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Walking and trekking distinguish our holidays to varying degrees, depending on our immediate situations. Personally, I love bits of slow walking as a great outdoor experience. Think of it -- all those people who are trotting, running right now on their indoor stair masters. That or a slow walk in Basin and Range?


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Writers on walking - We take a walk with four local authors through Hackney, in the still-gritty East End of London. Sean Borodale's poem, 'Notes for an Atlas' guides us through, as we rise early to join Iain Sinclair for his morning perambulation to the A12, before Lemn Sissay takes us from his local shop Palm 2 (where all walks begin) to hear of his tale of going barefoot for a year, and Stewart Home walks us from Kingsland Basin to where he used to live in the 80s near Victoria Park, finding it now just a pile of rubble.

Walking encyclopedia – part 1 - About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join three other Kiwi blokes (more on them in part 2) on a tramp around the south-east flank of Mt Ruapehu, up to the Crater Lake and back down to the Turoa ski field. If I had not forgotten to charge the cellphone (that memory again!), these are some of the things Te Ara would have told us as we walked.

Walking encyclopedia – part 2 - It was a classic tramp, but it would have been even better if I had charged the cellphone and Te Ara had been at hand throughout. Though, to be honest, it did not matter too much, because as I quickly realised my three mates were the real walking encyclopedias.


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What is the difference between walking and trekking?


By walking one makes the road - Antonio Machado
Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada más;

caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.

Al andar se hace camino, y al volver la vista atrás
se ve la senda que nunca se ha de volver a pisar.

Caminante, no hay camino, sino estelas en la mar.
Traveler, your footsteps are the way and nothing more.

Traveler there is no way.

Walking makes the way and looking back,
one sees the way that one will never step on again.

Traveler, there is no path, just waves in the sea

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
- Henry David Thoreau

Watch out for that first step, It's a doozy.
- Groundhog Day

Life is how you make it. The quality of life is measured by the kinds of steps you take as you walk through it. The footprint is a representation of who we are, where we are and where we're going. If you happen to see a footprint in the road, it means someone has been there before you, and there's something to be learned from that person's life and that person's story. Tsimba Itsoka. There is no footprint without the foot.
- Oliver Mtukudzi, World Music Central

Like them or loathe them, mobile phones are taking their place beside a map and compass as essential rucksack items. Until now it’s been about personal safety and making calls, but for a new generation of walkers, mobiles are becoming a source of information – even when out walking.
Phone on, walk off

Reduce carbon emissions. Walk to the pub.
- Australia beer promotion, 2009

Every where is in walking distance if you have enough time.
- T-shirt

When you visit a community, walk in, don't fly.
- Papua New Guinea proverb

Solvitur Ambulando: It Is Solved By Walking
- Latin phrase

To solve a problem, walk around.
- Saint Jerome


Comments made online Outbounding
We need more purposeless walking. I find myself challenged when having to explain to friends that for a short time I don't need a destination. I'm not looking for a destination. At best I choose my sounds or sights what I want to hear or see. This strategy came in handy while visiting markets in Mexico. I was curious about what might be found around the next corner or I was eager to avoid the sounds of competing stereo speakers with dissonant tunes.

Why are so many meetings held seated in a sterile office? Some of my favorite treks were made unplugged. Even in the silence there is so much to hear! If I've used my technology for a good cause, it's been to record soundwalks. Cheers to all who saunter.

Shicanu (Caminamos)
- Mixteco de San Pedro Tidaa

Kakanu shi vu zahanu (Caminanos con dos pies)
- Mixteco
there is no footprint without the foot

Nadie da paso sin huarache

leave a footprint

if you can't take a long walk, take a short one

Walkable streets generate 40% more retail customers than traffic dominated streets

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May 20 Hangout
Among the favorite bits - the gentleman saying that people are incorporating walking into their holidays. Preferring the walk to the beach, except the beach at 5pm when it's quite lovely. Precisely! Walking and trekking distinguish our holidays to varying degrees, depending on our immediate situations.