Responsible Travel Week 2014
Responsible Travel Week 2014

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Hope you enjoyed Responsible Travel Week!

Some background: We asked friends around the world to fall in love with responsible travel February 10-16 as hosted our sixth annual Responsible Travel Week, a week-long unconference that kicked off 2014 in fine style. A great plus: admission was free and there was no jet lag for participants! The event took place online and around the world through a series of local events organized by participants.

Real-time hangouts were streamed live and archived via YouTube. Online and on-the-ground events are featured below in the calendar.


hashtag: #rtweek14

2014 was the sixth year for Responsible Travel Week and's 14th year of innovative conferencing. We expect our global conversation to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

One of's tentpoleevents, Responsible Travel Week manifests our commitment toward effective communication and collaboration. Responsible travel is not an ethical dilemma of whether to have fun or be responsible. You can do both!

Crowdsourced and crowdfunded, Responsible Travel Week amplifies down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible travel, conscious travel, the local travel movement and ecotourism with the inexpensive social web. We have the tools in hour hands to plan trips, to welcome visitors, to make the world a better place. We welcome financial sponsors, including individuals and institutions willing to invest in a more formal approach, including awards and workshops focused on digital literacy training.

Let's learn how to use new technologies, how to combine high tech with lo-fi face-to-face gatherings.

We will make specific suggestions Monday-Friday that correspond to the levels of engagement. Featured are special motivational exercises to help you be creative (Monday), generous (Tuesday), attentive (Wednesday), curious (Thursday) and empathetic (Friday). Saturday and Sunday's schedules are more flexible.

Plan ahead and let us know your plans. What participants get out of an event depends on what's put in. We start the year on a clean slate. We recommend budgeting time before, during and after the week to make the most of networking opportunities. If you introduce your interests and interact with others even a modest investment of time can pay off spectacularly with new ideas and contacts. Be inspired and be inspiring!

Contact Info

Ron Mader
email Ron

Semana de Viajes Responsables, 10-16 febrero 2014 (Responsible Travel Week) #rtweek2014

How to get involved

Engaged participation in any event (online and on the ground) requires a commitment and a certain degree of curiosity. On this wiki page you'll find specific suggestions on what you can do before, during and after the event. You don't have to do everything, but please find a way to get involved to make the most of responsible travel. This event is what you make it, what you learn and what you do. Consider it a wake-up call for a healthier 2014.

Top Tips

Circle the dates on your calendar and budget time.
Introduce yourself via Facebook.
Tweet using the #rtweek14 hashtag.
Comment and ask questions on Ron's blog.
Join us for the real-time hangouts.
If you cannot create, curate.
Share what you learn with family and friends. 'Responsible travel' has little value if we cannot articulate its values in public.
Do what you love doing, not what you think you ought to be doing.




Social Web

Natural World

Share the love! Hashtag #rtweek14 = Responsible Travel Week, February 10-16
Please tag posts about Responsible Travel Week (Feb 10-16) #rtweek14

> Before Responsible Travel Week

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for a lively week.

Reflect on why you care about travel, what you love and what you would like to learn about responsible travel.

Register for social web channels you'd like to master.

Make a wishlist of the things you'd like to do, people you'd like to meet, places you'd like to visit in 2014. If you're a traveler, what 'responsible travel' options are of greatest interest?

Collaborate! In the backchannel (email, private face-to-face chats), talk this over with colleagues and figure out at least one announcement you can make during the week. Prepare ahead of time so you can announce your news on Monday.
Responsible Travel Networking - Facebook
Responsible Travel Handbook (2006) (PDF) @TransAbroad
Responsible Tourism - Transitions Abroad
Local Travel on Google+
Blog: Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements and Testimonials

Be creative
Planta: San Pablo
Cape Town Open Education Declaration #oer #openeducation

Monday, February 10

Responsible Travel Week Day #1. Today's challenge: Be creative.

Creativity is the ability to transcend tradition and to create meaningful new works. Chances are good there are examples of innovative tourism options -- museums, markets, parks -- where you live. Please show us stokes your passion. Anything new emerge in the past year? Let's celebrate what's new, daring, bold, exciting and responsible.

We'd love to know about the experiences that connect locals and visitors in a mutually beneficial manner. We'd like to hear about new tours, upcoming events, exhibits, menus and transportation options.

If you have the Foursquare app, check in! Let us know the places you'd recommend for responsible travel. You can also create maps, slideshows and videos. Please show us responsible travel options in action.

If you cannot create, curate!

According to @hashtracking Hashtag Explorer, #rtweek14 generated 486,136 impressions with 246 tweets

Twitter Statistics and Rankings of #rtweek14 via @TweetBinder
Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube
Participants: @lynnerosie
@ecabanilla @sustourismire @thetravelword


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Before the Beginning - Aivar Ruukel/Storify
Tai Roob Dai Mai - Chris Taylor -
@CReidTaylor (Outbounding Discussion)

How to photograph yourself hugging third world children - @Reductress (Outbounding discussion)

Township Tours - Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm -
(Outbounding) -
@OptimisticRose @CityofCT @respCPT

child protection
Environmental awareness and site visit, Edith Stephens Wetland Park, Cape Town, 930am-1pm

Sensibilización hacia un turismo más responsable, Veracruz Mexico, 1pm

Universidad Cristóbal Colón Campus Calasanz

Guelaguetza Dancers, October 2005

Tuesday, February 11

Day #2. Today's challenge: Be generous.

Generosity is the freedom from meanness or smallness of mind or character.

During last month's Storytelling on the Social Web Hangout, Ethan Gelber made the case that we should hear more about other people than one's own accomplishments during Responsible Travel Week.

