2010 Responsible Tourism Week
Responsible Tourism Week 2010

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Imagine a conference with no registration fees and no jet lag! More than 100 people participated in the 2010 Responsible Tourism Week (May 17-21), a free demonstration of the social web as a means of documenting the challenges of developing (and maintaining!) responsible tourism.

Summary Reports

Day 1: Blog - Planeta Update
Day 2: Blog - Planeta Update
Day 3: http://ronmader.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/rtweek-3 - Planeta Update
Day 4: http://ronmader.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/rtweek-4 - Planeta Update
Day 5: http://ronmader.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/rtweek-5 - Planeta Update


Walk the talk - Practice responsible tourism where you are.
Play nice! - Use Responsible Tourism Week as an opportunity to build healthy relationships at the local and international levels.
Make it delicious - Eat good local food and let visitors know where to treat their taste buds well.
Be generous! - Compliment someone via twitter, fave a photo or write a testimonial on Flickr, give a thumbs up to a video on YouTube.
Be creative - Make your own poster or graphic showing responsible tourism in action
Show your savvy - Use the hashtag: #rtweek2010


2010 Responsible Tourism Week takes place May 17-21.
2010 Responsable de la Semana de Turismo se lleva a cabo may 17 a 21.


Responsible Tourism Week is a live demonstration of Web 2.0 as a means of documenting the challenges and successes of developing responsible tourism.
Responsable Semana de Turismo es una demostración en vivo de la Web 2.0 como un medio para documentar los desafíos y éxitos del desarrollo del turismo responsable.


Responsible Tourism Week takes place online and integrates the digital realm with down to earth good practices around the world.
Semana de Turismo Responsable se realice en línea e integra el mundo digital a la tierra con las buenas prácticas en todo el mundo


One of the key objectives of Responsible Tourism Week is to create incentives for continuity - we'd really like to hear updates on recent tourism conferences and events and we'd like to look forward to events in the future. Another key objective is to strengthen relationships with existing contacts and make new friends!
Uno de los objetivos clave de la Semana de Turismo Responsable es crear incentivos para la continuidad - nos gustaría mucho oír noticias sobre conferencias y eventos de turismo de los últimos y nos gustaría que esperar a los acontecimientos en el futuro. Otro objetivo fundamental es fortalecer los contactos y hacer nuevos amigos!


We'll be using Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube to document tourism practices around the world.

Be honest and be public. This is the week where you get to shout out to the world the good things you see around you. Create a local event. Support a local event. Create a local event. Make a foamboard. Lead the way or follow the topics for which you have interest and passion. Talk food, talk volunteering, talk slowtravel/localtravel, talk whatever is on your mind, drop the penny!
Usaremos Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter y YouTube para documentar prácticas sobre turismo en todo el Mundo.

Se honesto y abierto. Esta es la semana para gritarle al mundo las cosas buenas que ves a tu alrededor. Crea y apoya algún evento en tu localidad. Fabrica un pizarrón foamboard. Propon aquellos temas que te interesan y te apasionan. Platica sobre alimentos, habla sobre voluntariado, comenta slowtravel/localtravel, habla de lo que se te ocurra, hechate un volado.

More summaries

Tip Online



Coffee Break


the long tail of responsible travel


Review - Setting the stage

Discussion - Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people's work that you respect.

What and where are you eating this week?
If we really want to minimize the impacts of travel, shouldn't we stop traveling?

the platinum rule


Review - Highlights from yesterday's tweets

Discussion - Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people's work that you respect.

What museums are showcasing sustainable practices?
Is our storytelling keeping up with our diverse cultural reality?
What are the Top 5 most Irresponsible Actions?

2010 Responsible Tourism Week


Review - Highlights from yesterday's tweets

Discussion - Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people's work that you respect.

What is the future of guidebooks?
Any suggestions for Who's Who in the UK?
Oaxaca City - Xiguela, 9:30am
2010 Responsible Tourism Week


Review - Highlights from yesterday's tweets

Discussion - Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people's work that you respect.

If we really want to minimize the impacts of travel, shouldn't we stop traveling?
How is responsible tourism different in 2010 than it was in 2009?
Is the local dialect in your place part of the tourism attraction?



Review - Highlights from yesterday's tweets

Discussion - Roll up day

What is the future of conferences?
Oaxaca City - Pochimilco, 9:30am
Good things happen when you take the bat off your shoulder


Tweets continue as summarize highlights from RT Week and set an agenda for 2010, 2011, 2012 ...

What is the future of responsible tourism?



Partners help share news and create events in the natural world. We had ample participation from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Estonia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden and the USA. Kudos to Ecoturismo Genuino, Ecotourism Laos, Respontour, Tourism Eautrement, Transitions Abroad, Travel Momma and WHL Group. (Are we missing anyone?!)


