Buzzword Bingo: Tweetchat = Conversation by Twitter

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Tweetchat = Rapid-fire, thematic Q&A via Twitter

Planeta Recaps


#citytalk (third Wednesday of the month)
#rttc (Responsible Tourism Twitter Chat, 6pm GST)
#parkchat Weekly Wednesday, 6-7pm Pacific tweetchat about parks
#untravel (some Thursdays, about 3pm India Standard Time (IST)

A few words about Tweetchats

Tweetchats are sessions conducted on Twitter using a particular hashtag and usually last about an hour. The host asks a series of questions, each marked with Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. to which participants respond in posts beginning with A1, A2, A3 and including the same hashtag so that everyone can keep up.

To amplify the conversation, the host, administrator and friends of the tweetchat, retweet posts. Frequently.

If you’re already on Twitter, simply login at the designated time, follow the requisite hashtag, and make sure you include the hashtag in your tweets if you want to join in.

How Tweetchats Fail

Tweetchats are not for everyone! Here is how they fail:

Tweetchats do not work if you do not use Twitter.
Tweetchats do not work if you do not reply or retweet in real-time.
Tweetchats do not work if you forget to include the hashtag. Leave the hashtag out of your post and your message is impossible to find.

Recommendations for Tweetchat Hosts

Announce the starting time of the chat with various timezones. You can create an event announcement using Time and Date --
Before the tweetchat begins, ask some of your Twitter friends to help retweet the questions and responses.
After the tweetchat, curate the questions and responses using Storify --


How to Participate in a Tweet Chat - Janet Fouts

Artwork / Cue Yourself

#Citytalk is a Tweetchat held the third Wednesday of each month hosted by @thisbigcity @futurecapetown
Fan Art for the #untravel tweetchat