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Planeta.com's Directory of Spanish Language Schoolsis a select guide aimed at students of all ages seeking Spanish language instruction where Spanish is spoken as a native language. The Directory is updated on a regular basis and is the oldest of its kind on the Web and one the most popular resources on Planeta.com.

During this transition phase listings in this directory have not been charged for the past year. Starting in October we are launching an experimental Pay What You Want (PWYW) charge for the listing through the end of 2015. We can discuss this further via a private hangout or skype.

The directory listing is not an ad. The directory listing is a catalyst toward conversation and talking the walk on our shared journey toward conscious travel and educational tourism. Be inspired and inspire us!

Social Web Classes: Your directory listing entitles you to two convenient Google hangouts scheduled around your schedule with personalized instruction and guidance.

We encourage the use of open journalism, the notion that what's newsworthy runs along a two-way street. Instead of receiving media releases via email, we'd prefer that businesses post the releases online. Members can request a page on this wiki that can serve as a conversation with Ron and the whole wired world. Show your work! I'll add the #taller21 hashtag to posts relevant to the Directory of Spanish Language Schools.

This page spotlights examples of how education pros are becoming savvy using the social web. It's a work-in-progress as we are going along. Those listed in the directory are encouraged to set up a skype call with Ron to discuss specific actions, particularly if you want to edit a page on this wiki. You should know best that it helps to have a teacher!

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November 2015

Greetings and Saludos! This is the time to connect using the social web and stoke the desire of their friends to study with you. I talk a lot about 'slow travel' but it's critical to make connections in real-time. And that starts now.

I want to thank you again for listing your school on Planeta.com. The directory -- http://www.planeta.com/schoolist.html -- continues to be a popular resource. The directory is regularly updated but it's squarely old school in design and 'hits' continue to decline from such directories.

That said, I am putting greater emphasis on the interactions on Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter and other social web channels. The value of a Planeta.com listing is that you have my attention. In addition to linking to your social web channels, there are other ways I can help amplify your presence, namely through videos (YouTube), photos (Flickr) and messages (Twitter). You are also cordially invited to help edit the Planeta Wiki if you'd like to deepen your collaboration.

Flickr Challenge: Take some 'dull' photos of the equipment and maintenance needed to keep your business up-to-date. Show us replacement parts or the recycling work behind the scenes.

Twitter: Is your school on the list?

Stories for those learning Spanish

The Basics

A reminder. Please make sure all your information and links are up to date in the directory --

Listings includes the business name, address, city, country, telephone and website AND links to social web channels including blogs, facebook, flickr, google+, twitter and youtube. If you could use some tips on using social web, check out the relevant pages on the Planeta Wiki and don't be shy about asking questions or scheduling a google handout or skype chat. We're here to help.

Bonus: If you'd like, you are welcome to host a page about your school on our wiki. The only request is that you respect the editors' guidelines. Details

Call for photos of Spanish language schools. We'd like to the classroom, recreational activities and homestays

Flickr Request: If your school offers free water refills to minimize the consumption of plastic bottles, show us! Likewise, if you collect used batteries, show us! We enjoy your documentation of eco-friendly practices.

Bookkeeping: Renewals are requested of listings that expire July-September 2012. We prefer receiving the payment in advance of your due date to focus attention on collaborative work in the coming year.

If you'd like, we can arrange a skype conversation to discuss the strategies most appropriate for your operation. If I can help make the social web simpler for you, let me know. It's time to be more social!

Mind you, the social web is new to us all. I need to know from you what sort of interaction you'd like via Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

Slideshare: I have updated the Slideshare presentation on Lessons for Spanish Language Schools

Social Web Workshop: Need to exercise your digital literacy? We conduct webinars on demand. The cost is normally $100 per session ($50 for businesses already featured in the Directory of Spanish Language Schools). Dates and further info online http://planeta.wikispaces.com/socialweb

We are also soliciting new partners. If you can, please recommend Planeta.com to colleagues. It's the October Challenge to get some new blood in our directory and to help you find the answers to any social web questions you have.

You are also welcome to tweet any page from Planeta.com. There's a link in the left-hand column throughout the site (and on the Planeta Wiki). Please include in your tweet @ronmader so I can give you the proper kudos in a tweet of my own!

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What's Storytelling Now?

Listings have increased value if you let us know what is important to know about your corner of the world.

