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Wikification = The process of opening online content to allow for collaboration from members (and in some cases anonymous users); to turn an online site into a wiki.

Back in 2007 we fell in love with the concept of wikification thanks to Wordspy. It was an idea ahead of its time, though in 2011 (the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia), it may well gain greater acceptance and is a trend we are paying close attention.

On the Planeta Wiki we have seen increased growth in terms of traffic and editing. In 2010 the wiki format proved to be a tremendous resource in partnering with the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award and the European Ecotourism Conference. In 2011 we partnered with the Responsible Tourism in Cities Workshop and Indigenous Peoples Week. 2012 socialwebcop 2013 Indigenous Peoples Week, Responsible Travel Week, Worldwide Photo Walk

More of our colleagues created a wiki of their own, making it much simpler to provide additions and corrections to multilingual websites.

Wikis need editors, friends and colleagues who are able to maintain a professional and passionate interests.

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