Vegetarian Tamales

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Vegetarianism has been gaining traction the past twenty years. For travelers, the question is: what can one eat without meat?

Recommendations please! What are you favorite vegetarian foods and where did you eat them?

Vegetarian Food in Dubai

Vegetarian Food in Spain

Vegetarian Food in Turkey

Vegetarian Food in Vietnam

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Las Vegas
10 restaurants for the Vegas vegetarian

Oaxaca, Mexico - Tianguis Pochimilco: The women with the comals - Fabiola, her daughters Andrea and Frida, Guadalupe and her daughter Carmen, and Francesca make great mushroom tacos, memelas, empanadas. Fridays/Saturdays

Examples of Vegetarian and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

Chutney (Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm, Sweden)
"With inspiration from the Middle East and Asia, the restaurant is exotically decorated while the recipes are often retrieved from India, Persia, Thailand and more."

Zula (Husemannstrasse 10, 10435 Berlin, Germany)
"Hummus Cafe" with dishes featuring homemade hummus. Free wi-fi at the restaurant.

The Farm Cafe (10 SE 7th Ave Portland, Oregon 97214, USA)
One of Portland, OR's favorite local food restaurants, with lots for vegetarians (and non-vegetarians) and vegetable lovers.

Blossoming Lotus (1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212, USA)
"Blossoming Lotus serves organic, freshly made, world vegan fusion cuisine with delicious cooked and live food options."

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