Responsible Tourism in Cities
Responsible Tourism in Cities (2011)

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On May 5, 2011 the Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference took place in Durban, South Africa at the start of the Indaba tourism conference. The 2011 event was presented by The City of Cape Town in partnership with Cape Town Tourism and South African Tourism. Media partners included

We would love the conversation to continue, so please contribute your thoughts, questions and ideas.


About 100 delegates attended the conference in person and there were more than 150 simultaneous virtual delegates who joined via live streaming video and real-time Twitter.

The Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference brought together leaders in local government, sustainable tourism and the social web, focusing on a practical set of issues - conservation and tourism in cities. It helped city officials, community organizations, the private sector, academics, NGOs, activists and other stakeholders understand some of the key issues underlying responsible tourism in cities, and will equip them with practical knowledge and resources to help make a positive contribution toward implementing responsible tourism in their city destination.

Much of the global focus on responsible tourism has been on individual products and experiences, or on particular product categories including cultural tourism or nature-based tourism. Far less attention had been paid to the needs and challenges faced by the places (cities and countries) where it is put into practice.

Cities have emerged as important tourism destinations in their own right and function as essential tourism drawing cards for nations.

South Africa Experience

Responsible Tourism is central to South Africa’s tourism policy and is also a key trend in the global tourism industry. South African cities are also home to more than half of the country's population, and so are crucial sites for sustainable development. Local governments are at the intersection of tourism and sustainable development, and face particular challenges in balancing the diversity and complexity of both. Consequently tourism requires effective partnerships among government, local communities and the private sector in order to thrive, and few cities have managed a holistic approach to responsible tourism that brings these three groups of stakeholders together. This is not unique to South Africa.

Worldwide few cities have developed responsible tourism strategies, policies and action plans. Most tourism portals do not showcase and often do not mention responsible tourism providers or tips for visitors.

And the preponderance of responsible tourism experiences around the world is offered outside of cities.


  1. The roles of city governments (local authorities) in responsible tourism: What cities can and cannot do well with regards to tourism, RT, and sustainability. How are city functions linked to responsible tourism (e.g., planning, zoning, health, security, education, etc.)? What levers are available and how can they be used effectively? What kinds of policies can work? How long does it take and how much does it cost?
  2. Cities, responsible tourism and the marketplace: marketing and selling city-based responsible tourism experiences; how responsible tourism impacts on a destination brand; promoting a “responsible” destination; understanding the responsible tourism consumer in South Africa’s core target markets.
  3. The business case for responsible tourism: What are the particular financial issues associated with implementing responsible tourism and adhering to responsible tourism management that are faced by the tourism private sector? What is different about being city-based? Are there different cost, risks or opportunities for taking responsible action by operators and facility managers, accommodation and service providers? What real data can we learn from? Do investors, managers, corporates and others view the financials of responsible tourism differently, and if so, how and why? What does it really cost? Does responsible tourism ever pay back in financial terms?
  4. Effective destination-wide collaboration on responsible tourism: who are the key stakeholders and what are the roles they can play? What structures and mechanisms for collaboration work well? How can communities play a more effective role? How can academic, policy, community and business interests be coordinated in some fashion that manifests in a high trust environment for all?


4 x 45 minute sessions with 15 minute breaks between. Each session focused on one of the themes, and followed a similar format:
  • 5 minute contextual overview
  • 15 minute engaging TED-like multi-media presentation by an authoritative speaker focusing on one or more key issues
  • 25 minute moderated roundtable discussion with the speaker and 2 – 3 additional experts. Questions were taken from the audience throughout (those physically present via roving microphones and those virtually present via Twitter).


Ron Mader, founder and editor of and 2010 winner of The International Ecotourism Society’s Innovation Award . Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, Ron's work online and around the world has been recognised for catalysing meaningful conversation and action about responsible travel, ecotourism, environmental conservation and peacemaking. His professional focus on responsible travel and ecotourism go back to research conducted in Costa Rica in 1989, and led to his founding in 1994 as the first website explicitly focusing on the challenges of ecotourism. Ron has adopted the social web ethos and has collaborated with colleagues around the world in an annual Responsible Tourism Week.

Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, CEO of Cape Town Tourism the City of Cape Town’s official Destination Marketing Organisation, responsible for destination marketing, visitor and industry services. Du Toit-Helmbold is one of the most inspirational leaders in South African tourism today, and under her leadership Cape Town Tourism has won critical acclaim as an organisation doing sterling work at the coalface of one of the country’s fastest growing industries. Her vision for sustainable and responsible tourism has garnered for her an impressive global reputation. She is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Destination Council, a member of the UNWTO Business Council, a member of the UNWTO Protection of Children through Tourism Council and a member of the UNWTO International Women in Tourism Task Team.