Generosity Challenge on the Social Web: If you have an account on LinkedIn, please give your colleagues endorsements and recommendations. Which reminds me, many thanks to friends for their recommendations of Responsible Travel Week (see below).
Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube


Elsewhere on the Web
Good tourism is the type that helps a country's poorest progress - Frans de Man - @BigFish04

Responsible Travel - Outbounding -

Packaging Poverty - Shawn Humphrey - @BluCollarProf


Where to go in 2014: the responsible traveller’s must-do travel list - @WTM_WRTD (Outbounding)

Eric Fischer's Flickr set 'See something or say something' - @enf (Outbounding)

Street Children World Cup - @SCWC2014

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

responsible tourism day
Workshop, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, 940-1040am
All Travel is Local: Bring Presence = Trae tu Presencia
We are from the place that we love = Somos del lugar que amamos (Gracias @BnZunni )

Wednesday, February 12

Responsible Travel Week Day #3. Today's challenge: Be attentive.

Attention is focusing consciousness and taking notice.

Let's face it. There's plenty of greenwash and misdirection in the world. We bemoan low attention spans and think there's not much we can do about it.

If responsible travel could be sold like beer or wine or mezcal, we encourage ourselves to stay thirsty. But responsible travel is not a thing, not something consumed but rather experienced. And it's experienced by visitors and locals alike!

Here's the advice from Susan Sontag: "Pay attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager."

There are plenty of ways of paying attention this week, including watching the hangouts, the #rtweek14 hashtag and reading the features in the column to the right. Friends around the world are telling their own stories, recommending and curating resources so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. What works best for you?

Social Web Challenge: Wednesdays are the day in which we guide friends through the world of member-generated wikis. Keep an eye on the hashtag #WikiWednesday. Edit the Wikipedia or tweet a page of your choice from the Planeta Wiki.
Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube
Participants: @BnZunni
@GetLocalFlavor @Ruukel



Elsewhere on the Web

Rethinking Tourism - Deborah McLaren -

Responsible Travel Handbook (2006) (PDF) @TransAbroad

Nerdy Stats
Workshop, False Bay College, Cape Town, 1215-215pm
Be Curious! (Curiosity Rover on Mars!) @MarsCuriosity
Buzzword Bingo: Curiosity = The desire to learn about anything #buzzwordbingo
Ron on the Recycled Bicycle @ Cape Town 05.2011

Thursday, February 13

Responsible Travel Week Day #4. Today's challenge: Be curious.

Curiosity is the desire to learn about anything. It's giving free range to inquisitiveness.

I find it curious that many colleagues in tourism are frankly not that curious. Officials and tour providers alike use the 'business as usual' approach when business is anything but usual these days. It is as if tourism is being promoted the same way it was in 1970 or 1980: show some exotic locales and emboss the name of a travel agent. Promotional posters show iconic imagery but rarely faces of locals.

We have been inspired by the social web -- the handmade videos, the smartphone photos, the informative podcasts that give a glimpse to what lies beyond the horizon.

Social Web Challenge: Search for a place you'd like to travel on Flickr. What are the most 'interesting' pictures? Which photos have a Creative Commons share alike-attribution license? You can also broaden your search by topic and we highly recommend checking out the eye candy that constitutes the groups World Market, World Mountains and World Parks. Bonus points if you give the pictures you like a star!
Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube
Participants: @ThisTourismWeek@lynnerosie


Elsewhere on the Web - @2OceansAquarium

World Radio Day!

On a Tram in Melbourne

Day in the Life of a Deuce Driver - @RTCSNV
Las Vegas Deuce on the Strip

Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve


deborah mclaren
community tourism

Nerdy stats
Two Oceans Aquarium,
Cape Town, 3-5pm
Check in via Foursquare
Buzzword Bingo: Empathy = Being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experience of another #buzzwordbingo
Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would like to have you do unto them.
We are from the place that we love = Somos del lugar que amamos (Gracias @BnZunni )

Friday, February 14

(Valentine's Day)

Responsible Travel Week Day #5. Today’s challenge: Be empathetic.

While it makes sense to talk about what we love in travel and tourism, maybe our focus ought to be on empathy.

What is empathy? I love this definition from Roman Krznaric's Empathy Library: "empathy is the imaginative act of stepping into the shoes of another person and viewing the world from their perspective."

For those not familiar with Roman Krznaric, he's suggesting nothing less than an empathy revolution. While not specifically talking about travel and tourism, he makes the point that we could improve our world by talking to strangers and listening to strangers in an empathetic fashion.

We've long promoted empathy as one of the critical levels of engagement. It compliments the attention, generosity, curiosity and creativity needed.

It's not a big ask. Tim Minchin says in his
Life Lessons "Empathy is intuitive, but is also something you can work on, intellectually."

We have our work cut out for us, as locals, visitors and everyone in between. So raise your glasses, open your heart and have a wonderful, wonderful Valentine's Day.
Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube
@thetravelword @ConsciousHost @lynnerosie


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Sustainable tea coffee and chocolate -
Mezcal Treasure Hunt
New York Travel Festival @NYtravfest

An empathy revolution @romankrznaric

Soulshine Festival


Nerdy stats
Workshop, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, 9-11am
Absolutely Brilliant: S = Stories #rtyear2013 @gparayil

Saturday, February 15

Mapjam, Austin
Responsible Travel Flipboard 02.2013

Sunday, February 16

Monday, February 17

Nerdy Stats

Impact: 2,674,877 - The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag

Reach: 557,469 - The number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag

308 Contributors

Contributor Influence: Very Low 60, Low 19, Medium Low 60, Medium 66, Medium High 76, High 19, Very High 8

