Buzzword Bingo: Selfie

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Selfie = Taking one's own photo

... Ever photobomb a selfie?

Also see: self-portrait, unselfie

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Unselfie = Photo of taken the way they someone else likes
Buzzword Bingo: Unselfie



Cape Town @ 05.2011

Ulisses, Ron y Sandra, Mezcaleria In Situ @ Oaxaca 11.2013 @Insitumezcal @UlisesTorrenter #selfie

Que Quesoso! Cheesy Foto de Melissa y Ron 12.2011

The art of the selfie - The selfie is now a ubiquitous part of social media but is it art? Art critic Jerry Saltz says it's 'something like art'.

Saturn Selfie (2013)

View of Earth from Saturn

Earth Waves at Cassini

October 2013 - Read a story about an Australian writer visiting the Indiana National Dunes. She posts selfies with statues on your Facebook page.
@posttrib @ThePackedBag

My suggestion, if taking selfies with statues is good, taking selfies with locals is even better. Someone should give this writer with packed bag a hug and post it on her Facebook page.

Oaxaca Tip: Take a selfie with the work of ricardo lopez pinacho

Ron and Danzante @ Oaxaca 10.2013