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Responsible Tourism Week 2012

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Mark your calendar! The dates for 2013 Responsible Travel Week are February 11-17.

2012 Responsible Tourism Week was a blast! We have compiled highlights on this page, but the fact is that to get the most out of this, you have to participate.

For those who enjoyed following #rtweek2012, there is now a new trend for sharing news and seeking info: #rtyear2012, aka Responsible Tourism Year 2012.

Surprises and Highlights in 2012
  • Photo safaris in South Africa and Mexico
  • Live meet-up and livestreaming video from London, England
  • Coverage from This Tourism Week
  • Focus on slow travel from WHL
  • Translation of text into Indonesian, Spanish, Swedish, German and Estonian
  • Posters were made by participants!!
  • Photo Safari in Mossel Bay
  • The immediate suggestion (and uptake) of #rtyear2012 hashtag to continue the conversation
  • Stats: # of views for #RTWeek2012 outpaced #RTWeek2011 (9,000 views for January-February)
  • Facebook: More participants
  • Events: More live events including Cape Town, Mossel Bay, London and Oaxaca

Survey Says
Now online is the participant survey for Responsible Tourism Week. Feedback is critical as we plan the next steps. Please fill out the survey online

Outcomes and Evaluation

Quantitative Goals
Qualitative Goals
We would like to see an increase in the number of people using the hashtag on Twitter, an increase in the number of views of this page (FYI: RTWeek2011 was the 9th most viewed page in 2011, receiving 9,414 views.)...
stats: page stats
More views on the Planeta Wiki's page about Responsible Tourism Week
More tweets using the hashtag on Twitter
More original presentations and videos from participants
More news stories about responsible travel prior to and during Responsible Tourism Week
More translations of 'responsible travel' in other languages

More edits from Planeta Wiki editors prior to and during Responsible Tourism Week
More participation from travel companies and language schools featured on

10 new or returning businesses featured on

Commitment from an institution or institutions to conduct social web workshops
We would like to encourage and catalyze collaboration and networking at the local (city, country) and global levels
We would like to see examples of specific tips for locals and visitors
We would like to see guidelines for policymakers
We would like to see information about responsible tourism translated into other languages (those interested are cordially invited to use this wiki)
We would like to see editors embedding responsible tourism info into the wiki
We would like to see examples of curation using social web
We would like to see examples of Pop-up Museums and foamboards
Major revelations:


Blogs, Features and Presentations
Digital Literacy #NetHui Our biggest challenge in digital literacy is moving organizations to a position where they can work with the community that is digitally enabled.

> Before Responsible Tourism Week

Responsible Tourism Week Preview
Responsible Tourism Week Contests
How do we celebrate responsible travel?
Responsible Cape Town
pinterest - aivar's responsible tourism info
twitter: kurt's rtweek list
flickr: bsi's responsible tourism in ecuador
delicious: transitions abroad

How many people does it take to make a reality? #rtcities 05.2011

Sunday 12

Do punters give a toss about responsible tourism?
Responsible tourism 20 tips for clients

Flickr: Engaging Options for Visitors and Locals
Buzzword Bingo: Storify (2011)

Monday 13

Today's social web challenge: Be generous. Write a testimonial for someone on Flickr, LinkedIn. Retweet someone's tweet, give a thumb's up to a video on YouTube.

Tip: Be curious. Ask questions on Twitter. What would you ask while we have so many people's attention. Later on, share what you've learned.
Wordpress: Day #1
Slideshare: High Value Tourism: Low Volume Footprints
Pinterest: Things to do in Oaxaca
Storify: tourismus-mit-verantwortung-die-internationale-un
Storify: responsible volunteering

Livestreaming Zipcast: Responsible Travel Photography (8:30am GMT-6)
Cape Town: Pecha Kucha, 1pm


Tuesday 14 (Valentine's Day)

Today's social web challenge: Be generous and write a testimonial for someone. Talk up someone else's business. Add a star to images on Flickr, add the Facebook event to your wall or give a thumb's up to a video on @YouTube. If you have an account on Foursquare, 'check in' at a place you like that you'd recommend to visitors.

Challenge #2: Be empathetic If you don't know what someone else wants, ask them. Check out the Platinum Rule.
Wordpress: Day #2
Flickr: Indian Territory - Nevada Magazine
Responsible tourism helps sustain Cape Town
Flickr Group: World Crafts

Crafting Our Future
(8:30am GMT-6)
Join the Conversation on Facebook: We Love Sustainable Tourism 10:00AM GMT -6
Seek out and create stories that make you feel that the universe is friendly and life is on your side.
Buzzword Bingo: Wiki (2011)

Wednesday 15

Today's challenge: Collaborate and celebrate the collaborative efforts of others. True, sometimes we do suck at collaboration but other times we're actually quite good. Focus on those interactions and see if we can build better relations today.