February 22

Mossel Bay:
Great Brak River Museum announces first walking tour of Greenhaven
Buzzword Bingo: Wildlife = non-domesticated plants and animals

March 3

World Wildlife Day
830am PST - 430pm Edinburgh - 630pm Kiruna
Confirmed:@AbhishekKBehl @WildNavigator @nuttisamisiida

330pm Las Vegas - 1130pm London - Tuesday 930am Brisbane - Darwin 9am - Auckland 12:30pm


Confirmed: @RondaJGreen, Denise Goodfellow

Open Education Week, March 10-15 @openeducationwk #oer #openeducationwk

March 10-15

Open Education Week

June 5

World Environment Day
Elsewhere on the Web

Join us August 8-14 for Indigenous Peoples Week 2014 #ipw4 #rtyear2014 @Nevada_Magazine @nuttisamisiida @timeunlimited @localtravels

August 2014

Indigenous Peoples Week

September 27 World Tourism Day

September 27

World Tourism Day

November 5

Responsible Tourism Day
Elsewhere on the Web
London: WTM
Goals for the World Parks Congress #worldparkscongress


World Parks Congress
Elsewhere on the Web

Fall in love with responsible travel Feb 9-15, 2015 #rtweek15

February 2015

Responsible Travel Week

Monday Hangout

Pre-Event: Build the Buzz

February 2014: Engage

Post Event: Reflect

Share the news online and in face-to-face chats
Link to this page
Announce the countdown (example: less than 10 days until Responsible Travel Week!)

Ask questions.
Create your own poster (examples)
Prepare a presentation

Organize local events, including photosafaris, carrotmobs and green drinks
Create local information resources including foamboards and pop-up museums

Social Web
Register on social web channels

Facebook: join the event and share the event on your wall
Flickr: upload photos and curate a gallery
Google+ Join the Google+ Event
Slideshare: View the presentation. Please share the presentation using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also embed the presentation on your site. Creative? Upload your own RT work.
Twitter: Use the hashtag: #rtweek14
(more info about tags and tagging); retweet tweets about Responsible Travel Week; tweet this page (there's a button in the left column)
Youtube: create your own video playlist (example)
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog
Show off your work
Make announcements
Ask questions

Hold local events, including photosafaris, carrotmobs and green drinks
Show off local information resources including foamboards and pop-up museums

Give feedback about what's working, what's not working
Update pages on, including What is responsible travel?
Suggest updates for
Announce developments at conferences

Social Web
Participate on social web channels

Facebook: join the event and share the event on your wall
Flickr: upload photos and curate a gallery
Google+ Ask questions and consult tips via the Google+ Event
Slideshare: Please share the event presentation using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also embed the presentation on your site.
Twitter: Use the hashtag: #rtweek14
(more info about tags and tagging); retweet tweets about Responsible Travel Week; tweet this page (there's a button in the left column)
Youtube: create your own video playlist (example)
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog
We will ask the participants to answer a short survey

Please thank people whose work has inspired you during Responsible Travel Week

Online comment via the social web channels you consulted

On the ground share with colleagues what you learned

Review Hashtag stats

Check your 2014 calendar. What RT events were announced?

Social Web
Evaluate participation on social web channels

Facebook: How many people introduced themselves?
Flickr: Were albums and galleries were created?
Google+ How many people joined and posted?

Slideshare: How many views did the presentation receive? Were other RT presentations uploaded?
Twitter: How popular was the hashtag?
Youtube: Were any RT playlists created?
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog

Easy Ways to Participate

Levels of Engagement
Tourism Pros
Be attentive
Check out the conversations, pictures, videos
Check out the conversations, pictures, videos
Check out the conversations, pictures, videos
Be creative
Upload photos, videos from your trips; Announce upcoming events, publications, trips
Upload photos, videos from local attractions and services
Upload photos and videos from local attractions and services; Share presentations
Be generous
Say kind things about the kind of travel you love
Say kind things about the kind of travel you love
Say kind things about the kind of travel you love
Be empathetic
Put yourself in the shoes of locals and other travelers
Put yourself in the shoes of visitors and other locals
Put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues, visitors and locals
Be curious
Seek out the type of travel that inspires you on the ground or as an armchair explorer
Ask visitors about their homes and where there travels have taken them
Seek out the type of travel that inspires you on the ground or as an armchair explorer


Attention Businesses Featured on

Attention Travel companies and Spanish language schools.


More local events
More partners
More sponsors ($)


2014 is's 14th year of online conferencing and the sixth year for Responsible Travel Week. We expect the conversations to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation from returning participants and those new to online conferencing and responsible travel. Take a peak at what we accomplished during Responsible Travel Weeks in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. Each year our discussion has continued to mature as the social web becomes easier to use and responsible travel becomes more trendy!

The past six years Responsible Travel Week has encouraged everyone to show the practical actions of making tourism beneficial to locals and visitors alike. With locals, visitors and everyone inbetween seizing the day around the world, Responsible Travel Week is the easiest way to organize, educate and inspire.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What is Responsible Travel? Responsible travel is treating others the way they wish to be treated. It's a variation on the Platinum Rule... it's also good manners. Rephrasing the Cape Town Declaration "Responsible travel creates better places for to live and better places to visit." Good friends agree that responsible travel is a must-have in the growing movement that connects visitors and locals.

Who should participate? Everyone's invited! For visitors, this event is an opportunity to see where to go, how to travel and who to meet. For local tourism leaders and travel businesses, this is free advertising and an opportunity to learn good practices from around the globe. For journalists, authors, bloggers and other media pros, this is an opportunity to scan beyond the horizon for stories and a way to share the news about features you've published. Active participants will be featured on this page and we will be happy to retweet your tweets, add stars to your Flickr photos, like your comments on Facebook, +1 on Google+ and give the thumbs up on YouTube videos.

