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Tags are key words used to organize and aggregate information. They are like the ingredients on a label: this delicious mole is made with these ingredients. On a blog or Flickr, you can give your uploads a 'tag' or keyword. which is like a keyword. These are often recycled into personal or collective wordclouds. On Flickr you can assign up to 75 tags to each item.

Tags are the new school upgrade to the old Dewey Decimal Classification.

Hashtags are a keyword prefixed with the # symbol to collect information. This is commonly used on Google+ and Twitter and most recently Facebook as of July 2013.

Hashtags are clickable. Click one and it will take you to other photos tagged with the same word. Using hashtags is one way to make yourself more available to be followed by others.

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Tag ti mismo = Tag yourself

Translating: Hashtag

Spanish: Gato
Māori: Tohumarau

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Cue Yourself

#higgsteria (hashtag of the day)
Tin Cans, 2008
Tags in the World Parks Pool (20090910)
Dewey Decimal System Poster

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Tags are key words used to organize information. They're like the ingredients on a label.

Tags are used on Blogs, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube.

Says Clay Shirky, "Tagging is a cooperative infrastructure answer to classification."

Hashtags are a keyword prefaced with #. This is commonly used on Twitter.

Create word art from your hashtags with Tagxedo or Wordle!

Cost: Free
Requirements: Registration on Delicious, Flickr, Blogs, YouTube or other social web channels that include tags

Etiquetas (Tags)

¿Qué son las etiquetas? Las etiquetas son palabras clave utilizadas para organizar la información. Son como los ingredientes en la etiqueta.

Las etiquetas se utilizan en Blogs, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter y YouTube.

Dice Clay Shirky, "El etiquetado es una respuesta de cooperación para la infraestructura de la clasificación."

Hashtags - la etiqueta precedido de # - se utiliza comúnmente en Twitter.

Crear arte de la palabra de su hashtags con Tagxedo o Wordle!

Costo: Gratuito
Requisitos: inscripción en Delicious, Flickr, blogs, YouTube o de otro tipo redes sociales que incluyen etiquetas

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Other Kinds of Tags

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Don't make a hash of it!
- Popular saying

Tags work very well. I knew I could not design an ontology that would work for all of you because you all have different views.
- Steve Coast, State Of The Map 2007

Twitter Hashtags

#WCTOT (Wildlife Conservation Talk on Twitter)


Do tags compliment or challenge accepted definitions?


Effective hashtags need to be brief enough to type quickly


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