Buzzword Bingo: Remix = Alternative version of a recorded work

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Remix = Alternative version of a recorded work



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Digital Literacy Remixing Skills

Flickr: Can you replace an image on your Flickr account?
Flickr: Can you change the license of an image on your Flickr account to attribution?
Slideshare: Can you upload a presentation? Can you make changes and replace this presentation?
YouTube: Can you change the license to attribution?


Content is increasingly modular that can be put into context by publisher, editor, author or anyone. Example: a weaver friend in Oaxaca puts up photos of his work, also the dyes needed in the process. I can tweet the pics from Flickr and share them with my followers. I can add them to a 'gallery' or Pinterest album, all of this with the intention of raising awareness so that visitors seek him out. The result: it's working! 'Remix' is the buzzword and it's part of the culture talked up by Lawrence Lessig and other leaders of Creative Commons.

What inspires me is the notion that textbooks are entering the realm of 'Open Education Resources' and I circle back toward travel and tourism and wonder what me might create together if we involve locals and visitors. In the past programmers have for the most part worked alone. Today it's easier to collaborate on open source codes or content (I'm looking at you Wikipedia). What's needed in 'Weaving the Web' is a simple to do list and a reasonable amount of time to explore these new ideas. Getting an account on Twitter and leaving it empty serves no one. Likewise a Facebook profile or Google+ Group. Budget a small amount of time and be consistent is the solution I propose. Which leads me back to the question of the presentation: What do we like and dislike about various social web channels? It's only by talking about this with our peers that we will learn the tricks of the new trades.

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The Internet is reviving the read write culture, moving us from a passive consumption of culture to the kind of culture where we create and share what we create.- Lawrence Lessig @lessig

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