Why participate? If you are curious about responsible travel, this event lets you explore the topic in depth. It's a catalyst for many to get up to speed on specific topics AND social web channels. If you prepare a bit and budget time during the week, you'll learn a lot. Exemplary performance will be recognized and rewarded. Let's pool our talents and learn together. The more information we share, the easier it is for others to join these efforts.

How much time does it take to participate? This depends entirely on you. If you are presenting a program or tour, then there's considerable preparation time. If you are keen on learning what's taking place around the globe, then there will be time you need to budget for perusing the Twitter feed or watching the Google+ hangouts. If you are casually interested, then it's adviseable to give yourself at least 15-30 minutes/day to consult this wiki page and the exterior links each day.

May I contribute $ to support Responsible Travel Week? - Individual donations and institutional support are welcome. If there are large contributions ($500 and up), we would like to integrate this as a payment for webinars to keep the conversation moving forward.

What are the benefits of VIP ticket holders? VIPs are eligible for gifts, 1-1 consultation and diploma! Those who contribute more than $100 receive free gifts, including Ron's original postcards from Oaxaca.

What are the benefits to general participants? Think low investment, high return. You have the opportunity to gain knowledge and networking. In terms of quantifiable benefits, engaged participants grow the number of Twitter followers and likes on Facebook during Responsible Travel Week. Track the number of new endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn, views on Slideshare presentations, views or edits on wiki pages.

What are the featured topics? We are seeking some interesting stories about tourism's connections to accessibility, biodiversity conservation, indigenous peoples, food, parks and protected areas, volunteering and water conservation/recreation. Other big questions to be explored are the connections between city and rural environments. Other topics: child protection, hunting, public transportation, mission trips, sports tourism, e-waste and the proper disposal of batteries.

What's new in 2014?
  • New local events in Las Vegas. For the second year we're conducting the global unconference from one of the world's most storied cities. Look for early morning photosafaris and soundwalks in Henderson parks. Those with more ambitious ideas are encouraged to let us know.
  • Increased use of Google+ for Live Hangouts. Now we can chat directly with participants with live Q&A.
  • Flipboard! Check out the Responsible Travel Flipboard
  • Outbounding. Upvote your favorite RT features on Outbounding.

What matures in 2014?
  • VIP Tickets
  • We're holding our annual poster challenge!
  • We're connecting responsible travel to cities
  • We're connecting responsible travel to events
  • We're connecting responsible travel to parks
  • We're connecting responsible travel with indigenous culture
  • We're connecting responsible travel with child protection
  • We're improving our marketing tips for responsible travel services
  • We're improving our tips for travelers seeking responsible travel options
  • We're updating our directory of tourism portals with links to specific info about responsible travel

Sponsorship Opportunities

Responsible Travel Week offers one-of-a-kind sponsorship marketing opportunities including:
  • Worldwide exposure via live international hangouts and tweetchats
  • Variety of sponsorship packages tailored to your needs
  • Partnership with the world's oldest ecotourism/responsible travel website
  • Access to policy-makers, locals and passionate travelers
  • Responsible travel is not universally defined and perceptions change country to country. The week-long dialogue is one of the few chances to discuss the nuances
  • Logos and mention in kudos on the official Slideshare presentation

We are seeking sponsors for Responsible Travel Week to help cover the development of training seminars and webinars to carry the conversations forward. Benefits include your logo on the official event info (including the popular Slideshare presentation), a link on this page and VIP tickets. Contact Ron Mader for details.

How do participants document responsible travel? Photos and videos are ideal. Show us responsible travel in action. If you don't have a camera of your own, think about curating pictures via sites like Pinterest or assembling the info as a story via Delicious or Storify. If you cannot create, curate!

I would like to organize a local event, but I don't have time during RT Week. What can I do? You can announce the event during RT Week or simply let others know that a local get-together is in the works. On Twitter, use the hashtag

Can I volunteer? Editors help us update our directory of official Tourism Portals and reward the countries and cities that make responsible travel a priority. Find the links of specific information about responsible travel on official portals and share on our Facebook event and Google+ pages or via Twitter.

How does this event encourage collaboration? One of the goals of Responsible Travel Week is to encourage collaboration within local and regional communities. We need to find ways out of institutional silos and get people to share information. Toward this goal, we encourage participants to be generous in their words of praise and testimonials for others. It's blue sky thinking, but we'd like to replace finger pointing with recommending positive interactions. Keep an eye on our country contest as we compare how different nations fare when it comes to showcasing specific examples of responsible travel in action.

What's being updated on the Planeta Wiki? We ask editors to help edit the global review of tourism portals. Other pages we will be updating include volunteer, sami, tapas, Responsible Tourism in South Africa, Responsible Tourism in Cities, maya, parks, biodiversity. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we'd like suggestions to help update our Who's Who resources of those working in the UK and in German-speaking Europe.

What is the role of cities and responsible travel? Responsible travel should be embedded within policies and part of the focus will be to create a snapshot of world cities including Las Vegas, USA, Cape Town and Mossel Bay, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand and Oaxaca City, Mexico. This continues our work since 2011's Responsible Tourism in Cities Workshop.

Why an unconference? Simply put, we think participants can organize themselves and the unconference is the ideal approach. Traditional conferences are overly scripted without opportunities to engage one another. We created the Responsible Travel Week as an inexpensive way to broaden and deepen conversations about travel and tourism. That said, the online unconference approach can be complicated, so Ron will be updating his blog and storifying (not a real word ... yet) tweets about Responsible Travel Week. The point is to explore the social web by exploring the social web.