Each of the four themed sessions had a 25-minute moderated panel discussion. Among the confirmed moderators and panellists:

  • Pierre Voges, CEO, Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency
  • Heidi van der Watt, International Centre for Responsible Tourism South Africa, well-known responsible tourism expert and author of the book, Developing Tourism in South Africa, published by Oxford University Press
  • Brett Dungan, CEO, Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA)
  • Monique le Roux, director of Andulela Experience, a FTTSA-certified tour operator based in Cape Town
  • Peter Myles, former director of Tourism Port Elizabeth and well-known tourism expert
  • Doung Jahangeer, architect, artist, creator of ‘The City Walk’ initiative, and director of Dala, a Durban-based collective that uses creativity to build safer and more liveable cities
  • Paul Miedema, founder of Calabash Tours, a FTTSA-certified tour operator based in Port Elizabeth and 2004 winner of an international Responsible Tourism Award
  • Antje Lenhard, Lecturer: Dept of Tourism Management, Tshwane University of Technology

All presentations have been made available online after the conference, as soon to come ... videos of the presentations and discussions, available through the Responsible Cape Town website (

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Conference Programme

Note: all times are UTC+2

Call to order for morning conference

Welcoming of delegates: Nombulelo Mkefa, Director of Tourism, City of Cape Town

Introduction of themes and format: Kurt Ackermann, Conference co-ordinator

Role of city governments in RT
Nombulelo Mkefa: Director of Tourism, City of Cape Town
Heidi van der Watt: ICRT South Africa
Nkosinathi Manzana: COO Johannesburg Development Agency

Bhekithemba Langalibele, National Director for Responsible Tourism, National Department of Tourism
Brand: Cities, RT and the marketplace
Mariette du Toit-Helmbold: CEO, Cape Town Tourism
Iain Harris: Coffeebeans Routes
Paul Mediema: Calabash Tours
Monique le Roux: Andulela Experience

A Durban-based hotel
Tea break

The business case for RT
Pierre Voges: CEO, Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency
Peter Myles: Independent Tourism Consultant
Antje Lenhard: Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, Tshwane University of Technology

Marnie Heim-Stafford: Voluntours

Jacques Stoltz: Urban Genesis
Effective destination-wide collaboration on RT
Ron Mader: Founder and editor,
Sheryl Ozinsky: Sheryl Ozinsky Consulting
Doung Jahangeer: Dala

Mike Gcabo: Chairperson, Tshwane Tourism Action Team

Brett Dungan: CEO, FEDHASA
Closing comments

Lunch served

Call to order for afternoon conference

Opening remarks: Mthetheleli Hugo, Manager Local Area Tourism Development, City of Cape Town

Opening speech: Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, CEO, Cape Town Tourism

Presentation: Thiofhi Ravele, Open Africa

Presentation: Green Cab

Tea break

Presentation: Abang Africa


Closing remarks: Mthetheleli Hugo, Manager Local Area Tourism Development, City of Cape Town

Conclusion of afternoon conference

Exhibition Pavilion

There is also a dedicated exhibition pavilion focussing on Responsible Tourism in Cities that focused on the themes over from the conference to the Indaba exhibition itself over the four days that follow. The pavilion is the same one used at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Cape Town, and will be re-used after Indaba at the COP17 in Durban in November 2011.

The pavilion exterior is made entirely from recycled and reusable materials so as to produce zero waste after deconstruction. It is a scaffold cube clad in 1700 multi-coloured re-usable plastic milk crates filled with 20,400 empty milk bottles, all tied to the scaffolding frame. Low energy lighting behind the crates illuminates the entire structure at night turning it into a glowing 'jewel box' promoting responsible tourism in cities. The interior contrasts with the exterior waste world, being clad entirely in timber (sourced from Durban's Working for Water programme), fixed with twine to allow later re-use. The interior is lit from above with translucent roof panels and is filled with fragrant Fynbos from the Cape Floral Kingdom. At roof level the organic interior metaphorically 'grows' out of the crates in the form of a forest of wooden poles which wave in the breeze giving the structure a kinetic and sculptural presence.

This space combines displays (e.g., text panels, plasma screen displays, printed material) with interactive sessions that include a schedule of smaller presentations, discussions or gatherings taking place within the exhibition space, running throughout the dates of Indaba (May 7-10, 2011). The national Minister of Tourism opened the pavilion on 7 May along with the CEO of South African Tourism, hosted by Cape Town Alderman Felicity Purchase.

South Africa's first ever RT Networking event took place at the pavilion on Sunday, 8 May.

View more documents from ron mader.


English: Responsible Tourism in Cities
Spanish: Turismo responsable en las ciudades

Tech Requirements



9am in Durban around the world


Kurt Ackermann
Ron Mader

Delegates - Physical

Alahuddiyn Ahmed
HGTS Tours
We support and promote Responsible Tourism. I would like to see more locals, across the Rainbow Nation benefit from tourism and not only one sector. Unfortunately many tour operators only focus on one section of the Rainbow Nation and forget about the rest. We want to make a difference, especially in Cape Town, enabling local communities to enjoy a better quality of life, through increased socio-economic benefits and an improved environment. At the same time providing better holiday experiences for guests and good business opportunities for tourism enterprises.

Alice Mothupi
Dept of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism
Im in Tourism transformation & community Empowerment & my daily activities revolves around responsible tourism in communities as im doing tourism awareness to school learners & their educators, smme's, tourists guides etc

Altes Rademan
Stellenbosch Lodge
Stellenbosch Lodge is a 4 star hotel with 53 bedrooms in the Stellenbosch Winelands. We are concerned about the Tourism Industry and the effect of environmental factors on the Industry. We are advocates of Responsible Tourism and belong to the Unashamedly Ethical Association.
Andries Mokgele
Northern Cape Tourism Authority
Quality and responsible community tourism development. Social tourism development and promotion. Local economic development through cultural heritage tourism development

Department of Economic Development , Emvironment and Tourism
To have an understanding of Responsible Tourism and its priciples

Antje Lenhard
Tshwane University of Technology
The practical environmental aspect of Responsible Tourism in the City of Tshwane (COT) hotel industry is of interest to my research. Furthermore, collaboration, interaction and perceptions between all the major role players in a destination such as COT to help further sustainable development . The importance of membership/non-membership regarding environmental accreditation programs as well as social corporate responsibility practices in the hotel industry.

