brainstorm about blending social web learning with analog education
Participant survey will be a ‘call of the board’ for online communication in early 2016