Don't make a hash of it! Make a hashtag of it! Twitter with the hashtag #rtweek2010

Multilingual Friendly
Want to tweet in a language other than English? Fine, just don't forget the hashtag #rtweek2010

Examples of messages
No volcano will get in the way of Responsible Tourism Week! http://tinyurl.com/rtweek2010 #rtweek2010
From May 17-21 Responsible Tourism Week documents the challenges of responsible tourism http://planeta.wikispaces.com/rtweek2010 #rtweek2010
We're part of the local travel movement! Responsible Tourism Week http://tinyurl.com/rtweek2010 #rtweek2010
Ron's playlist (recommended listening) future of conferences http://tinyurl.com/futureconf #rtweek2010 @RNfuturetense
Bring the carrotmob to responsible tourism http://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/4607619356 #rtweek2010
Responsible Tourism Week: Be Inspired! http://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/4605280948 #rtweek2010
Rev up your conscience. Responsible Tourism Week 2010 http://planeta.wikispaces.com/rtweek2010 #rtweek2010

Twitter in action




Key topics

academic programs and accountability
climate change
carbon footprint
indigenous peoples
local travel movement
poverty alleviation
visitor satisfaction
world environment day


Sustainable tea, coffee and chocolate
city parks
responsible tourism in action
si mas bicicletas
world food
world museums
world food


itbw playlist
conversations playlist
rt playlist


Global Leaders of Responsible Tourism - Make travel fair!
Future of conferences - For anyone organizing or attending a conference
The empathetic civilization - Jeremy Rifkin - For anyone interested in upcoming trends. The story about the mirror surprised me.

What you can do ...

You can help us by telling your friends about this page!

Before May 17

May 17-21

After May 21

Become a partner or ask to be an editor. Let us know how we can collaborate.
Answer the rt survey
Mark the dates on your calendar and plan ahead - what story do you want to share with the world?
Be nice! Compliment someone who you see walking the talk.
Plan a photosafari
Plan a videonight
Make a foamboard
Plan a marshmellow challenge
Practice responsible tourism ... and let us know what you're doing and let us know why you think it's responsible.
Twitter with the hashtag #rtweek2010
Add photos to responsible tourism in action and other flickrgroups
Post a comment on Ron's blog
Post a video response to Ron's YouTube channel
Editors are asked to update the wiki
Practice responsible tourism ... and let us know what you're doing and let us know why you think it's responsible.
Answer the rt survey (if you haven't done so already!)
Twitter with the hashtag #rtweek2010
Be nice! Compliment someone who you see walking the talk
Add photos to responsible tourism in action and other flickrgroups
Host or co-host a photosafari, upload photos to Flickr
Host or co-host a videonight
Make a foamboard
Run a marshmellow challenge
Post a comment on Ron's blog
Post a video response to Ron's YouTube channel
Editors are asked to update the wiki
Practice responsible tourism ... and let us know what you're doing and let us know why you think it's responsible.
Be nice! Compliment someone who you see walking the talk
Make a foamboard
Post a comment on Ron's blog
Post a video response to Ron's YouTube channel
Editors are asked to update the wiki

2010 Responsible Tourism Week

Analysis - In 2010 this page was viewed 3,725 times.

Early Results from the Survey

Thanks to the following for answering the survey: Marcus Bauer, Gerhard Buttner, Ethan Gelber, Sallie Grayson, Anders Kärrstedt, Carlos Bruj, Neill and Ceillhe Sperath

What did you learn?
It showed me some of the potential the social web has. Compared to physical events I found it a bit difficult to follow up, not to distract myself and to keep in ind that I intended to attend a global conference (naturally my attention on a physical event is almost exclusively on the event) and to make personal contacts. twitter was quite a new way of communication for me and it seems somewhat useful

I've learned i need to use flickr and Youtube! I need to create an easier platform for volunteers past and future and local partners to engage - inertia rules. anything that can alter that even a little would be good!

If you shared information, were you able to measure the reach (number of impressions, page views, unique visitors, retweets?)
Few of my tweets have been retweeted, I had good views on few Flickr pix but I haven't tracked anything beyond that.

I do have the tools to accomplish this, but didn't look carefully.

Did you organize any local events for Responsible Tourism Week? If so, what kind?
We tried to but didn't get an uptake from our local tourism organisation. Hopefully next year...

As I am not in a position (personal or professional) to organize much, my role was to spread the word to others who could. As far as I can tell, many didn't do anything new, but found a way to integrate what they were already doing into RT Week.

Is there anything we can do to make Responsible Tourism Week more effective for you?
Engage participants to interact more.

As I was spreading the word, people kept asking what they could do. I wished I could offer many more concrete examples. So, let's make available great examples from this year for next year.

Agenda, program and webminar or scheduled chat.

