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November 11, 2015 Las Vegas

#RTTC is a weekly online Twitter chat focusing on responsible travel in all its wonders. This week the focus turn to responsible tourism in Las Vegas

Online conversation of the week unfolds as a real time tweetchat hosted by RTTC. Here are the questions that will be asked at 6am and pm GMT Wednesday, November 11

6:00 AM & PM GMT: Q1 Is '#ResponsibleTourism in #LasVegas' a contradiction in terms? via @vickysmith #RTTC
6:10 AM & PM GMT: Q2 What are the biggest sustainability issues that #LasVegas faces? #irresponsibletourism via @vickysmith #RTTC
6:20 AM & PM GMT: Q3 Does the excessive #food waste from buffets mean a RT should avoid them even though they're SO cheap? via @brandyleebell #RTTC
6:30 AM & PM GMT: Q4 Is the mentality of excess in #LasVegas dangerous for tourists? How so/not so? via @brandyleebell #RTTC
6:40 AM & PM GMT: Q5 What solutions do you have to make #LasVegas a more responsible destination? via @WSEtravel #RTTC
6:50 AM & PM GMT: Q6 Is there specific accommodation/tour providers/restaurants you can suggest are more responsible in #Vegas? How so? via @vickysmith #RTTC

Questions for RTTC: Does anyone blog or storify individual #RTTC chats? Is anyone editing a transcript or summary on Google docs?

A good place to live is a good place to visit. What does responsible travel look like in Las Vegas? #rtcities

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