separa la basura nada te cuesta (separating the trash doesn't cost you much)

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Recycle = To convert (waste) into reusable material


Fixing our concrete problems -
“Recycling Is Not Dead!”
The Fascinating Ways the Global Recycling Industry Really Works
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Things Eco-Friendly Travelers & Residents Do


May 17 International Recycling Day (Día Mundial del Reciclaje)

Recommended Listening

Cash for empties - 'Cash for container' schemes, like that in South Australia, build a community of effective recyclers, are a source of income for many and are good for the environment. Why is the beverage industry trying to stop new deposit schemes from being started?
Why did previous WA government drop 'cash for containers'?
Tasmania's Recycling Predicament
Physics of Recycling - ABC

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How does your country collect or recycle electronics, including computers, scanners and printers? (e-waste )



    Art Swap!
    big aussie swap party

    Recycling Week in Australia (November)

    To celebrate National Recycling Week Planet Ark is inviting everyone in Australia to participate in the Big Aussie Swap. This is a unique, nation-wide opportunity for local governments to show their ongoing commitment to raising the profile of reuse and recycling initiatives. Additionally, Swap Parties allow council educators to access an engaged audience in a fun and interactive way. The Swap Party is an ideal place to run other Council recycling or sustainability activities, or to use existing materials including education posters and quiz posters.

    Plastic Bottles

    Every time you refill your bottle you keep a disposable bottle out of the landfill. And it saves you money! -

    Plastic Bags

    The best way to recycle plastic bags is to return them to a take-back receptacle where you received them. If the store or market does not have a take-back receptacle, ask if this is a possibility. If it's not, consider finding somewhere else to shop.

    Mr. Trash Wheel (Baltimore)


    Video Tapes


    Do you know anyone using old CDs in recycled art? - Australia's Green Guru says, "To find a good home for your own used CDs and DVDs, string 'em up to make wind-chimes or a suncatcher to scare the birds off your veggie garden! Or glue felt onto the shiny side, and turn it label side up for a groovy drink coaster."

    Cell phones


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    Reciclaje (Oaxaca, Mexico)
    Rubbish Free Year (New Zealand)
    Crapshoot (USA movie) -


    Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle . How about Repair?




    Artwork / Cue Yourself

    Does it matter if I toss trash in the recyclables bin? = ¿Importa si yo arrojo la basura en la papelera de materiales reciclables? #roofdog