In workshops I give about the social web my suggestion - like many others - is simply to focus on the STORIES you'd like to be told. If you haven't already, please print and fill out the 'Storytelling Now' worksheet

I would be happy to schedule a skype chat to go over the details but the point is simply to keep you focused on your core values and figuring out creative ways of using online and offline communication tools to connect with potential visitors and allies. Take a deep breath and reflect on the stories you'd like to share.

Things you can do to improve your web presence ...

Taller 21 #FlickrFriday 10.2011
Schedule a google hangout or skype call with Ron.

Have a look at Flickr photos of other members

Read the tweets!


Check in

Claim your place (for business owners)

Tweet on Twitter

wiki worksheet: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/twitter

Upload a photo to Flickr
wiki worksheet: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/flickr

Upload a video to YouTube
wiki worksheet: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/youtube

Upload a presentation to Slideshare
wiki worksheet: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/slideshare

Fave a photo on Flickr

Add a photo to Workshop 21

Give a thumbs to a video on YouTube

Write a kind message on Planeta's Facebook page


See how other schools are using the Web
See how other schools are connecting visitors with locals

5 things we did to implement the iPad to our Spanish Language Program http://institutoculturaloaxaca.posterous.com/ipad-apps-spanish-lessons


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Tool on the Wiki
10 minutes/month
1 hour/month
2 hours+ / month
Look at the home page
Look at the home page and run a search for topics of interest
Trawl the website to your heart's content and suggest a few edits (please follow the editing guidelines)
external image flickr-icon.gif
Scan photos of your contacts, add 'favorite' stars to pictures you like
Post photos to your gallery, upload to Taller 21, comment on photos, add photos to favorites
Explore other photos,
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Scan the news of your friends
Document professional work Participate in relevant groups, Join Planeta group
Participate in more groups

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Search for a specific hashtag
Document current status
Explore other people’s twitter accounts
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View a planeta presentation
Review and rate presentations
Post your own presentations

external image you-tube-icon.gif

Search for daily life videos from your corner of the world

Create account, comment on videos

Upload your own videos

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Amigos del Sol
Becari M Bravoi
Becari QR
Cuernavaca Language School
Instituto Cultural Oaxaca
Spanish Institute of Puebla
IMAC Spanish Language Programs
Habla Ya


Academia Surpacifico
Amigos del Sol
Babylon Idiomas
Habla Ya
Instituto Cultural Oaxaca
Livit Spanish
Solexico Oaxaca


Taller 21 Group

Google Maps

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca


Instituto Cultural Oaxaca



Suggested Tweets

Picture this: you learning Spanish abroad. #Taller21 on @Flickr http://flic.kr/g/4SdT9

Promote your Spanish language school. Small charge. Lots of engagement http://www.planeta.com/schoolistl.html #taller21
The best way to develop conversation skills en español is to immerse yourself where the language is spoken http://t.co/k6DSva78#spanish
Think Smart, Travel Slow, Learn Spanish! http://www.planeta.com/schoolist.html #taller21 #TravelTuesday
Where to learn Spanish in Mexico http://www.planeta.com/schoolist.html#MX #mexmonday
Where to learn Spanish? Check out the web's oldest directory http://www.planeta.com/schoolist.html #traveltuesday
Learning Spanish? Consult the updated directory of amigos in Latin America http://www.planeta.com/schoolist.html #taller21
#Taller21 #FF @becarischool
@sherryhowell @icomexico @sipuebla @hablaya

Viernes de Vocabulario



Academia Surpacifico (Ecuador)
ChacMool (Mexico)
Cuernavaca Language School (Mexico)
Habla Ya (Panama)
IMAC Spanish Language Programs (Mexico)
ICO Mexico (Mexico)
Livit Spanish

Learn Spanish


Casa de Español - Fox 40




HablaYa (Panama)

A message to schools featured on Planeta.com

Thank you for listing your school on Planeta.com. We are convinced of the enormous value of experiential education and immersion learning. You know this from running your school. ‘The mind values most what it experiences first hand.’

Successful Spanish language schools show they offer good value and good quality education for students while benefiting locals. In Taller 21 we help you become more social web-savvy by pointing out best practices.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the size and scope of the social web, you’re not alone. Connecting with students – particularly young students, the digital natives – means conversing with them on their bit of virtual turf – Facebook being one example. This can be confusing for those of us who are digital migrants (instead of the younger generation of digital natives). Marketing is changing from announcement to conversation. Here are some of the lessons learned.