Anton GRIB
On Demand TV
On Demand TV is filming all aspects in the Travel & Tourism Industry. We also film certain events by filming the event in broadcast quality full HD to use on multiple local and international TV channels (depending on story). Please get more info from
Asma hadi
Watamu Marine Association
Responsible tourism in coastal areas
Ayanda Zondi
Department of Economic Development and Tourism-KZN
Within the department, I deal with Tourism Planning matters which also entail responsible tourism aspects. My interest is how can responsible tourism and greening intiatives be implemented within our cities and also how can tourism practioners be encouraged to engage and implement responsible tourism.


Bekithemba Langalibalele
National Department of Tourism
National Director for Responsible Tourism

Bev Hermanson
FEDHASA Imvelo Magazine
I am the editor of the FEDHASA Imvelo Responsible Tourism Magazine. I would like to attend the conference in order to gather content for the forthcoming edition of the magazine.

Brett Dungan
Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA)
CEO, FEDHASA and on the boards of TBCSA, Tourism Business Council of SA, South African Tourism, and Tourism Grading Council of SA

Caroline Ungersbock
On the SABS committee for responsible Tourism and Service Excellence. Driving force behind greening Guest Houses within our membership association and establishing a Resposible Tourism Policy for our mebership association

Claire Fraser
The Media Mogul
We support Fair Trade principles and encourage our clients to sign up with them. We are also involved in recycling programmes
Clayton Howard
Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa

Craig Kensley
Anix Consulting
Poverty reduction and job creation are top priorities within the South African context, pragmatic responses to these are what lie at the heart of the Anix Consulting ethos. Anix Consulting comprises a unique group of professionals ranging from engineers, accountants and project managers to futurists. This team plans, implements and evaluates a wide range of projects and initiatives relating to the development of the communities that form the context of the intervention. Projects are planned and implemented with the expressed intention of delivering sustainable value to the targeted communities.
David Germain
Seychelles Tourism
The Seychelles Tourism Board is interested to learn more about the different aspects of Responsible Tourism.

Dean Staedler
Southern Sun Elangeni
Copy will shortly be supplied.

Deborah Seema
Merafong City Council
Want to learn more about responsible tourism. Learn how other destinations have successfully implemented RT

Deidre Luzmore
Luzmore Tourism Development - Responsible Tourism Solutions
Luzmore Tourism Development is flexible and dynamic, offering professional advice to advance the Responsible Tourism agenda with stakeholders. Current Focus is on: 1. innovative eMarketing services to reach customers using social web tools 2. indigenous tourism specialist 3. environmental management, biodiversity protection and working to reduce resource use in fragile rural landscapes 4. working with tourism SME's in small, culturally and environmentally sensitive coastal towns on the west coast to be more sustainable and to effectively market their sustainability
dianna martin
Inspiring africa
My company is based on responsible tourism practices and therefore this is of major interest to me

Donna Abberley
South African Tourism
South Africa's national tourism organisation
Elton Gordon
Casidra is a Special Purpose Vehicle responsible for agriculture and local economic development within the Western Cape. I am responsible for tourism development projects within our organisation and would like to gain more knowledge in the area in order to educate and inform SMME's and project beneficiaries about responsible tourism.
Esther Naidoo
Hola World
business relations with government

Faizal Gangat
Cape Capers Tours
I believe in an integrated approach to Responsible Tourism, where ALL role players are integral to the ideals and principles of RT. RT must involve travellers, tour operators/travel agents, tour guides, tourist sites/attractions, tourim associations and indeed- government.

Gauteng Tourism Authority
Gauteng Tourism Authority
Copy will shortly be supplied.

Gopinath Parayil
The Blue Yonder
Founder and Chief executive of The Blue Yonder, a leading responsible and sustainable travel company based out of India. Been working to build platforms and network linking communities, artforms and livelihoods linked to tourism that is sustainable. For us, tourism is a backward integration to sustainable development of the region we work.
Greta Wilson
Greta Wilson Publicity
I am the Project Manager of the RT in Cities Conference. As a media relations consultant, I consult from a PR and copywriting perspective to not least (and primarily) the tourism industry. Naturally the increase in RT is of interest to the media as much as it is to me. Also, RT helps one find the 'real' people behind a tourism product, i.e. who is benefiting in which ways. Tourism also can no longer afford to ignore the environmental imperatives of our times. I look forward to meeting speakers, panelists, moderators, delegates - both those present on-site and those virtual delegates. The marketing of RT is likely to crop up quite a bit I suspect in the lead up to, during and beyond the conference. There is so much we all - and certainly the media too, as the voice of the people - can continue to learn about RT. It is vital that media get trotted to RT sites - that they don't only clinically feel compelled to stare at a media release that has not been brought to life - they need to meet the champions of xyz brand in the field and hear firsthand how communities benefit.

Gugu Sigasa
Rapid Wave
I am writing you from Rapid Wave, which is a company specialising in Broadband infrastructure, uncontended and uncapped internet and wireless connectivity. We have tailor made services specifically for hotels and other hospitality groups and believe we can add value by being present at your event.