I think the concept of the week could be better explained and better promoted. Maybe with a network of related sites that could help inform about it with a logo?

Would you like to continue using the #rtweek2010 hashtag or would you suggest an alternative?
till #rtweek2011 it seems great
It's great to use #rtweek2010, until it's time to use #rtweek2011
Why not just #rtweek. Then it won't have to be changed year after year.

When should we schedule the next Responsible Tourism Week?
why not this year?

i think just before an international meeting would be perfect as some people will meet there offline or they'd like to influence what's going to happen.

Would you like to collaborate with others? If so, what interests you?
food was a great topic. so was local travel. accessibility of destinations would be interesting as well. and storytelling.

an international association of responsible volunteer sending and hosting organisations - I need to get my head round how we can devise a low cost effective way of demonstrating responsibility in this field

Of course. Indigenous tourism and the conservation of biodiversity are topics we hold very dear

Always interested in working together and sharing good examples of responsible travel. Recently I have been increasingly thinking about how could accommodation become more responsible and how can this be communicated and distinguish green-washing from more sincere attempts

Do you have any suggestions on spreading the news (widening the circle) about responsible tourism?
we need to somehow get beyond the groups and websites focusing on responsible travel and try to get mentions on wider travel sites or media.

If you've got a mailing/twitter list of people who were involved, hit them early with a newsletter that conveys what to do, when to do it and good examples of how. Enlist other groups to help transmit.

The challenge is to get offline people offline. And to do that you need to do some offline promotion.

Can you suggest any ways to stay in contact with others working toward responsible tourism?
having a table with all the social media platforms the participants use would help to connect on multiple platforms

Twitter groups, like www.twibe.com

Maybe, there should be a list with the participants, their emails, twitter etc and what they are looking for, that way you can create new communication.

Can you suggest any ways of creating or finding financial support for Responsible Tourism Week?
Seek sponsors? give some extra material, PDF, video, etc. for extra 20 dollars...?

I bet EU has some money somewhere!


Here are some background questions for reflection:
What are examples of best practices?
Is our storytelling keeping up with our diverse cultural reality?
How does 'responsible tourism' translate into other languages? (see below for the answers!)
What is irresponsible tourism?
Who are the leading practitioners/facilitators of responsible tourism?
How do we reconcile the commercial imperative with responsible tourism?
What are key issues we should pay attention?
How do we keep responsible tourism from being hijacked from the carbon footprint people?
How do we conserve biodiversity?
How do we respect indigenous peoples?
How do we respect the tourists' needs?
What happens when museums receive more visitors through their website than through their front door?
What are the Top 5 most Irresponsible Actions?
Is Couchsurfing legal?
If we really want to minimize the impacts of travel, shouldn't we stop traveling?
What are examples of good food and good markets?
How do we collaborate?
Should there be another Responsible Tourism Week later this year?


Sideways - Of special note will be International Museums Day (May 18) and International Day of Biological Diversity (May 22). And in the pop culture world, TV icon Lost ends on May 23.

Tech Tip - To 'connect' people - particularly on Twitter - use the hashtag #rtweek2010 in your tweets.

Buzzword Bingo

Buy in
Climate Change
local travel movement
responsible tourism

Upcoming Events

Estonia Ecotourism Conference and Workshop
Oregon Ecotourism Conference

Reflections on Recent Events

Reisepavillon (Berlin)
Responsible Tourism Conference (Belize)
Responsible Tourism Fair (Oaxaca)


Colibri Ecotourism Award
Ecotourism Spotlight Award


How should we evaluate Responsible Tourism Week? Consider the following:
Did you learn something preparing for RT Week?
Did you learn something during RT Week?
Are you walking the talk?

responsible tourism week 2010


Who has designated Responsible Tourism Week?
Ron Mader created the dates. Some history. RT Week was created launched in May 2009 when the Belize Responsible Tourism Conference was postponed due to the swine flu. In 2010 the third week of May seemed to be perfect for a repeat. Note that RT Week comes a few weeks before World Environment Day. Responsible Tourism Week has international support and interest and we'll be seeing a flurry of activity, particularly on Twitter.
What is the cost of participation?
You can join Responsible Tourism Week free of charge! The only cost is participation. Be engaged, be inspired, be inspiring!


Do we want to minimize the impact of travel or maximize the impact of travel? Is impact good or bad?


How do you say 'responsible tourism' to people you want to visit? Chances are it isn't 'responsible tourism.' While the goal is noble and quite aspirational, those who strive toward improving tourism often use a myriad of terms to describe how they apply the principles that matter.


Week van Verantwoordelike Toerisme

turismo responsable - responsible tourism

tourisme equitable - equitable tourism

ansvarsfull turism - responsible tourism
ansvarfulla turistveckan - responsible tourism week

Links and Kudos

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