Tip #1 – Post new pictures on Flickr. This site is a great intro to what the social web is all about. You can publish your own photos, join groups, add comments, fave other photos by giving them a star – talk about positive re-enforcement! You can even add photos of your school to Taller 21 – http://www.flickr.com/groups/taller21

Tip #2 – Register on Facebook. Be aware of how this site has defined user expectations, particularly for the under 30s, a sizable contingent of your students.

Beyond the technology, what are you doing to work with your community? If you provide accommodation with local families, do you charge commission? If you don't, say so. Let your students know how their visit benefits the community. Tell your story!

Check out some of our favorite web tools and create a strategy that works for you so that a nominal investment of time yields positive results.


Planeta.com is the award-winning website focusing on ecotourism and responsible travel around the globe. Planeta's founder Ron Mader has won numerous awards and speaks about how the social web is used to develop and promote ecotourism around the globe.


To be featured in Planeta's Directory of Spanish Language School , schools need to show they offer quality eco-friendly, people-friendly education. Schools must have a website to facilitate direct contact with potential clients.

Planeta.com gives preference to schools which are proactive and contribute articles, editorial advice or even better participate on this wiki.

If we receive criticisms of the school, we will pass this along via private email. If the criticisms are unresolved, the school will not be permitted to renew the listing.


Spanish Language Schools which wish to be featured on Planeta.com can apply for a listing in the Directory of Spanish Language Schools

The cost is $100/year for the directory listing and $250/year for the directory listing AND a link on the relevant country guide. Schools should submit an application.

Additional regional links cost $50/year.


Language schools have access to Planeta's very own online workshop, Taller 21. Instruction is shared via email, Twitter and this wiki with the objective of sharing creative ideas about how you can improve your own web presence and social web skills. Participants receive practical advice on the following topics:

Lessons shared in Taller 21 are also used in Planeta.com's original seminars and webinars, offered online and in person to small groups. Details


Planeta.com es el galardonado sitio web centrado en el turismo ecológico y responsable de viaje en todo el mundo. Planeta del fundador Ron Mader ha ganado numerosos premios y habla acerca de cómo las redes sociales se utiliza para desarrollar y promover el ecoturismo en todo el mundo.


Para estar el World Travel Directory de Planeta.com, las escuelas tienen que demostrar que su oferta es eco-amigable, y que sus programas son persona-amigables y de calidad.

Planeta.com da preferencia a las escuelas que son proactivos y que contribuyenr con artículos, editoriales asesoramiento o participan en este wiki.

Si recibimos críticas de la escuela, se comunicara por la via de correo electronico privado. Si las críticas no se resuelven, al escuela no se le permitirá renovar el anuncio.


Escuelas de español que deseen ser promovidos a traves de Planeta.com pueden solicitar un listado en el Directorio de Escuelas de Español

El costo es de $100/año para el listado de directorio y $250/año para el listado de directorio con un enlace a la guía correspondiente al país. Escuelas deben presentar una solicitud .

Ligas regionales adicionales tiene un costo de $50/año.


Escuelas de español tienen acceso a Planeta del propio taller en línea, Taller 21. La instrucción es compartida a través del correo electrónico, Twitter y este wiki con el objetivo de compartir ideas creativas acerca de cómo usted puede mejorar su propia presencia en la web y las redes sociales. Los participantes reciben consejos prácticos sobre los siguientes temas:

Lecciones compartidas en el Taller 21 se utilizan también en Planeta.com 's original seminarios y seminarios web, que ofrece en línea y en persona para grupos pequeños. Detalles
items in Taller 21 More in Taller 21 pool



Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.
El que tiene tienda la atiende, o si no la vende


Your fabulous bilingual brain!


Directory of Spanish Language Schools

Latinos and Spanish


World Travel

The best way to develop conversation and reading skills
en españolis to immerse yourself where the language is spoken.
Viva experiential learning

World travel hits its stride when you can communicate a bit in the language of the locals. That said, like most things in life the journey is what matters. When I first visited Mexico City, I had a wonderful lunch and then asked the waitress where the bathroom was located. She looked at me a bit quizzacly and motioned she'd be right back. 'Maybe she's new, I thought. She doesn't know where the bathroom is.' But what truly puzzled me was that when she returned she brought a glass of tomato juice. How 'where is the bathroom' became translated as 'can I have a glass of tomato juice' confounds me to this day, but what centers the memory is how the misunderstanding was resolved. Hey, I like tomato juice and drank it and I also found out the bathroom. Paying for my misunderstanding was a delicious treat that I recall with fondness two decades later.