Heidi van der Watt
ICRT South Africa
The International Centre for Responsible Tourism - SA flies the flag for RT in SA. We nudge destinations and government to stick to the White Paper commitment to RT in all they do related to tourism. We work with the private sector on RT solutions that fit into the realities of their operations. I'm keen to meet people who are RT activitists, 'interested but not committed', and even the RT sceptics. I'm sure I'll learn about innovative ideas and pathways over, under or around the many stumbling blocks in bringing RT to life in destinations. The experiences of places outside of the Western Cape will be especially interesting.

Hekhmat Currimjee
Executive Corporate & Leisure Services
we are an inbound tour operator,Ground Handler and events management company based in Mauritius,UK,Singapore and now in Johannesburg South Africa.

Helen Turnbull
Serendipity Africa
Serendipity Africa is a consultancy company that guides tourism businesses onto an ethical path assisting with business structure, training, marketing and media. By primarily assisting small, developing businesses, Serendipity Africa assists with skills development and job creation efforts at grass routes level and facilitates a better understanding of responsible tourism by providing good examples of what works and thus is able to motivate others to see the merit of using tourism as a tool to make a difference both to communities and the environment. We are closely involved with the Southern African Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards and have good relationships with the various responsible tourism certification bodies to assist others with selecting which process will suit them best.

Hloni Theko
Rapid Wave
We are in the broadband infrastructure business and would like to offer the latest technological advances in telecoms to the hospitality sector at an affordable rate to the end user. We believe we can add value to the packages offered especially to business class consumers in the hospitality business.

Iain Harris
Coffeebeans Routes
I have a curious mind. I am married and have a son. He was born in 2010, so he's pretty young and I'm pretty fuzzy headed! I created Coffeebeans Routes, essentially a travel company with urban-regeneration underpinnings, I created it to innovate pan-African tourism and travel, and also to do a lot of the things that I just love, like travels to African cities, and working on music projects; like re-imagining how things could be, and putting interventions in place to make them exactly that. I'm also a tech geek and think a lot about technology and philosophy. Two of my favourite directions: mobility of people, and mobility of ideas.
Jacques Maritz
JMMedia Facilitators
Covering Tourism Responsibily from a mass-media perspective, local, regional, national and globally.

Jacques Stoltz
Urban Genesis
Urban Genesis consulting and formerly with Gauteng Tourism Authority working on major tourism development projects in Alexandria

Jennie Nel
Sanbonani Hotel
We are a privately owned Hotel and Conference centre in Hazyview, Mpumalanga

Johan van Schalkwyk
Northern Cape DEDaT
everything that has to do with responsible tourism

Kurt Ackermann
Afrika T
Editor, Afrika T blog on responsible travel in southern Africa. Helping people connect with S African cultures. Working with people transforming African tourism.
Letishia Charles
Hout Bay Manor
Hout Bay Manor & Pure Restaurant proudly supports local communities & it would be beneficial to hear other's views on this subject to further our RT
Lisa Gordon-Davis
Kundiza Training
Responsible Tourism Development Training for local government officials.

Lynn Maggott
The Green Cab
I am the managing director of The Green Cab, an eco-friendly transport services that reduces harmful emmissions into the environment. Our vehicles are retrofited with a conversion kit that allows our vehicles to run on Liquified Petroleum Gas that reduces harmful emmissions by up to 87%, and the carbon emmissions by up to 15%. Our diesel vehicles are fuelled by bio-diesel that is a much cleaner fuel. We currently operate a shuttle and tour service in Cape Town and will be extending out footprint into other Provinces by September 2011. Our services include measuring and monitoring your vehicle emmissions and providing you with a transport certificate after your travels or event to show that the transport component of your travel was carbon neutral. We have Green Partners, owner drivers who have converted their vehicles to operate either on LPG or Biodiesel and provide them with training about the product as well as accreditation. Our Green Bus provides daily tours from various points in the Peninsula to Cape Point and it is the most affordable, environmentally friendly tour in the city.

Mariette du Toit-Helmbold
Cape Town Tourism
CEO of Cape Town Tourism the City of Cape Town’s official Destination Marketing Organisation, responsible for destination marketing, visitor and industry services. Du Toit-Helmbold is one of the most inspirational leaders in South African tourism today, and under her leadership Cape Town Tourism has won critical acclaim as an organisation doing sterling work at the coalface of one of the country’s fastest growing industries. Her vision for sustainable and responsible tourism has garnered for her an impressive global reputation. She is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Destination Council, a member of the UNWTO Business Council, a member of the UNWTO Protection of Children through Tourism Council and a member of the UNWTO International Women in Tourism Task Team.