Challenge #2: Search for 'responsible tourism' on Wikipedia. Also search for the place where you live. Is the information accurate? Bonus points if you make a helpful edit to a wiki today.
Wordpress: Day #3
Planeta: The Value of Collaboration
Blog: What do we mean by responsible tourism?
Blog: Why contribute?
Blog: Food Heroes
Blog: Cultural Exchange

Livestreaming Zipcast: Wiki Wiki
(8:30am GMT-6)

London: Travel Matters, 7pm
World Parks
Buzzword Bingo: Friends (2011)

Thursday 16

Today's challenge: visit a local park -- whether it's a neighborhood pocket park or a World Heritage Site. Check in via @Foursquare or take a photo to upload to our Flickr Groups focusing on city parks and world parks. Bonus points if you volunteer, make a donation or just tell the park staff what you love about the park.
Wordpress: Day #4

Flickr Groups: World Parks, City Parks
Delicious: Transitions Abroad
This Tourism Week: What I've learned
Oaxaca Wiki: Fundación En Via

Livestreaming Zipcast: Parks and Tourism (8:30am GMT-6)

Oaxaca: Fundación En Via Microfinance Tour to San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya
1pm, Instituto Cultural Oaxaca
Lessons for World Travel Companies
Buzzword Bingo: Delicious (2011)

Friday 17

Today's challenge: Talk up a tourism business that you respect. Write a review on Trip Advisor, post a positive comment on their Facebook page, add stars to their Flickr photos ... you know the drill, use the most relevant channels.

Challenge #2: As it's Foodie Friday, eat something local and delicious. We highly recommend saying 'thank you' to the vendors at a local market or the chef at a favorite restaurant. Bonus points if you share photos in our Flickr Groups World Food and World Market
Wordpress: Day #5

Flickr Groups: World Food, World Market
Blog: Responsible Tourism web intermediaries must be, well, responsible as well - Tnooz

Zipcast: Social Media Lessons for World Travel Companies
Mezcal Walk 2012

Saturday 18

We're winding down Responsible Tourism Week with a photo safari in Mossel Bay, South Africa and a mezcal tasting in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Today's challenge: Reflect on what you've learned and post announcements on what specific topics you'd like to carry forward.
Wordpress: Day #6
Planeta: Mezcal Guide
Paperli: SocialTourismSA
Pinterest: handsuphols
Oaxaca: Pochimilco Market Mezcal Tasting, 12-1pm
Mossel Bay, South Africa: Photo Safari
Bring your hat! Multilingual Monte Alban Photo Safari in Oaxaca #rtweek2012

Sunday 19

This is the official close of Responsible Tourism Week. In Oaxaca we are holding a photo safari at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte Albán. Bring your smartphone, a hat, comfortable shoes and drinking water.

Thanks to everyone who has participated!
Wordpress: Day #7
Planeta: Monte Alban Guide
Storify: Monte Alban

Oaxaca: Monte Albán Photo Safari
when it's over, it's over (ost)

Monday, 20

When it's over, it's over. Thank you all for your attention. Our focused, week-long exploration of responsible tourism has come to an end, but we'll add related events to the calendar below. Also, in the works is a short survey to collect participant feedback.

Attention responsible travel fans: For those who enjoyed #rtweek2012, the new hashtag for sharing: #rtyear2012


In Oaxaca Becari hosts a colonial photo safari
Oaxaca: Colonial PhotoSafari


In Oaxaca ICO hosts a chocolate tasting.

Oaxaca: Chocolate Night
Indigenous Peoples Week #ipw2012 @nuttisamisiida @anderskarr @Nevada_Magazine @guurrbi @TIMEUnlimitedNZ

August 2012

Indigenous People's Week
Unconference about indigenous peoples and tourism
Responsible Tourism Day is November 7

November 7

Responsible Tourism Day

February 11-17, 2013

Responsible Tourism Week

Fall in love with responsible travel February 13-19 as hosts Responsible Tourism Week, our week-long online unconference. Due to popular demand this year's Responsible Tourism Week expands from five days to seven.
Enamórate de Viajar responsablemente del 13 al 19 de febrero en la semana de Turismo Responsable presentada por y participa en unconference en línea. Gracias a la demanda este año la semana del turismo responsable se amplía de 5 a 7 días.

2012 is the fourth year for Responsible Tourism Week and's 12th year of online conferencing. We expect the conversations to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation.

Responsible Tourism Week is a free unconference exploring down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible tourism, conscious travel, the local travel movement and ecotourism with inexpensive social web. And if you are in London, Cape Town or Oaxaca, we have free local events to choose from!

We welcome financial sponsors, particularly institutions willing to invest in workshops focused on digital literacy training.

Contact Info

Ron Mader
email Ron

Who should participate?