For most travelers, learning Spanish is either an appealing challenge of which to occupy 1-4 weeks or something so scary or unnecessary as to be beyond one's aspirations. I'll direct the rest of this essay to the second group. Here's why immersion Spanish classes are worth your time.

Spanish language classes are taught throughout Latin America and Spain.
When Mexico becomes México, it really is a whole other country.

The simple suggestion is to learn where the locals speak the language. This way the 'classroom' expands beyond the four walls and you're obliged to use what you learn in interactions with locals. Want to buy tickets for the bus? Want to see a baseball game in Venezuela? Want to talk to the artisans in Oaxaca or Quito? Hay que aprender español.

In fact, learning Spanish abroad gives you more than just the opportunity to improve language skills. You're getting to exercise those brain muscles and develop new skills that translate into more fluid interactions with people. Most of the world has a different life story than yours. Learning a language and culture means that you're learning how to get along with others.


Many schools have developed solid relations with the local community and are able to assist students with volunteer work.

Says Sherry Howell of Cuernavaca's Instituto Chac-Mool -- http://www.chac-mool.com : "We feel a strong connection with the local Cuernavaca community and we try to provide every student with the opportunity to work with us in giving back. We organize volunteer opportunities to places such as clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and orphanages for any student who is interested. We work closely with one particular orphanage and try to plan a trip at least once a month. All interested students and staff can go for a half day to cook, clean, help with homework, and most importantly, interact with the children."

Many schools offer home stays, volunteer programs and cultural exchanges. Parties or fairs are organized to connect locals and students. Instituto Cultural Oaxaca -- http://www.icomexico.com -- holds fair trade shows, chocolate tastings and craft sales. Becari -- http://www.becari.com.mx -- promotes work with a local fund for street children.


Many schools promote local sports clubs for impromptu pick-up games as well as exciting tournaments. In the past few years Oaxaca's Zinacantli Rugby Club has attracted a few Spanish language students each summer, just in time for the Juaco 10s tournament in Mexico City. Practicing line-outs and scrums in Spanish provides ruggers with one more way to develop their language skills.

Ecuador's Academia de Español Surpacifico - http://www.surpacifico.k12.ec - offers a two week Spanish course and a 10 hour regimen teaching the basics of kiteboarding -- using a kite to surf on the Pacific Ocean. After morning classes, the physical challenge is welcomed by students.

recommended reading
Tourism Operators: Make Traveller Reviews Part of Your Marketing Strategy, Travel Insights 100 Survey Reveals How Twitter is Being Used by the Travel Industry

Elsewhere on the Web

Language Travel Magazine


Do you have a high-res version of your logo?
Do you have high-res photos of your school?
Do you know what font you use for your brochures and posters?
Is there a recommended contact for new students who can answer questions in English?

Renewal Message

Thanks for listing your language school on Planeta.com, the world's first website focusing on Spanish language schools and responsible travel. In addition to the directory, there are a plenty of ways to collaborate and promote your work.

The directory first developed in 1994 on a gopher site. For our 20th anniversary, we'd like to call attention to schools by creating a new campaign for learning Spanish abroad. Ideas? The directory has been static far too long. We'll be brainstorming about learning Spanish via Google+ hangouts. Let me know if you can join us.

There's a great number of social web channels we can use if we so choose. Are we on the same screen? Let me know if you're using blogs, wikis, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, YouTube - and let's figure out how to collaborate.

For your premium listing, your school is featured in the Directory of Spanish Language Schools AND there is a link to your school from the relevant regional guide. You also have an invitation to help edit a company page on the Planeta Wiki and to contribute photos to our Flickr Group and videos for our Taller 21 playlist.

Thanks again for your payment which makes all this possible.

Kind regards, Ron

Responsible Tourism Week

To build a buzz and to show this in action, Responsible Tourism Week catalyzes a global dialogue during a finite period of time (February 13-17). Use the week to announce your excursions. Use the time before (now) to create a Flickr album, a Facebook event, a YouTube playlist or you might want to curate relevant info using Delicious, Pinterest or Storify. You don't have to do everything, but if you do a few of these actions, you'll be well prepared.

Another big point for Responsible Tourism Week is that you can ask your students and teachers and local community partners to join in. Encourage them to use the social web to share examples of 'turismo responsible' in action.

  • Do you have any examples of cultural immersion and language school
  • participation?

Check out the posters of related events in Oaxaca

If you can please change it to surpacificoschool@gmail.com