November 8 is Responsible Tourism Day #responsibletourismday #2016
Responsible Tourism Day

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World Responsible Tourism Day is November 8, 2017. We are recapping examples from responsible travel week held earlier this year and previewing Responsible Travel Week 2018 and hanging out with friends in London and across the globe via video conversations and periscope sessions.

Questions to kick off discussion
Does Responsible Tourism Day have a hashtag?
- #ResponsibleTourismDay
What is being celebrated on Responsible Tourism Day?
- Responsible Tourism Awards
What are the accomplishments of the past year?
What are the RT-related upcoming events in 2018?
How is 'Responsible Tourism Day' translated in other languages?

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Tweet and retweet about Responsible Tourism Day
Create a Responsible Travel List on Twitter
Join the RT Networking Group on Facebook



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November 5 Responsible Tourism Day Hangout

Starting Time: 12pm Las Vegas, 2pm Minneapolis USA/San José Costa Rica, 3pm NYC, 8pm London, 9pm Kiruna, 10pm Cape Town

If you're interested in participating on camera, please confirm with Ron Mader and indicate you're attending this hangout by clicking "I'm watching' on the Google event page. This helps us invite you to the green room 10-15 minutes before the official start time.

Previous Hangouts

November 5 Responsible Tourism in Parks and Protected Areas