Can anyone create a local event? Yes! Get people involved and learn together what 'responsible travel' is all about. Whether it's a tweetup or a photo safari, organize what you think would work best and most simply.

Can I announce news regarding a responsible travel business or tour? Yes! You can talk up your own business or the business of colleagues you respect.

Who can use the #rtweek14 hashtag? Anyone can use the #rtweek14 hashtag to announce relevant resources, videos, podcasts and upcoming events and tours. We recommend that the #rtweek14 hashtag be used to document what you find inspiring during RT Week

Does the #rtweek14 only work on Twitter? Hashtags are most popularly used on Twitter and will be used to help us curate our favorite tweets in the Storify feature on RT Week. This past year hashtags have begun to be used on Facebook and Google+. On Flickr you can use the hashtag to identify posters or relevant photos. Please tag presentations on Slideshare and posts on Wordpress. You can use the hashtag to identify relevant info on Delicious, our favorite bookmarking channel. In short, if it applies, tag it!

What's the difference between the hastags #rtweek14 and #rtyear14? We're using #rtweek14 to focus attention on responsible travel between February 10-16. That said, we think responsible travel should be practiced every day, so we're using #rtyear14 throughout 2014 to call attention to publications, events and resources related to related travel.

Games, Challenges and Contests

You cannot win it if you're not in it!

Nominations please for the cities and countries which are in the vanguard of responsible travel.

Nominations please for favorite display of responsible travel via the social web:
a gallery on Flickr
a community on Google+
a board on Pinterest
a story on Storify
a playlist on YouTube

Speaking of Flickr ...
Travel companies - Add photos to Workshop 21
Spanish language schools - Add photos to Taller 21

Locally create
an informative foamboard
a pop-up museum
a free, public photosafari
a public green drinks cocktail hour
a soundwalk

Storytelling Now

Let's do a check-in. How capable are you in telling your story via the social web and heritage media? What are your aspirational goals? You have more resources at your disposal than you realize. The Storytelling Now presentation can help you become aware of your allies and your progress.



Everyone is invited.
Todos estan invitados.


2014 Responsible Travel Week takes place Feb 10-16. We suggest participants budget at least one hour/day for participation. It helps if you spend some time prior to Responsible Travel Week for background reading and registration online the social web channels you wish to explore this year.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable 2014 se llevara a cabo del 10-16 febrero. Sugerimos que los participantes programar por lo menos una hora al día para la participación. Ayuda si inviertes unas horas antes de la semana para leer los ensayos recomendados y registrar en los caneles de las redes sociales que quieres explorar este año.


Responsible Travel Week is a live demonstration of social web as an easy and inexpensive means of documenting the challenges and successes of developing responsible tourism. Consider this an unconference. There is a flexible agenda with topics of common interest an an invitation to the participants themselves to show responsible travel in action.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable es una muestra en vivo de los redes sociales como una manera facil y barato para documentar los desafíos y éxitos del desarrollo del turismo responsable.

Considere esto un unconference. Hay una agenda flexible, simplemente con los temas de interés común y una invitación a los propios participantes para mostrar el turismo responsable en acción.


Free (Financial donations are accepted)
Gratis (Las donaciones financieras son aceptadas)


Responsible Travel Week takes place online and integrates the digital realm with down to earth good practices around the world.

Seek out and support local events. Create a photo safari or host greendrinks or a carrotmob.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable se realiza en línea e integra al mundo digital con las prácticas buenas alrededor del mundo.

Busca y apoya algún evento en tu localidad. Crea un fotosafari o patroniza greendrinks o un carrotmob.


One of the key objectives of Responsible Travel Week is to create incentives for continuity - we'd really like to hear updates on recent tourism conferences and previews of upcoming events that touch upon the core values of responsible travel. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!
Uno de los objetivos claves de la Semana de Turismo Responsable es crear incentivos para la continuidad - nos gustaría oír noticias actualizadas sobre conferencias de turismo y también saber sobre los acontecimientos en el futuro. Otro objetivo fundamental es fortalecer las relaciones y hacer nuevos amigos!


We'll be using Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube to document tourism practices around the world.

Tip: Be honest and be public. This is the week where you get to shout out to the world the good things you see around you. Lead the way or follow the topics for which you have interest and passion. Talk food, parks, museums, volunteering, slowtravel / localtravel. These conversations broaden and deepen our dialogue. Have fun!
Usaremos Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Google+ Slideshare, Twitter y YouTube para documentar prácticas sobre turismo en todo el Mundo.

Consejo: Se honesto y abierto. Esta es la semana para gritarle al mundo las cosas buenas que ves a tu alrededor. Se un lider y guiarnos o seguir los temas en que te interesan y te apasionan. Platica sobre comida, parques, museos, oportunidades para voluntar, turismo lento (slowtravel) y el movimiento acerca turismo local (local travel). Estas conversaciones ampliar y profundizar nuestro diálogo. Que te diviertan!



Alla är inbjudna.
Kõik on kutsutud.
Jeder ist eingeladen.


2014 Responsible Travel Week äger rum 10-16 februari. Vi föreslår deltagarna budgeterar minst en timme / dag för deltagande.
2014 Aasta Vastutustundliku Turismi Nädal toimub 10-16 veebruaril. Osalemiseks soovitame pühendada iga päev vähemalt ühe tunni.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung findet von 10 bis 16 Februar 2014 statt. Wir schlagen vor, mindestens eine Stunde pro Tag für die Teilnahme einzuplanen.


Responsible Travel Week är en demonstration av social web som ett sätt att dokumentera utmaningar och framgångar av ansvarstagande turism.

