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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and enables readers to subscribe to online news, blogs and podcasts. It delivers the news as soon as it is published. It makes it easy to to browse headlines from various sources on one page.

Feeds are an easy way to keep track of changes on a website. A feed is a specially formatted web page that is read by an application called a feed reader or aggregator. This application lists a summary of each change or new page, sorted by date. Sometimes you'll see feeds called syndication, XML, or RSS - they're all the same thing.

Wikispaces provides feeds of page edits, messages, and file changes for all of our wikis. You may also use feeds for specific pages, discussion areas, and files.

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Content can be read in RSS newsreader software. Whenever the web page is updated your newsreader automatically displays the new item. Some news readers are programs you download and install on your computer and others are web-based services that you access with your web browser.

RSS can also be incorporated into a wiki and we are using a number of RSS feeds on pages on this wiki. Examples: cancun, melbourne

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