Marinda Holtzhausen
Stellenbosch Lodge
Stellenbosch Lodge is a 4 star hotel with 53 bedrooms in the Stellenbosch Winelands. We are concerned about the Tourism Industry and the effect of environmental factors on the Industry. We are advocates of Responsible Tourism and belong to the Unashamedly Ethical Association.
Marnie Heim-Stafford
We are a specialised Volunteer Management Organisation that has won multiple international and regional awards in Responsible Tourism. We match the skills and interests of individual volunteers with project needs on the ground. Long and short-term placements available. Volunteers are accommodated within the local community. Our projects are sustained through a monetary contribution that is utilised by the volunteer whilst participating in the project. Corporate volunteering programmes also available. Sightseeing and additional tours can be included as part of the package. Call Voluntours on +27(0)834746801 or +27(0)824412749 Responsible/Ethical Volunteering: Multiple Responsible Tourism Award Winners, incl Virgin Holiday’s Responsible Tourism Awards (Highly Commended Best Volunteering Organisation 2008) & SA Imvelo Awards. Volunteer on community/conservation projects. Matching self-funding volunteer’s skills with project’s needs. Providing full packages, incl project contributions, accommodation & tours etc. Short-mid term stays for Gappers, CareerBreakers, Retirees, families & groups. Make a Difference!
Martin Hatchuel
This Tourism Week
Media - for reporting to my database of 10,000 people in the tourism industry in SA and inboun

Sandton Convention Centre
Sandton Convention Centre

Maud Masiyiwa
Capstone Training and Development
Involved in SMME Development in Tourism with a main focus on women empowerment and community development through Tourism driven initiatives. Development facilitation is delivered through Training and Skills development and finding innovative market access opportunities for the SMMEs.

Mecia Petersen
City of Cape Town
I was part of the team who was involved in the adoption of the RT policy for CT and the subsequent signing of the RT Charter. I am employed at the CoCT in a destination development capacity and am therefore intrested in learning about the actual implementation of RT initiatives at a destination level - and then how these should tie to the local level tourism initiatives and programmes. On a personal level I am intrested in RT as I am a citizen of CT and would like my city and its assets to be conserved.

Megan Alves
African Chapter Tours
A member of Heritage Tour Operator Charter and with our business model and conception always been of green ethos! Responsbile Tourism is key in our operational make-up! Our products are chosen to exude and further promote responsible travel excursions. Packaging tours comprising of ethically managed and run operations is key to our tours offered! Internally the 3R's are well known and utilised on a daily basis with all materials recycled, assessed for re-use and purchases/collections reduced wherever possible. Conservation is key specifically where our tours cover the wildlife destinations of Southern Africa and our procurement of aspects associated is scrutinized and assessed before contractual agreements are instilled.
Mike Gcabo
Tshwane Tourism Action Team
Chairperson of the Tshwane Tourism Action Team.

Monique Le Roux
andulela Experience
andulela Experience has founded its philosophy, practices and products based on the principles of Responsible Tourism. Over the last 7 years of our existence we have focused on urban authentic experiences in Cape Town and surrounds. We were a pioneer in taking visitors to locals homes and using universal themes (cooking, music, arts and crafts, etc) to feed the special interests of guests and locals alike, make interaction natural and real no matter what socio-economic level or cultural backgrounds visitors and hosts may be from. "In the living rooms of Cape Town" was the concept we launched about 7 years ago with a double meaning of the word "living". We practice "RT in Cities" in the field. It is complex, often challenging, can be rewarding and is certainly beneficial. It is a long-term learning experience that requires dedication and sustainability. andulela would value learning from and exchanging with other role players interested and invested in RT and especially in an urban context.
Ms Fikiswa Pupuma
Department of Economic Development & Tourism
As the General Manager, I am responsible for Tourism functions in the province.

Ms. Amiene van der Merwe
The Green Cab
The Green Cab is Cape Town's first tourism transport solution with eco-credentials. Given the current ecological credit crunch where each individual exceeds the earth's carrying capacity in terms of our carbon footprint by 30%, we acknowledge that a responsible business cannot conduct "business as usual". As such, we go the extra mile to green our fleet by converting the petrol component to operate dual-fuel petrol/LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas); and the Diesel on B50 blend of BioDiesel (used cooking oil). The Green Cab is women-owned and operated and offers Transfers, Tours and a Shuttle service to the responsible travellers (Leisure & Business). The Green Cab increasingly focuses on servicing the Conferencing and Events industry and issues a Green Transport Certificate to Certify that the service was carbon-neutral. This is done in conjunction with the SA Carbon Protocol. It also deploys a Green Bus as a daily shuttle service to the Table Mountain National Part: Cape of Good Hope. It is poised to start a "Green Drive" campaign to lead and encourage other companies to join in the collective pursuit of zero-tailpipe emissions.

Ms. Nivashnee Govender
Tourism Grading Council of South Africa
I st on the steering committee setting up Standards for Resposnible Tourism on behalf of the National Department of Tourism.

Mthetheleli Hugo
City of Cape Town
I am the manager for local area tourism development in the City's Tourism Department. My interest lies in developing RT and associated programmes in such a manner that it benefits the local tourism industry and consumers. I am keen to interact from a product development viewpoint. Further to this as a citizen of Cape Town I have a personal interest in RT.

Nicolina Jones
Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa

Nikki Tilley
The Media Mogul
We support Fair Trade principles and encourage our clients to sign up with them. We are also involved in recycling programmes
Nkosinathi Manzana
Johannesburg Development Agency
COO, Johannesburg Development Agency

Hola World
business relationships between governments and business.

Nombulelo Mkefa
City of Cape Town
Director of Tourism for the City of Cape Town, has overseen and guided the drafting and adoption of the responsible tourism policy and action plan that was formally adopted by the Cape Town City Council in 2009. A longstanding advocate of responsible tourism, she has been at the centre of Cape Town’s drive to see RT taken up across the destination, working closely with officials, the tourism industry, local community organisations, academic experts and other stakeholders, giving her a broad, firsthand knowledge of the issues and practical realities facing local city government regarding responsible tourism.