For travelers, this is an opportunity to see where to go, how to travel and who to meet. Share what you love about conscious travel! For local tourism leaders and travel businesses, this is free advertising and an opportunity to learn good practices from around the globe. For journalists, authors and other media pros, this is an opportunity to scan beyond the horizon for new stories. Another plus: admission is free and there's no jet lag! Active participants are listed on this page and many of news mentioned in tweets are embedded on this wiki.

Why participate?

If you are curious about responsible tourism, Responsible Tourism Week lets you ask questions. It's a catalyst for many to get up to speed on off-the-shelf social web. If you can prepare a bit (suggestions below) and budget time during the week, you'll learn a lot. Exemplary performance will be recognized and rewarded. Let's pool our talents and learn together. The more information we have, the easier it is for others to contribute similar examples.


We are seeking sponsors for Responsible Tourism Week to help cover the development of training seminars and webinars to carry the conversations forward. Benefits include a link on this page and your logo on the official event info. Contact Ron Mader for details.

What's New in 2012?

What's new this year? We have contests, curation, zipcasts and a preview of upcoming events.

Tick the Boxes: Be engaged, be creative, be generous, be curious and be empathetic

Curation is one of the big trends and we encourage participants to curate galleries, stacks, playlists and stories. Participants are asked to learn how curation works and then to announce their creations on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and tweeting using the event hashtag. Examples are featured on the agenda.

Also new are real-time 30-minute zipcasts featuring presentations on Slideshare. We'll post the topics and times on this page.

Responsible Tourism Week 2012 previews upcoming tourism and conservation events, including the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Korea, the eleventh Conference of Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in India and the the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit in Brazil. 2012 is also the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Ecotourism and we are conducting a survey asking what has been accomplished in the past decade.


2012 is's 12th year of online conferencing and the fourth year for Responsible Tourism Week. We expect the conversations to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation from returning participants and those new to online conferencing and responsible tourism. Take a peak at what we accomplished during Responsible Tourism Weeks in 2011, 2010 and 2009. Each year our discussion has continued to mature.

May I contribute $ to support Responsible Tourism Week? - Individual donations and institutional support are welcome. In fact, if there are large contributions ($500 and up), we would like to integrate this as a payment for webinars to keep the conversation moving forward.

What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible tourism is treating others the way they wish to be treated. It's a variation on the Platinum Rule... it's also good manners. Put another way courtesy of the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism: "responsible tourism creates better places for people to live and better places to visit." Responsible travel is a must-have in the growing movement that connects visitors and locals.

What are the featured topics?

We are seeking some interesting stories about tourism's connections to accessibility, biodiversity conservation, indigenous peoples, food, parks and protected areas and volunteering. Other big questions to be explored are the connections between city and rural environments. Other topics: child protection issues, volunteering in orphanages, tourism certification, public transportation, proper disposal of batteries, recycling. Start documenting the lessons learned. Photos are ideal as are videos, podcasts and blogs. If you don't have a camera of your own, think about curating pictures via sites like Pinterest or assembling the info as a story via Delicious or Storify.

What are the featured places?

While Responsible Tourism Week takes place online, we will spotlight several places around the world as participants draw attention to critical issues taking place in specific locations. See below for the list of wiki pages that have been updated as a result of Responsible Tourism Week.

How does this event encourage collaboration?

One of the goals of Responsible Tourism Week is to encourage collaboration within local and regional communities. We would like to find ways out of institutional silos and get people to share information in a positive manner. Toward this goal, we'd like to propose that participants be generous in their words of praise and testimonials for others. It's blue sky thinking, but we'd like to change the finger pointing attitude that has a negative connotation to a means of recommending positive encounters and actions. Keep an eye on our country contest (see below) as we compare how different countries fare when it comes to promoting Responsible Tourism Week and showcasing specific examples of responsible tourism in action.

What is on the wiki?

In February we are asking editors of the Planeta Wiki to help edit the global review of tourism portals. Other pages we would like to call attention include volunteer, sami, tapas, rtsouthafrica, rtcities, maya, parks, biodiversity

What is the role of cities and responsible travel?

Responsible travel should be embedded within policies and part of the focus during the unconference will be to create a snapshot of major cities including Cape Town, South Africa; Las Vegas, USA and Oaxaca City, Mexico. This follows up on our work during last year's Responsible Tourism in Cities Workshop.

Why an unconference?

Simply put, we think participants can organize themselves and the unconference is the ideal approach. Traditional conferences are overly scripted without opportunities to engage one another. We created the Responsible Tourism Week as an inexpensive way to broaden and deepen conversations about travel and tourism. That said, the online unconference approach can be complicated, so Ron will be updating his blog and storifying (not a real word ... yet) tweets about Responsible Tourism Week. The point is to explore the social web by using the social web. The past three years Responsible Tourism Week has encouraged everyone to show the practical actions of making tourism beneficial to locals and visitors alike. With citizens seizing the day around the world, we think it's about time that we organize ourselves in travel and tourism.


How to participate?

