Buzzword Bingo: Privacy = Being free from being observed or disturbed by other people

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Privacy = Being free from being observed or disturbed by other people

Also see: Differential privacy
"Differential privacy, translated from Apple-speak, is the statistical science of trying to learn as much as possible about a group while learning as little as possible about any individual in it. With differential privacy, Apple can collect and store its users’ data in a format that lets it glean useful notions about what people do, say, like and want without being able to extract anything about a single, specific one of those people that might represent a privacy violation. And neither could hackers or intelligence agencies."

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Edward Snowden: Why he became a whistleblower - In his first Australian appearance, via video link from Russia, Edward Snowden explains what motivated him to release classified documents and why he is so concerned about the mass surveillance of citizens.

Perspectives on Privacy

It’s a “wicked” problem: how to safeguard individual privacy in a world that now runs on the trade of personal data.

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