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Campaign for Free Wi-Fi!

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Wi-Fi is no longer a nice to have accoutrement but a must have essential for events that to engage participants. Mind you, wi-fi is a tool and event organizers who create boring events with wi-fi will find participants paying attention to their individual email accounts and external, unrelated conversations rather than collaborating and focusing attention in a helpful manner.

Our campaign for free Wi-Fi asks for a thoughtful and creative use of wired space. We challenge tourism pros to make the most of the technology in favor of accessible travel, responsible travel, ecotourism, indigenous tourism, local travel.

Want free Wi-Fi at your conference, hotel or university classroom? Ask for it.

Want accessible travel, responsible travel, ecotourism, indigenous tourism, local travel? The logic remains the same -- ask for it!

Ron Mader (founder of this wiki and is keen to collaborate with conference organizers as they incorporate free Wi-Fi with live streaming during events. Bonus points for those who use Wi-Fi to create meaningful connections among visitors and locals beyond the conference walls. We ask conference organizers as well as speakers and participants to let us know if the events offer live streaming and W-Fi and to what degree there are parallel or fringe events that connect locals and visitors.

Editors are invited to revise the table (see below) documenting the incorporation of Wi-Fi at major events.

Does the beach need to get connected?
Free Wi-Fi Sweeps Las Vegas, From Pools To Nightclubs
Survey reveals hotel guests want Wi-Fi over everything else - USA Today

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I'm writing this story on a laptop that isn't connected to the internet. It's not connected to the internet even though the hotel has WiFi access. It's not connected via the WiFi access because although I am staying in what I believe is the most expensive room on the property (US$120++), the access isn't free. I'm not happy and when a guest isn't happy, the hotel loses ... If you can't 'afford' to offer internet access for free then don't offer it. Really, just don't bother. In charging for it, all you're doing is grabbing a few short-term dollars that will cost you future long-term business.
- Hotels should never charge extra for WiFi

It’s time to empower the audience, not the speaker. Audiences need the power they deserve—or, more accurately, speakers need to acknowledge and accept the power audiences already have: the power to let their minds fully explore the ideas presenters are sharing with them. Audiences are already reaching out. That’s why the backchannel sprung up in the first place. That’s how “live tweeting” came into existence. Because people want to talk, and are accustomed to talking every time they get a great idea, or every time they hear a great idea.
- Conversation is the New Attention

How can you ask people to blog about your conference while charging them 7 Euros for access?
- Conversation


My thinking - All tourism conferences should have free wi-fi and when possible live-streaming of the event and the September 2010 European Ecotourism Conference should be considered THE BENCHMARK





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If you are a hotspot provider and would like to let customers know you provide wireless access, click here to register to obtain the Wi-Fi ZONE logo. This logo is publicly used by facilities that offer wireless Internet connections using Wi-Fi Certified products. Once registered, you will have download access to the graphic files for promotional use. The location will also receive free visibility in the wireless hotspot directory.

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History of Wi-Fi

A bit of history. John O'Sullivan thought up Wi-Fi at Australia's CSIRO when looking for black holes. Invented in the early 1990s, Wi-Fi now in just about every laptop and associated wireless device produced today. The technology was invented by John O’Sullivan, Diet Ostry, Dr Terry Percival, Graham Daniels and John Deane.


What are we going to do with this wired space?
Does the event have free wifi?
Does the information center have free wifi?
Do any sports stadiums offer free wifi?

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Feel free to use Ron's original artwork at events, restaurants and hotels that offer free Wi-Fi. You can call attention to the graphic by incorporating this into a blog or by tweeting or by adding a star (favorite) on Flickr.

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