Engaged participation in any event (online or on the ground) requires a commitment and a certain level of curiosity. In the table below we provide specific suggestions on what you can do before, during and after the unconference. You don't have to do everything, but do a few things to make the most within this format.

Top Tips:
Circle the dates on your calendar and budget time.
Introduce yourself via Facebook and LinkedIn
Comment and ask questions on Ron's blog
Share what you learn with family and friends. 'Responsible tourism' has little value if we cannot articulate its values outside of niche circles.

Pre-Event: Build the Buzz

February 2012: Engage

Post Event: Reflect

Share the news online and in face-to-face chats
Link to this page
Announce the countdown (example: less than 40 days until Responsible Tourism Week!)

Ask questions.
Create your own poster
Prepare a presentation

Organize local events, including photosafaris, carrotmobs and green drinks
Create local information resources including foamboards and pop-up museums

Social Web
Register on social media channels

Delicious: curate a stack
Facebook: join the event and share this on your wall
Flickr: upload photos and curate a gallery
Linkedin: join the event
Slideshare: Please share the presentation using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also embed the presentation on your site.
Twitter - Use the hashtag: #rtweek2012 (more info about tags and tagging); retweet tweets about Responsible Tourism Week; tweet this page (there's a button in the left column)
Youtube: create your own video playlist (example)
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog
Show off your work
Host local events
Review Hashtag stats on +
Ask questions

Hold local events, including photosafaris, carrotmobs and green drinks
Show off local information resources including foamboards and pop-up museums

Give feedback about what's working, what's not working
Update pages on, including What is responsible tourism?
Suggest updates for
Announce developments at conferences

Social Web
Participate on social media channels

Delicious: curate a stack
Facebook: join the event and share this on your wall
Flickr: upload photos and curate a gallery
Linkedin: join the event
Slideshare: Please share the presentation using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also embed the presentation on your site.
Twitter - Use the hashtag: #rtweek2012 (more info about tags and tagging); retweet tweets about Responsible Tourism Week; tweet this page (there's a button in the left column)
Youtube: create your own video playlist (example)
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog
We will ask the participants to answer a short survey

Please thank people whose work has inspired you during Responsible Tourism Week

Online comment on the social media sites

On the ground share with colleagues what you learned

Review Hashtag stats on +

Social Web
Evaluate the participation on social media channels

Delicious: How many stacks were created?
Facebook: How many people introduced themselves?
Flickr: How many albums and galleries were created?
Linkedin: How many people introduced themselves?
Slideshare: How many views did the presentation receive?
Twitter - How popular was the hashtag?
Youtube: How many playlists were created?
Ron's Blog: Comment on Ron's blog

Special Offer for Businesses Featured on

Attention VIP Travel companies and Spanish language schools

We will extend your listing by one month if you show us a few of the following actions. Let Ron know and you'll be in the running for a special award (additional extension) and bragging rights.

Locally create
an informative foamboard
a pop-up museum
a free, public photosafari
a public green drinks cocktail hour

Online curate ...
a gallery on Flickr
a stack on Delicious
a map on Foursquare
a board on Pinterest
a story on Storify
a playlist on YouTube

Speaking of Flickr ...
Travel companies - Add photos to Workshop 21
Spanish language schools - Add photos to Taller 21

Storytelling Now

Let's do a check-in. How capable are you in telling your story via social and heritage media? What are your aspirational goals? If you haven't done so yet, please fill out the Storytelling Now Worksheet (also available in Spanish -- contando histórias ya -- and German -- erzähle deine geschichte – jetzt!). You have more resources at your disposal than you realize. The worksheet can help you become aware of your allies and your progress.

Bahasa Indonesia


Everyone is invited.
Todos estan invitados.
Semua orang diundang.


2012 Responsible Tourism Week takes place Feb 13-19. We suggest participants budget at least one hour/day for participation. It helps if you spend some time prior to Responsible Tourism Week for background reading and registration online the social media channels you wish to explore this year.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable 2012 se llevara a cabo del 13-19 febrero. Sugerimos que los participantes programar por lo menos una hora al día para la participación. Ayuda si inviertes unas horas antes de la semana para leer los ensayos recomendados y registrar en los caneles de social media que quieres explorar este año.
2012 Pekan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab berlangsung dari tanggal 13 sampai 17 Feb. Kami mohon peserta meluangkan paling tidak satu jam per hari untuk berpartisipasi. Disarankan anda membaca mengenai latar belakang topiknya dan mendaftar online melalui media social yang anda ingin jelajahi sebelum Pekan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab.


Responsible Tourism Week is a live demonstration of social media as an easy and inexpensive means of documenting the challenges and successes of developing responsible tourism. Consider this an unconference. There is no set agenda, simply topics of common interest an an invitation to the participants themselves to show responsible tourism in action.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable es una muestra en vivo de los medios sociales como una manera facil y barato para documentar los desafíos y éxitos del desarrollo del turismo responsable.