Nomzamo Ngogela
Poverty reduction and job creation are top priorities within the South African context, pragmatic responses to these are what lie at the heart of the Anix Consulting ethos. Anix Consulting comprises a unique group of professionals ranging from engineers, accountants and project managers to futurists. This team plans, implements and evaluates a wide range of projects and initiatives relating to the development of the communities that form the context of the intervention. Projects are planned and implemented with the expressed intention of delivering sustainable value to the targeted communities.
Nomzamo Ngogela
Norman Molomo
TshepoKopano Tourism Management Services
Limpopo Tourism and Parks

Noxolo Ntenetya
Dept of Econ Dev and Tourism
I work for the Provincial Department of Economic Development in the Western Cape. I believe government has a huge role to play un educating the industry about responsible tourism practices. Responsible tourism should underpin our interventions that means all the training inteventions should have a strong focus on responsible tourism. It is on this note that I am interested in attending the conference in order to learn how to put RT into practise.

O. Matshego
Bojanala Platinum District Municipality
how to extend tourism to our local townships and villages. what role and powers must tourism officers have on monitoring of tourism establishments and addressing tourists or product owners problems.

O. Modise
Bojanala Platinum District Municipality
how to extend tourism to our local townships and villages. what role and powers must tourism officers have on monitoring of tourism establishments and addressing tourists or product owners problems.

Paul Mediema
Calabash Tours
Founder of Calabash Tours, a FTTSA-certified tour operator based in Port Elizabeth and 2004 winner of an international Responsible Tourism Award

Peter Myles
Former director of Tourism Port Elizabeth and well-known tourism expert

Pierre Voges
Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency
CEO of Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency, has deep expertise in developing and analysing the business case for investments intended to drive economic development in South African cities. Formerly with Grant Thornton (Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure) and Chief Director of Trade and Industry (in Cape Town), he has been a diplomat at the Hague and in Bonn, as well as working in the office of the President under Nelson Mandela on international finance. Pierre has been a key driver of a series of ground-breaking economic development projects in Nelson Mandela Bay that are being implemented in alignment with the principles of responsible tourism, with investments that benefit local residents while strengthening the tourism industry.

- Through the FEDHASA Imvelo Awards for Responsble Tourism (10 years old in 2011) - I also represent FEDHASA on the Responsible Tourism Action Team in Cape Town. - To also be part of sharing the message and the responsibility for everyone to do something about the environment, whether it's our natural, economic or social environment. R.T. IS EVERYONES BUSSINESS!

Resmika Isiripershad
1st year Tourism Management student at Durban University of Technology. Need to broaden my knowledge on Tourism in South Africa & I'm of the opinion this will be an excellant opportunity. I want to attend both the morning & afternoon sessions. Kindly include me on your excursions & lunch facilities. Regards

Reuann Smith
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
Membership co=ordinator and Responsible and Sustainable Tourism liason. Creating and implementing Responsible and Sustainable Tourism projects within the tourism industry. Creating awareness and educating tourism products

Rhian WB van Wyk
Cape Winelands District Municipality
Currently employed in Local Economic Development & Tourism Department. Would like to learn more about Responsible Tourism as it plays a crucial part in the Tourism Industry today especially with Global Warming and the affects of tourism on the environment.

Robert K Brown
Capstone Training and Development
Interest lies in raising RT issues and exploring solutions to issues found within the West African region.

Rodney Malehase
My interest is to contribute towards the struggle to get tourist host areas to manage tourists and tourism businesses in a way that is beneficial to communities without damaging natural resources.

Rosalind Galla-Barth
Hilton Bed n Breakfast
Where is RT in the marketplace, specifically in SA. And how does one leverage it for more business.

Sacha Maharaj
The International Hotel School
I am a tourism academic and am involved in Higher and Further education in tourism hospitality. I am also in the process of studying my Masters and my research area foscuses on destination competitiveness at city level. I am also involved in prgramme development and therefore attending the conference would be beneficial to me. My areas of specialisation are tourism development and marketing for tourism.

AWOL Tours
A Responsible and FTTSA SMME Tour Operator. and was one of the case studies. Interested in IRT & non motorised transport in cities
shaheed Ebrahim
Escape to the Cape
Going green

Sharon Stella Pheiffer
City of Cape Town
Manager of the Responsible Tourism project for the Tourism Department of the City of Cape Town

Sheryl Ozinsky
Sheryl Ozinsky Consulting
Assisting the City of CT with RT Comms Strategy and Implementation Plan

Sibusiso Khuzwayo
Department of Economic Development & Tourism
I am responsible for Tourism Development and am currently developing the Provincial Tourism Master Plan that needs to incorporate Responsible Tourism issues.

Sipho Mampe
Department of Economic Development and Tourism
To ensure that we implement responsible tourism practices.

Tino Chihombori
Durban Manor Hotel & Conference Centre
When you choose modern marketing tools Responsible Tourism fit together seamlessly. Social web is the modern powerful force that keeps any operation alive and it is here to stay and is always there to get your operation up and running, no matter what the circumstances because that is the new world were you will find anything and anyone.
Titus Chuene
Nelson Mandela BayTourism
Destination Marketing organisation - marketing manager - implementaion and research and promotion of all Responsible and Sustainable Tourism projects in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Tracy Delport
Cabs Car Hire
I would like to use this forum for gaining a greater understanding of current tourism trends and getting to know some of the service providers in the industry, as well as networking with the service providers.

