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Bună Ziua!

Romania borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest is the sixth-largest city in the European Union.

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Romania's national parks

View from Tampa, Brasov, Romania




Romania, an European Union member since 2007, shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast and Bulgaria to the south.

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Sibiu - the European Cultural Capital in 2007


Discover Tarnava Mare promotes responsible tourism across the Tarnava Mare region


Bogdan Papuc, Ecotourism destinations and products in Romania

Spotlight on Discover Village Life - @VillageLife2015 strives to support the local community and gastronomy by letting tourists from around the world explore a new place at a price they set themselves for accommodation and food. Get to know Brehuieşti!


As any other country in this world has two faces (from a touristic point of view). If you want to visit what's "to be seen" in Romania then check out 12 places to visit in Romania.

Then there is this other face, that most foreign visitors do not know and few locals bother to make known.

Perhaps the world got into a sort of "travel template". If you go to France you have to visit Eiffel Tour, if you go to Rome there is the Roman Colosseum and so on. What do you actually learn about France, french people and French culture by visiting the Eiffel Tour? The same thing can be said about Romania. We'll update this wiki page with details about "what visitors SHOULD do to learn more about Romania" and what to visit that's not on the traditional "Romanian Travel Template."

I promised you I will be back with another Romania, that you will never find on any travel guide. This short video is a good start.

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October 2013 European Congress on Rural Tourism