Considere esto un unconference. No hay una agenda establecida, simplemente los temas de interés común y una invitación a los propios participantes para mostrar el turismo responsable en acción.
Pekan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab merupakan demonstrasi langsung media sosial sebagai cara mudah dan murah dalam mendokumentasikan tantangan dan keberhasilan mengembangkan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab. Tidak ada agenda tertentu, cuma minat umum dan undangan untuk para peserta menunjukan Pariwisata yang Bertangungjawab yang sedang beraksi.


Free (Financial donations are accepted)

Gratis (Las donaciones financieras son aceptadas)

Gratis (sumbangan diterima)


Responsible Tourism Week takes place online and integrates the digital realm with down to earth good practices around the world.

Seek out and support local events. Create a photo safari or host greendrinks or a carrotmob.
La Semana de Turismo Responsable se realiza en línea e integra al mundo digital con las prácticas buenas alrededor del mundo.

Busca y apoya algún evento en tu localidad. Crea un fotosafari o patroniza greendrinks o un carrotmob.
Pekan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab terjadi online dan mengintegrasikan dunia digital dengan kebiasaan yang baik dari berbagai belahan dunia.

Cari dan dukung acara setempat. Membuat sebuah kegiatan berburu foto atau mengajak orang membicarakan masalah conservasi alam (greendrinks atau carrotmob).


One of the key objectives of Responsible Tourism Week is to create incentives for continuity - we'd really like to hear updates on recent tourism conferences and previews of upcoming events that touch upon the core values of responsible tourism. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!
Uno de los objetivos claves de la Semana de Turismo Responsable es crear incentivos para la continuidad - nos gustaría oír noticias actualizadas sobre conferencias de turismo y también saber sobre los acontecimientos en el futuro. Otro objetivo fundamental es fortalecer las relaciones y hacer nuevos amigos!
Salah satu tujuan utama Pekan Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab adalah untuk mendorong pertemuan pariwisata yang bertanggungjawab secara berkesinambungan - tolong ceritakan kalau ada berita terkini dari conferensi pariwisata yang baru terjadi atau beritakan gambaran mengenai pertemuan yang akan datang untuk membahas topik kami. Salah satu tujuan lain adalah untuk mempererat hubungan dengan kenalan yang sudah ada dan mencari teman baru!


We'll be using Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube to document tourism practices around the world.

Tip: Be honest and be public. This is the week where you get to shout out to the world the good things you see around you. Lead the way or follow the topics for which you have interest and passion. Talk food, parks, museums, volunteering, slowtravel / localtravel. These conversations broaden and deepen our dialogue. Have fun!
Usaremos Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter y YouTube para documentar prácticas sobre turismo en todo el Mundo.

Consejo: Se honesto y abierto. Esta es la semana para gritarle al mundo las cosas buenas que ves a tu alrededor. Se un lider y guiarnos o seguir
los temas en que te interesan y te apasionan. Platica sobre alimentos, parques, museos, oportunidades para voluntar, turismo lento (slowtravel) y el movimiento acerca turismo local (local travel). Estas conversaciones ampliar y profundizar nuestro diálogo. Que te diviertan!
Kita akan memakai Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter dan YouTube untuk mendokumentasikan praktek pariwisata yang dipakai di bermacam-macam tempat.

Saran: Berpartisipasi dengan jujur dan terbuka. Pekan ini kita teriakkan kepada dunia hal baik yang kita lihat di sekitar kita. Pimpin atau ikuti topik-topik yang anda minati Bicara mengenai makanan, taman umum, museum, kungjungan relawan, berjalan santai atau wisata lokal. Pembicaraan ini memperluas dan memperdalam pembasahan kita. Selamat bersenang-senang!



Alla är inbjudna.
Kõik on kutsutud.
Jeder ist eingeladen.


2012 Responsible Tourism Week äger rum 13-19 februari. Vi föreslår deltagarna budgeterar minst en timme / dag för deltagande.
2012 Aasta Vastutustundliku Turismi Nädal toimub 13-19 veebruaril. Osalemiseks soovitame pühendada iga päev vähemalt ühe tunni.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung findet von 13 bis 19 Februar 2012 statt. Wir schlagen vor, mindestens eine Stunde pro Tag für die Teilnahme einzuplanen.


Responsible Tourism Week är en demonstration av social media som ett sätt att dokumentera utmaningar och framgångar av ansvarstagande turism.

Tänk på detta en unconference. Det finns ingenagenda, bara frågor av gemensamt intresse eninbjudan till deltagarna själva att visa ansvarsfull turism i aktion.
Vastutustundliku turismi nädalal kasutame erinevaid social media vahendeid, et tutvustada vastutustundliku turismi näiteid ja edulugusid.