Trevor Sibeko
Dept of Economic Developmentt, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
Interest is based on implementation of responsible tourism in local municipalities for rural development

Twane Palmer
UKZN Conferencing Services
We are a PCO linked to Academic Exellence as part of the University of KwaZulu-Natal

Vicki Hooper
Venues for Conferences
The effective and responsible way a City should treat it's visitors - international and local. Via Hotel accommodation, restaurant facilities, security, availability of retail outlets, effective transport facilities, local tour operators available to ensure maximum visits to local sites of interest and advertising to encourage visitors. If local visitors to the city are encouraged by what they see they will be amenable to taking their business there or even opening an outlet or office there.

Vincent Cupido
Department of Economic Development and Tourism
As you know that my focus is on Tourism Awareness,Local Community and Business are suppose to be aware of Responsible Tourism and I'm interest in gaining knowledge and making people aware of green tourism.

Zwelitsha Abel Sondlo
Cape Winelands District Municipality
Currently employed in the Tourism Department. Would like to learn more about Responsible Tourism and the important role is plays in the Tourism Industry especially with Global Warming and the effects of tourism on the environment.

Delegates - Virtual

Adriaan Kauffmann
PI Wijzer
Advisory service for international development cooperation, particularly interested in tourism development projects and research.
Anders Kärrstedt
Nutti Sámi Siida
Working with indigenous sustainable tourism in Swedish Lapland.
Marcus Bauer
I am a strong believer in the religion of tour-ism. For the last 10 odd years I practice tourism day by day. Mostly as an editor (e.g. and writer, a trainer, a consultant and last not least as a guest and a host. I hold a masters in Sustainable Tourism Management, have worked with community tourism in the East Himalaya ( and since 2009 I run my own agency to promote RT in the German speaking parts of the world.
Reynaldo Nava
Mosaico México
I have worked with NGOs and media outlets in Mexico focusing on responsible tourism in Mexico with a keen interest on using social media. Responsible tourism in cities is of particular interest in my work in Puerto Penasco and Caborca, Sonora. I am eager to learn about responsible tourism practices around the world in city environments.
Carolyn Deuchar
New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at AUT University
Rural tourism, small tourism enterprise network development and the important link to community, social media, community-generated multi-media digital content for tourism
Vicky Soderberg
Cygnet Strategies
Striving to bring RT concepts more solidly into my work with communities to preserve and enhance sense of place - also interested in ways RT can be part of the solution as destinations recover and rebuild their tourism infrastructure and product after natural and man-made disasters

Adriana Alarcón Ontiveros
Actually I'm working for Chiapas, Mexico Tourism Board, and the actual government is very interested in the responsible tourism, also for me, as a worker and as a tour guide is a big challenge but more than that is like a compromise. I'm very interested in get involved about the Responsible Tourism, I would like to know how the government could implement and reinforce good practices of tourism and in my personal activity how can I be a promoter of this kind of tourism. I would like to learn about foreign experiences in different cities, countries and continents to have a deeper insight of the development of Responsible Tourism.

Sarah Goodwin
Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre
Sharing best practices related to community-based cultural tourism development.

Kate Carolus
Marketing Seychelles
The development of responsible tourism practices; and marketing and promotion of responsible tourism destinations, hospitality and other travel concerns.
Mary Tebje
MTA Tourism Leisure
It is an integral part of my work in urban and rural tourism development and the communication of the visitor offer.
Carlos Buj
Viaje a la Sostenibilidad
I have been pushing for RT in Spain for years.
Issa Torres
INTOUR, University of Bedfordshire
We're a tourism research centre and one of our main research interests is sustainable development of tourism and tourism for poverty alleviation. I think this conference is very interesting and relevant to our projects.

Samantha Tyers
Freelance Consultant in Responsible Tourism. Special interest in the diving industry, and marketing and communications.
U V Jose
Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies
Coordinating Responsible Tourism initiative of Kerala, India.

Gerhard Buttner
independent consultant
I am a South African who has worked for many years as ecotourism and responsible travel consultant, mostly in Mexico. Among my specialities are ecotourism project support & consultancy, web 2.0 promotion, social & environmental impact workshops & community guide training (previously I was a Cape Town-based tourist guide). I have a special interest in south-south learning, especially sharing experiences across the Atlantic between Africa & Latin America.
sabrina bini
360 responsible tourism
360° Responsible Tourism works as a consultant and advisor for the development of projects in sustainable tourism. In the world there´s neither up nor down, first or second, everything is at 360° We work on Sustainable Tourism and Project Development Our Services •Counsel for ecotourism and community development projects. •organization of ecotourism workshops for communities and tourism operators. •promotion of seminars, conferences and workshops related to sustainable tourism. we organized group and costumazed tours in ARGENTINA following the idea of Exploring and Sharing What will happen if you leave your inner shelter for a while and move outwards to get a wider perspective of your everyday life? This is an invitation to explore places, people and oneself, an invitation to share a moment, an emotion, a smile, an impulse. These programs are designed to visit two different destinations with time to enjoy the journey and meet local people on the basis of mutual respect and harmony with nature. You will travel according to the premises of Sustainable Tourism being a supporter of this new trend. We are proposing a formula any traveler/host may follow to reach a positive interchange.
Clinton van der Merwe
University of the Witwatersrand
I am currently reading towards a PhD around Heritage Tourism in South Africa and am interested in seeing what RT is all about - and how it relates to Heritage Tourism.