Tänk på detta en unconference. Det finns ingen agenda, bara frågor av gemensamt intresse, en inbjudan till deltagarna själva att visa ansvarsfull turism i aktion.
Vastutustundliku turismi nädalal kasutame erinevaid social web vahendeid, et tutvustada vastutustundliku turismi näiteid ja edulugusid.

Mõelge sellele unconference. Ei ole kindlaksmääratud päevakorda, lihtsalt huvi pakkuvates kutse osalejad ise näidata vastutustundlik turism in action.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung ist eine Live-Demonstration der Möglichkeiten von Social Web zur Dokumentation der Erfolge und Herausforderungen einer verantwortungsbewussten Tourismus-Entwicklungj.

Die Responsible Travel Week ist eine Unkonferenz. Es gibt keine feste Tagesordnung. Themen von gemeinsamem Interesse werden von den Teilnehmern diskutiert.


Gratis (Finansiella donationer accepteras)
Free (Rahalisi annetusi on aktsepteeritud)
Kostenlos (Finanzielle Spenden werden angenommen)


Responsible Travel Week äger rum på nätet och integrerar den digitala eran med jordnära god praxis i hela världen.
Vastutustundliku turismi nädal toimub internetis ning ühendab endas digitaalse ajastu võimalused ning vastutustundliku turismi kohalikud praktised näited kogu maailmast.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung erfolgt online und verbindet die digitale Welt mit praktisch erprobten Konzepten auf der ganzen Welt.


Ett av de viktigaste målen för Responsible Travel Week är att skapa ett incitament för kontinuitet - vi skulle verkligen vilja se uppdateringar från de senaste turism-konferenserna och eventen, och vi vill också gärna se en agenda för framtida evenemang. Ett annat viktigt mål är att stärka relationer med befintliga kontakter och få nya vänner!
Üks vastutustundliku turismi nädala olulisemaid eesmärke on innustada järjepidevust - soovime väga kuulda uudiseid hiljuti toimunud või eesseisvatest konverentsidest ja üritustest. Teine oluline eesmärk on tugevdada suhteid vanade sõpradega ja leida uusi sõpru!
Eines der wichtigsten Ziele der Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung ist es, Anreize für Kontinuität zu schaffen - wir würden wirklich gerne über die neuesten Tourismus Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen erfahren und freuen uns über Tipps zu Ereignissen in der Zukunft. Ein weiteres wichtiges Ziel ist es, Kontakte zu stärken und neue Freunde zu machen.


Vi kommer att använda Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter och YouTube för att dokumentera metoder på turismområdet runt om i världen.

Var ärlig och var offentlig. Det här är den vecka där du får skrika ut till världen de bra saker du ser omkring dig. Skapa en lokal händelse. Stöd en lokal händelse. Gör en Foamboard. Skapa nya eller följ ämnen som du har intresse och passion för. Prata mat, parker, museum, prata volontärarbete, prata slowtravel / localtravel! Dessa samtal kan bredda och fördjupa vår dialog. Ha kul!
Me kasutame näidete esitlemiseks järgmisi vahendeid - Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter ja YouTube

Ole aus ja avatud. See on nädal, kus sa saad teadvustada maailmale häid asju, mida sa näed enda ümber. Loo oma kohalik sündmus või toeta mõnd kohalikku sündmust. Tee "foamboard". Algata ja juhi arutelu teemal, mille osas tunned kirglikku huvi. Räägi kaasa haakuvatel teemadel nagu - kohalik toit, vabatahtlik tegevus, aeglane reisimine, kohalik reisimine. Need vestlused laiendada ja süvendada meie dialoog. Have fun!
Wir werden mit Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter und YouTube Tourismus-Praxis auf der ganzen Welt dokumentieren. Seien Sie ehrlich und öffentlich. Dies ist die Woche, bei der Sie der Welt über die guten Dinge, die Sie in Ihrem Umfeld beobachten, erzählen können.

Veranstalten Sie ein lokales Event. Unterstützen Sie ein lokales Event. Erstellen Sie ein Foamboard. Übernehmen Sie die Initiative oder folgen Sie den Themen, die für Sie von Interesse und wichtig sind. Sprechen Sie über Essen, parks, museums, Freiwilligenarbeit, slowtravel / localtravel.

Specific Tips

Everyone - Be inspired and be inspiring. Attitude is everything.
Everyone - Be a romantic. What do you love about responsible travel? Share the love.
Everyone - Share examples of responsible travel that you have personally experienced. Provide specific examples.
Everyone - Be generous. Compliment someone via Twitter, fave a photo or write a testimonial on Flickr, like us on Facebook, give a thumbs up to a video on YouTube. You can even call or greet someone face-to-face!
Have your say - Comment on Ron's blog
Walk the talk - Practice responsible travel where you are. Take a walk with neighbors and visitors.
Be frugal and creative - Make a pop-up museum about responsible travel!
Live local - Organize a local Photosafari and/or Green drinks
Play nice! - Use Responsible Travel Week as an opportunity to build healthy relationships at the local AND international levels.
Prepare - Budget time and plan now by circling the dates on your calendar: February 10-16.
Register - If you'd like to learn how to use social web channels, register online and test out a few before the week begins. Sooner the better!
Share - Responsible travel is better with friends.
Make it delicious - Eat good local food and let visitors know where to treat their taste buds with local or organic or fair trade goodies.
Be creative - Make your own poster or video showing responsible travel in action
Survey Says ... - What is responsible travel? Please answer the RT survey
Facebook - Introduce yourself on Facebook; Write something kind about someone/something you respect; Like other people's intros and resources; Share the event on your wall; Let us know about relevant groups and pages on Facebook. (Status report: Now more than 30 people have registered on Facebook to participate during RT Week. Last year we had more than 200. Let's see if we can equal that # but more importantly, let's judge the success on the quality of interaction and ROI, aka Return on Involvement!).
Flickr - Add photos to the Flickr Groups: City Parks , World Parks , World Food, World Trees, Hyperlocal, Si Más Bicicletas (Yes More Bicycles)
Foursquare - Check in at the places you love and favorite places you'd like to visit
Google+ Please circle and join our real-time hangouts.
Twitter - Use the hashtag: #rtweek14 (more info about tags and tagging)
YouTube - Upload a video for Responsible Travel Week; create a playlist focusing on responsible travel
Wikis - Edit the responsible tourism page on Wikipedia; volunteer to edit the Planeta Wiki; share your own wiki