Mõelge sellele unconference. Ei ole kindlaksmääratud päevakorda, lihtsalt huvi pakkuvates kutse osalejad ise näidata vastutustundlik turism in action.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung ist eine Live-Demonstration der Möglichkeiten von Social Media zur Dokumentation der Erfolge und Herausforderungen einer verantwortungsbewussten Tourismus-Entwicklungj.

Die Responsible Tourism Week ist eine Unkonferenz. Es gibt keine feste Tagesordnung. Themen von gemeinsamem Interesse werden von den Teilnehmern diskutiert.


Gratis (Finansiella donationer accepteras)

Free (Rahalisi annetusi on aktsepteeritud)

Kostenlos (Finanzielle Spenden werden angenommen)


Responsible Tourism Week äger rum på nätet och integrerar den digitala eran med jordnära god praxis i hela världen.
Vastutustundliku turismi nädal toimub internetis ning ühendab endas digitaalse ajastu võimalused ning vastutustundliku turismi kohalikud praktised näited kogu maailmast.
Die Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung erfolgt online und verbindet die digitale Welt mit praktisch erprobten Konzepten auf der ganzen Welt.


Ett av de viktigaste målen för Responsible Tourism Week är att skapa incitament för kontinuitet - vi skulle verkligen vilja se uppdateringar från de senaste turism-konferenserna och eventen, och vi vill också gärna se en agenda för framtida evenemang. Ett annat viktigt mål är att stärka relationer med befintliga kontakter och få nya vänner!
Üks vastutustundliku turismi nädala olulisemaid eesmärke on innustada järjepidevust - soovime väga kuulda uudiseid hiljuti toimunud või eesseisvatest konverentsidest ja üritustest. Teine oluline eesmärk on tugevdada suhteid vanade sõpradega ja leida uusi sõpru!
Eines der wichtigsten Ziele der Woche für Tourismus mit Verantwortung ist es, Anreize für Kontinuität zu schaffen - wir würden wirklich gerne über die neuesten Tourismus Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen erfahren und freuen uns über Tipps zu Ereignissen in der Zukunft. Ein weiteres wichtiges Ziel ist es, Kontakte zu stärken und neue Freunde zu machen.


Vi kommer att använda Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter och YouTube för att dokumentera metoder på turismområdet runt om i världen.

Var ärlig och var offentlig. Detta är den vecka där du får skrika ut till världen de bra saker du ser omkring dig. Skapa en lokal händelse. Stöd en lokal händelse. Gör en Foamboard. Skapa nya eller följ ämnen som du har intresse och passion för. Prata mat, parks, museums, prata volontärarbete, prata slowtravel / localtravel! Dessa samtal bredda och fördjupa vår dialog. Ha kul!
Me kasutame näidete esitlemiseks järgmisi vahendeid - Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter ja YouTube

Ole aus ja avatud. See on nädal, kus sa saad teadvustada maailmale häid asju, mida sa näed enda ümber. Loo oma kohalik sündmus või toeta mõnd kohalikku sündmust. Tee "foamboard". Algata ja juhi arutelu teemal, mille osas tunned kirglikku huvi. Räägi kaasa haakuvatel teemadel nagu - kohalik toit, vabatahtlik tegevus, aeglane reisimine, kohalik reisimine. Need vestlused laiendada ja süvendada meie dialoog. Have fun!
Wir werden mit Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter und YouTube Tourismus-Praxis auf der ganzen Welt dokumentieren. Seien Sie ehrlich und öffentlich. Dies ist die Woche, bei der Sie der Welt über die guten Dinge, die Sie in Ihrem Umfeld beobachten, erzählen können.

Veranstalten Sie ein lokales Event. Unterstützen Sie ein lokales Event. Erstellen Sie ein Foamboard. Übernehmen Sie die Initiative oder folgen Sie den Themen, die für Sie von Interesse und wichtig sind. Sprechen Sie über Essen, parks, museums, Freiwilligenarbeit, slowtravel / localtravel.

Specific Tips

Everyone - Be inspired and be inspiring. Attitude is everything.
Everyone - Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Provide specific examples.
Everyone- Be generous. Compliment someone via Twitter, fave a photo or write a testimonial on Flickr, like us on Facebook, give a thumbs up to a video on YouTube.
Have your say - Comment on Ron's blog
Face time - Introduce yourself on Facebook
Walk the talk - Practice responsible tourism where you are. Take a walk with neighbors and visitors.
Live local - Organize a local Photosafari and/or Green drinks
Play nice! - Use Responsible Tourism Week as an opportunity to build healthy relationships at the local AND international levels.
Prepare - Budget time and plan now by circling the dates on your calendar
Register - If you'd like to learn how to use social media channels, register online and test out a few before the week begins
Share - Responsible travel is better with friends.
Make it delicious - Eat good local food and let visitors know where to treat their taste buds with local or organic or fair trade goodies.
Be creative - Make your own poster or video showing responsible tourism in action
Survey Says ... - What is responsible tourism? Please answer the RT survey
Flickr - Add photos to the Flickr Groups: City Parks , World Parks , World Food, World Trees, Hyperlocal, Si Más Bicicletas (Yes More Bicycles)
Twitter - Use the hashtag: #rtweek2012 (more info about tags and tagging)