As manager of the Fes Regional Council of Tourism we are very much involved in the devlopement of Responsable tourisme as well in our city than in our region. for example we developped the project " Ziyarates Fes" we allow some families to recieve guests in their houses and allow them to keep their houses and to allow tourists to get in touch with the morrocan way of life.

Chiara Rinaldi
Responsible Tourism Management training

lucia tomassini
I am an architect and urban planner with an international master course on Urban Development and Reconstruction. I actually work on cooperatives development as tool of poverty reduction. Within this year I am going to start a PhD on Monitoring and Evaluation of Pro Poor Tourism Strategies to reach effectiveness.

Christina Dzingala
The George Washington University
I am completing my Masters in Tourism Administration, concentrating on Sustainable Destination Management. I am very much interested in current issues and trends in responsible tourism.

Laura Fayerman
Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development
I advise on sustainability for our organisation and the tourism industry Auckland wide.

Jasmijn Muller
Locum Consulting
tourism consultant


February 2011 - Responsible Tourism Week
March 2011 - online sessions, Slow Adventure Saturday and ITB Berlin
April 2011 - online sessions

These build-up sessions will identify topics, issues, questions and concerns that speakers and participants are encouraged to raise and address in their presentations and in discussion. They will also encourage potential delegates to introduce one another and meet virtually, as well as to plan possible travel, meetings, fringe events or other collaboration in South Africa on or around the date of the workshop.


June - online sessions
July - online sessions
August - online sessions

These follow-up sessions will crystallize issues and initiatives that were raised prior to and during the workshop. They will also help solidify relationships made among participants, as well as identify and plan for a future Responsible Tourism in Cities workshop or conference.




What are tourism and sustainability issues are unique to cities?

Who are the key stakeholders involved in establishing, developing and maintaining responsible tourism in cities?

Why do responsible tourism products tend not to be in cities?

Why do city sustainability strategies and policies tend not to include tourism?

Why do so many cities have sustainability and greening strategies, but not responsible (or sustainable) tourism strategies?

How are initiatives like pedestrianisation, public transportation and cycle lanes (typically initiated for local residents and to address commuting/traffic/congestion problems) linked to tourism?

What does responsible tourism look like in a dense urban area? That isn't a slum?

What are the size ranges (area, population) that differentiate kinds of cities (mega-city, major city, large city, city, etc)?

Who are "locals" in a major city? What makes someone a local?

Do different kinds of responsible travellers (target audiences) prefer city versus non-city responsible tourism experiences? What's the difference?

Are there differences in being responsible as a traveller in a city versus non-city destination?

Are there different enablers, gatekeepers or role players who affect responsible tourism in cities versus non-city destinations?

What is the best terminology for referring to 'non-cities'?

What are some of the leading cities that are implementing responsible tourism?

How do city and non-city responsible tourism destinations compete, conflict, support, and enhance one another?

How do city-owned and -operated facilities and amenities become 'responsible'?

How are city functions linked to responsible tourism (e.g., planning, zoning, health, security, education, etc.)?

Are cities procuring responsible travel themselves?

Are cities hosting green meetings and responsible conferences themselves?

What elements of infrastructure that a city government can provide are important enablers of responsible tourism in a destination?

How do 'quality of life' measures for residents correlate with 'best destination' measures for visitors? Where are they aligned and where do they conflict?

Recommended Reading

The Cape Town Declaration - the defining document of responsible tourism, agreed in 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa

The Urban Agenda - An overview of the international urban debate since 1976 by Daniel Biau, a UN manager and expert who has been part of the process along the way. "Contrary to a prevalent view, the urbanization process of the developing world has been less chaotic than expected by the media. Many countries are managing their urban development relatively well, particularly in Asia, the Arab States and Latin America...the urbanization of our planet should not be seen as an outright disaster. It has both positive and negative features. The United Nations has always stressed the negative to raise awareness while not placing enough emphasis on the positive role of cities, including their impact on rural development...This article seeks to redress this imbalance."

Leading cities into the next global era: The role of cross-sector partnerships - Which types of organisations are best positioned to lead cities and metropolitan areas in dealing with complex development challenges? Where does the innovation required to deal with complexity come from? By Andrew Boraine of the Cape Town Partnership.

Putting People and Partnerships at the heart of City Strategy - This is a summary of a talk by Andrew Boraine on harnessing urban populations that he gave to The Future of Cities conference hosted by Chatham House in London in March 2011.

Should we seek to maintain our ‘quality of life’ or build more liveable cities? - an argument about making the key distinction between maintaining our ‘quality of life’ (unhelpful, for a variety of reasons) and building a more liveable city.


Afrika T

sustainable options: Why are cities often ignored when promoting sustainable tourism?

Twitter mentions!/martinhatchuel/statuses/68385452775837696


Thank you so much for recording this! After the conference I was able to see more responsible tourism on the ground and I left feeling quite inspired by South Africa. I'd like to suggest that we keep the conversation going with an online 'South Africa Week' and follow-up 'Responsible Tourism Week' discussions.

Those interested in learning more about the Responsible Tourism in Cities conference should take a look at the Planeta Wiki

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Mark Your Calendar and Turn On Your Smartphone

Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk @ Indaba 05.2011