Conference organizers - Provide summaries or previews of events featuring responsible travel
Government officials - Prepare blogs, tweets, flickr albums and Slideshare presentations about your work in responsible travel. We challenge city and country leaders to volunteer to edit the Planeta Wiki for the next six months. If you'd like to be able to edit about the place where you live and work, let us know you'd like to be an editor.
Bloggers and Journalists - Preview Responsible Travel Week and ask questions that you'd feedback. Afterwards, please keep us updated on features that focus on responsible travel.
Guidebook Authors and Publishers - Preview Responsible Travel Week in your blog or twitter account and ask questions that you'd like assistance. Afterwards, please keep us updated on how your books integrate new information generated during RT Week
Students - Share news about Responsible Travel Week with your teachers and classmates. Print out the free posters (below) for your classroom or academic message board.
Teachers - Share news about Responsible Travel Week with your students and colleagues. Print out the free posters for your classroom or academic message board.
Travelers - Please answer the RT survey
Travel companies, guides, hotels, restaurants - If your services are particularly eco- and people-friendly, let the world know. Add photos to Flickr, videos to YouTube and show us specific examples of your work; print the free posters (below) for your business; create your own poster (and submit it to our poster competition!); offer discounts to visitors who mention RTWeek; encourage your clients to use social web to provide testimonials of what you do well; tweet about specific actions and provide links where we can find details
Trusted colleagues - Editors, please help clarify the text and translate the info on this page; update other Planeta Wiki pages that we can spotlight
Sponsors - Those interested in financially supporting Responsible Travel Week should contact Ron.

Recommendations from LinkedIn

Kurt Ackermann, Imagineer
“Ron has been an early, consistent and persistent voice advocating and facilitating open communications, collaboration and information sharing among those keen to see truly responsible travel flourish to the benefit of local communities and travellers. RT Week is one of many examples of Ron's work to bring like-minded people together from around the world to help strengthen a community of shared interest in RT and to help often isolated or marginalised individuals and organisations find and support one another. That he manages to do this while helping participants learn new skills but without traditional barriers to participation is a testament to his experience and insight.” January 20, 2014

Andy Drumm
“Ron's online sustainable tourism conferencing continues to generate valuable opportunities for global multi-stakeholder engagement on key issues in our field. The networking opportunities these conferences such as the upcoming Responsible Travel Week provide are great for participants in english and spanish, and help to share learning that promotes the benefits of responsible travel for nature and local communities, not to mention travelers themselves!” January 24, 2014

Ethan Gelber, The Travel Word
“People tend to come and go in the travel space. The speed with which it changes and fleeting allegiances can make it hard to double down on critical causes in pursuit of meaningful long-term passions. One person who's stuck to his guns, his causes and his integrity... is Ron Mader. An early and outspoken pioneer in the eco/responsible/sustainable/local/conscious travel world, he has not relented in his pursuit of a raft of powerful objectives, like online conferencing, live and digital networking, transparency and inclusion, and the critical value of travel that is indeed responsible. I am honored to know him, to have collaborated with him and to continue to be able to work with him, including as a supporter of the unconferences and online events he spearheads, such as Responsible Travel Week and Indigenous Peoples Week.” January 18, 2014

Sallie Grayson, people and places
“Ron's work to facilitate the dialogue re responsible travel via social networking and the web is tireless - his support for small local travel organisations is exemplary - join him in the responsible travel week - i promise you - you will learn something” January 20, 2014

Lynne Gray, THAT'S PR
“Ron is up there with the good guys in the travel industry. He is the founder of this very important week in the industry's calendar and inspires others to become involved. It's a pleasure to work with Ron.” February 1, 2014

Elizabeth Halpenny, University of Alberta
“Ron does great work in bringing people from diverse fields together to talk about the opportunities presented by on-line communications. His work has advanced important conversations about tourism, conservation and sustainability.” January 19, 2014

Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief, Transitions Abroad
“Ron Mader, the inspiring and tireless host of for the past 20 years, developed Responsible Travel Week six years ago as a space for individuals to meet virtually using nearly every possible social media tool to discuss the foremost issues and examples of Responsible Travel (RT) of the moment around the world. Participants are urged to use the hashtag #rtweek14 to share and learn about RT in a familiar manner using Twitter and other popular social media platforms. RT week uses's Wikispaces page as a central resource for all social media, articles, blog posts, videos, and related content. Ron Mader also facilitates lively discussions with creative themes using Google+ hangouts, which are posted on YouTube for yet further exposure and discussion year round. has participated for many years by embedding RT-related tweets and other posts using the various social networking streams. In sum, RT week uses the tools of the Web in almost every conceivable combination to facilitate direct and remote discussions regarding what is one of the most important historical movements in travel/tourism. We can think of no one more qualified to lead the field in promoting the RT movement than Ron Mader.” February 5, 2014