Conference organizers - Provide summaries or previews of events featuring responsible travel
Government officials - Prepare blogs, tweets, flickr albums and Slideshare presentations about your work in responsible travel
Bloggers and Journalists - Preview Responsible Tourism Week and ask questions that you'd like assistance. Afterwards, please keep us updated on features that focus on responsible travel.
Guidebook Authors and Publishers - Preview Responsible Tourism Week in your blog or twitter account and ask questions that you'd like assistance. Afterwards, please keep us updated on how your books integrate new information generated during RT Week
Students - Share news about Responsible Tourism Week with your teachers and classmates. Print out the free posters (below) for your classroom or academic message board.
Teachers - Share news about Responsible Tourism Week with your students and colleagues. Print out the free posters (below) for your classroom or academic message board.
Travelers - Please answer the RT survey
Travel companies, guides, hotels, restaurants - If your services are particularly eco- and people-friendly, let the world know. Add photos to Flickr, videos to YouTube and show us specific examples of your work; print the free posters (below) for your business; create your own poster (and submit it to our poster challenge); offer discounts to visitors who mention #RTWeek2012; encourage your clients to use social media to provide testimonials of what you do well; tweet about specific actions and provide links where we can find details
Trusted colleagues - Editors, please help clarify the text and translate the info on this page; update other Planeta Wiki pages that we can spotlight
Sponsors - Those interested in financially supporting Responsible Tourism Week should contact Ron.

Wiki Essays

Green drinks
Open Space
Pop-up Museum


Responsible Tourism Week 2012
Action Verbs
Responsible Tourism Week #rtweek2012

there's too much to do and not enough time / response: let's collaborate
let's talk
let's do it again! presenting the experiential learning cycle
we are powerful beyond measure (2011)
Do unto others as they would like to have you do unto them.
How many people does it take to make a reality? #rtcities 05.2011
you don't need to cross the river to get water (gå inte över ån efter vatten) @anderskarr #swedish #español #proverb #simplify
How To Focus

Poster Challenge

Create and share posters online Flickr and we will award the poster with the greatest number of views and stars (favorites) a special certificate. You are welcome to include the Planeta logo , icons for the social media sites you are using and the QR Code (available here).

vastutustundlik turism nädal
vastutustundliku turismi nädal
vastutustundliku turismi nadal

Country Contest

Another contest -- with rules being sorted out -- encourages collaboration within countries. We will recognize the countries which generate the most buzz about what responsible travel. We ask professional media and bloggers to talk up RT Week and provide specific examples of local actions and campaigns. Ideally, we will see regional and national tourism promotion identify and talk up local operations and local operations connecting with authorities. Winners receive bragging rights and a place on the Planeta Wiki's revised Top 10 List.




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Who's Who in the UK

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Boy de Viaje

Ecotourism and Responsible Travel in Mexico
Monte Albán
South Africa

This Tourism Week
Fall in love with responsible tourism
Mossel Bay's rich marine life needs to be protected - Bizcommunity
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Swedish Lapland

Nevada Magazine on Flickr


Buzzword Bingo: Curate = To collect, assemble, organize (2011) #buzzwordbingo
Buzzword Bingo: Inclusive = Including all (2011)
Buzzword Bingo: Postcards (2011)
Buzzword Bingo: Conscious Travel = Being mindful of the impact and opportunities within travel #TurismoConsciente #buzzwordbingo
Buzzword Bingo: Future Fit = Leading change, not just about being comfortable with change Kudos @MariettedTH
Buzzword Bingo: Read Write Culture = Permissive of efforts to improve upon, change, integrate, or otherwise remix the work of others.

BuzzwordBingo: Verbs

Act - Amplify - Articulate - Assemble - Award - Bike - Celebrate - Cherish - Collaborate - Consult - Craft - Create - Cultivate - Curate - Discuss - Drink - Eat - Embed - Encourage - Engage - Enhance - Experience - Explore - Flirt - Heal - Hope - Imagine - Impact - Inspire - Integrate - Journey - Learn - Leverage - Like - Listen - Love - Participate - Play - Recycle - Respect - Reveal - See - Share - Shift - Smell - Taste - Tinker - Touch - Translate - Transform - Transition - Volunteer - Walk - Weave - Work


We are adding the names and twitter accounts of colleagues who tweeting about Responsible Tourism Week

Kurt Ackermann @kurt_a
Marcus Bauer, @respontour
Alicia Boy, Mexico - @aliciaboy (N)
Francisco Garcia, Sinaloa @fergarcia0
Skye Grove, Cape Town Tourism @skyegrove
Catherine Mack, @catherinemack
Mariette dT-Helmbold, Cape Town Tourism @MariettedTH
Anders Karrstedt, Nutti Sami Siida @nuttisamisiida
Barry Murphy, Tourism Pure @tourismpure
Valere Tjolle, England @valeretjolle
Andy and Michelle, @BlackSheepInn
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Guillaume Cromer

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YouTube Playlist

Watch live video from Responsible Tourism Week 2012 on

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How do I register? - Registration is not required. We will pay attention to those who are using the Twitter hashtag #rtweek2012 and introduce themselves via Facebook and LinkedIn. It's most helpful when you provide some specific examples of your work or interest in responsible travel.

