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Russia Probes

Deep state




Agnotology and Phatic Journalism
0:50 What is the study of ignorance called?

Twitter Moments

⚡️ “Muslim Ban/Airport Protests”

⚡️ “Inauguration Weekend”

Donald Trump Blows Up the US-Mexico Relationship
01/27/2017: One week into Donald Trump's economy

Assault on Nature / Climate Change (Cross-posting on wildusa)


National Parks Resistance / Twitter (Cross-posting on wildusa)

Public Lands (Cross-posting on wildusa)


Approval Rating - Hitting the ground running ... or face plant?

Muslim Ban / Travel Ban / Airport Protests
Trump asked for a 'Muslim ban,' Giuliani says — and ordered a commission to do it 'legally'

Crony Cabinet

Embedded Tweets


Trump's strategy is to demoralize and disgust you, so that you disengage. Do not disengage.

Is Trump’s chest-beating, ‘America first’ approach to presidential leadership really a display of strength, or does it reflect an enfeeblement of American national identity?