Alastair McKenzie, Travel Coffee Break
“Ron has been a regular participant in my 'live' hangouts on air since they started a year and half ago, not least because he completely understands the fast growing importance of live video streaming, webinars and online conferencing for promoting responsible tourism and building engaged communities.”January 19, 2014

Barbara Tomasella, Sustainable Tourism Ireland
“I periodically attend the online conferences organised by I really find these online events extremely useful, from a professional perspective and from an academic perspective. These events are very well organised and facilitated, completely accessible for referencing, very easy to join, as well as a really good opportunities to network online with peer colleagues, when you have limited budget to attend face to face events/ conferences. From an academic perspective, if it is true that the responsible tourism agenda should be brought forward through a multi-stakeholder approach, then online conferencing is the only way to maintain the necessary momentum across the RT practitioners, based globally. Ron Mader's events are a powerful tool to bring forward the RT agenda across the globe.” January 22, 2014

Outcomes and Evaluation

Quantitative Goals
Qualitative Goals
We would like to see an increase in the number of people using the hashtag on Twitter and Google+, an increase in the number of views of this page (keep an eye on the page stats ... RTWeek2013 received 13,659 views in 2013)
More views on the Planeta Wiki's pages
More tweets using the hashtag on Twitter
More original presentations and videos from participants
More news stories about responsible travel prior to and during Responsible Travel Week
More translations of 'responsible travel' in other languages

More edits from Planeta Wiki editors prior to and during Responsible Travel Week
More participation from travel companies and language schools featured on

10 veteran or new businesses featured on

Commitment from 1-5 institutions to conduct social web workshops

Hashtag evaluation
We would like to see editors embedding responsible travel tips on this wiki
We would like to encourage and catalyze collaboration and networking at the local (city, country) and global levels
We would like to see specific tips for locals and visitors
We would like to see guidelines for policymakers
We would like to see information about responsible travel translated into other languages (those interested are cordially invited to use this wiki)
We would like to see examples of curation using social web
To encourage social bridging we would like to see examples of Photo Safaris, Soundwalks, Foamboards and Pop-up Museums

Country Contest

Go to our Ranker page to vote on our Country Bragging Rights contest. #countrycontest

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Questions to be asked

Q1. Do official city or country tourism portals have info about 'responsible travel'?
Q2. How is 'Responsible Travel Week' translated in other languages?
Q3. What's on your audio playlist for those passionate about travel and conservation?
Q4. By what measures should we judge a country's success in tourism: Economic? Social? Environmental?
Q5. What do you love about responsible travel?
Q6. What did you enjoy about Responsible Travel Week?

Poster Challenge

Gallery - Search

We challenge participants to make their own fan art for RT Week. Use your own images and add 'Responsible Travel Week' and '#rtweek14.' Bonus points if you include the logos for the social web channels you'll be using.
Responsible Travel Week 2014

Buzzword Bingo

(Nerdy fun: Bonus points if you include the following words in your blog posts and tweets!)
Buzzword Bingo: Biophilia = urge to affiliate with other forms of life
Crowdsourcing = Content developed by a group of people or community
Buzzword Bingo: Circle
Buzzword Bingo: Tickets
Buzzword Bingo: Ráidu = When you travel with reindeer in a long row following each other @anderskarr @nuttisamisiida #sami #language
Buzzword Bingo: Hybrid
Buzzword Bingo: Trueque = Trade
Buzzword Bingo: Travel Porn = Visual material produced to create excitement or arousal to visit a far flung destination
Buzzword Bingo: Unscripted = Not using a script; improvisation
Buzzword Bingo: Son-maht = Hand Taste #RSAPollan
Buzzword Bingo: Satellite Event = Activities or meetings independently organized and conducted in tandem with an official event.
Buzzword Bingo: World Heritage
Buzzword Bingo: Outlier = Uncommon ideas @iftf
Buzzword Bingo: Helicopter View
Buzzword Bingo: Discoverable
Buzzword Bingo: Fluker Post = Community-based environmental monitoring @FlukerPost
Buzzword Bingo: Voluntweetism (Vrywilligetweetisme) = Getting people together to share on the social web a specific topic or place @ThisTourismWeek #MBTravFest
Buzzword Bingo: Karma = Action that has consequences

Ranker: Responsible Travel Leaders

Responsible Travel Week continues our competition focusing on the countries which are responsible travel leaders.
Winner(s) receive bragging rights!
Go to our Ranker page to vote:

There is plenty of info online -- -- and the Planeta Wiki -- -- but online the most interesting bits of Responsible Travel Week will be communicated via Google+ hangouts streamed live via YouTube and the posts tweeted on Twitter with the #rtweek14 hashtag. On the ground participants can create their own events large or small anywhere on the planet. Tweetups are easy to arrange. Simply invite your friends to a coffeeshop or pub and tweet about responsible travel for an hour. It's that simple!

Kudos to the City of Cape Town for organizing events. I'll be getting up early (6am!) to skype live at on Wednesday afternoon (South Africa time). Once we hear details, we'll share the info here. Please encourage your friends who are able to attend in person.

The City of Cape Town has partnered with Responsible Travel Week since 2011 and it is an absolute delight to see what you are doing in 2014. Many thanks for years of inspiration and the opportunity to learn so much about South Africa from South Africans!

Responsible Travel Buzz: Toward a Top 10

Which countries are receiving the most 'buzz' during 2014's Responsible Travel Week? Here's our assessment based on the number of local events, #rtweek14 tweets and other social web innovations that inspire all of us toward responsible travel:
South Africa
United States of America


Responsible Travel Week on the Social Web, February 10-16 #rtweek14

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