May I contribute $ to support Responsible Tourism Week? - Individual donations and institutional support are welcome. In fact, if there are large contributions ($500 and up), we would like to integrate this as a payment for webinars to keep the conversation moving forward.

Do I have to register for social media channels? - This is an online unconference, so if you want to have access, register ASAP for the channels you wish to master.

Do I have to register for social media channels? - This is an online unconference, so if you want to have access, register ASAP for the channels you wish to master.

I’m new to Facebook and not sure how to use this. Any tips? - The fact is social media re-invents itself every few months so we’re all on the learning curve. Introduce yourself and please like and comment on others' posts. It pays to be generous.

I'm not on Facebook. Do I have to join? Only if you want to have first-hand access to the events page. It's a great networking tool, but membership is optional.

I'm not on Twitter. Do I have to join? Only if you want to have first-hand access to other's tweets and to be able to tweet. As an incentive, many of our Storify links come directly from Twitter.

Do I have to use the hashtag #rtweek2012 on Twitter? - We encourage the proper use of hashtags for this and any event. If you use the proper hashtag, it automatically appears in the stats online + Our favorite tweets are retweeted and added to storify.

I'm not on Flickr. Do I have to join? Only if you want to share photos in our Flickr Groups and if you want to add stars to the artwork and pictures you like.

Should I join this wiki? - It's not necessary to join the wiki to participate in Responsible Tourism Week. The main avenues for participation are other social media channels: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. If you would like to be an editor, please contact Ron directly. That said, among the criteria for editors is that you have some ideas you'd like to pursue in a proactive manner and you have time to contribute on a regular basis. If you have not been in contact before, we'll ask you to reapply in a few months after we have had a chance to skype or have a face-to-face talk.

I'm stuck for ideas. Help! - Don't be stuck. Be inspired and check out the contributions from last year's Responsible Tourism Week.

In which language is Responsible Tourism Week conducted? - The primary language is English, however we welcome posts in multiple languages and ask friends to help translate the instructions in other languages. How does one say 'Responsible Tourism' in Maori, Quecha or Zapotec? We'd like to know!

How can I prepare for an effective unconference? - Budget time! Start preparing now by focusing on your key interests and questions. Introduce yourself via Twitter and social media channels. During the week, consult this page at least once a day. We will be spotlighting the key resources and advising participants of real-time zipcasts. If you are organizing a local event, announce your plans ASAP online and on the ground to start generating interest.

How many times has this page been viewed? Check the stats. In January, this page was viewed 4,950 times (half of total view for RTWeek2011 last year!)

What is a zipcast? Zipcasts are real-time webinars featuring presentations on Slideshare. You are cordially invited to attend the zipcasts that on the agenda or upload your own presentation to Slideshare and announce your own zipcast.

What's the deal about being generous? Liking, favoriting, giving a thumbs up to others raises the profile of both parties. It's a win-win-win situation for those who can budget some time and join us.


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Fair Trade in Travel Writing and Photography (wordle)


English: Responsible Tourism
Spanish: Turismo Responsable
Swedish: Ansvarfull Turism
Estonian: Vastutustundlik Turism
Afrikaans: Verantwoordelike Toerisme
German: Tourismus mit Verantwortung
French: Tourisme Responsible
Bahasa Indonesia: Parawisata yang Bertanggungjawab

English: Responsible Tourism Week
Spanish: Semana de Turismo Responsable
Swedish: Veckan för Ansvarsfull Turism
Estonian: Vastustundliku Turismi Nädal
Afrikaans: Week van Verantwoordelike Toerisme
German: Woche des Tourismus mit Vertantwortung
French: Semaine du Tourisme Equitable
Bahasa Indonesia: Pekan untuk Pariwisata yang Bertanggungjawab
日本語:レスポンシブル・ツーリズム 週間

English: A Call to Action
Spanish: Una Llamada para Acción
Swedish: En uppmaning till handling.
Estonian: Kutse tegevusele
Afrikaans: Tyd om iets te doen
German: Zeit zu handeln
Bahasa Indonesia: Ajakan untuk bertindak

English: Fall in love with responsible travel
Spanish: Enamorarte con viajes responsables

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