Buzzword Bingo: Smartphone

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editing: The world is a smartphone and those who do not travel use only one app

A smartphone is a cellphone (mobile phone) that offers advanced computing ability and connectivity. The smartphone turns every walk into a potential photo safari.

Should we call it a 'phone?'

Buzzword Bingo

app - airplane mode - bluetooth - cellphone (celuar) - credit (credito) - fat finger problem - foursquare - geolocation - geotag - gps - hype - ipadio - iphone - landline - livestreaming - location - mobile - privacy - QR Code - scanning - skype - smartphone - SMS - sync - tablet - telephone - tracking - wifi


Do smartphones facilitate the discovery of local tips whilst travelling? (Poster)
What do people think about the push vs pull settings for smartphones? Battery issues or privacy issues?
Can a smartphone be a tablet?

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Modern dilemmas: smartphones - Do you find it hard to focus on a conversation and ignore your smartphone? A listener is tired of having to compete with her friends' smartphones when they're together.

The great Indian phone book - On the day that telegram services are finally laid to rest, a landmark study documents how the mobile phone is bringing deep changes to Indian society and democracy.

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Around 60% of the world’s citizens now own a smart phone



10 Things Killed by the Smartphone
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Translating: Smartphone

Spanish: Dispositivo móvil

Translating: Please Turn ON Your Smartphone

Spanish: Por favor prende tu Smartphone
Swedish: Snälla, slå på din smartphone
Estonian: palun lülitage oma nutitelefonid sisse
Afrikaans: Skakel asseblief jou Smart Phone aan
German: Bitte Smart Phones ANschalten
French: Gardez votre Smart Phone branchee

Turn Off Your Smartphone


Lift up your heart, not your smartphone

levanta tu corazón, no tu teléfono inteligente
- Pope Francis

Should we call it a 'phone?'
- Ian Bogost, The end of the hangup

We are the first generation to say 'I lost my phone.'
- Melbourne International Comedy Festival


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Buzzword Bingo: Smart

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The world is a smartphone and those who do not travel use only one app

Mark Your Calendar and Turn On Your Smartphone

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