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Podcast = A podcast is a digital media file released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

The word is a portmanteau of the words "pod"— from Apple's iPod and "broadcasting." Despite the etymology, it has never been necessary to use an iPod. A commonly used audio file format is MP3. - Wikipedia


I want it to be easier to annotate and share
By annotation, i mean accessing or creating transcripts, complete or just the key points marked via timestamps (time codes).
By sharing, I mean I want to be able to share the link, preferably with the Twitter handles of the speakers. Not only do I want to share the content, I want to share who made the content. I want to be judged by the depth and breadth of the people who make the content I share. We do not have to agree with everyone, but we can show our respect. Civility Now.


What's the difference between a podcast and a playlist?
Does your podcast have a playlist?
Does your podcast have shownotes?
What Twitter accounts are associated with the podcast?
How do I subscribe to your podcast? = ¿Cómo puede suscribirse a tu podcast?
How do I subscribe to your podcast? = ¿Cómo puede suscribirse a tu podcast? #RoofDog


Do you know how to download a podcast?
How often do you listen to a podcast?


International Podcast Day


Why aren't podcasts easier to share, search and discover?

We'd like to see it easier to timestamp (time code) podcasts


Twitter Moment
Favorite Podcasts from Australia


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Example: Ron's Ipadio Channel



Territory Trails Podtours

Explore the Northern Territory at your own pace with ABC Local Radio's Territory Trails. Download your free podtour (podcast with a tour!) and immerse yourself in the landscape, history and culture of this unique part of Australia.

'Digging up the Dirt' A Heritage Tour of Brompton - Brompton is a historic, small inner city suburb laid out in the 1840s as part of the Town of Hindmarsh. This self-guided walking tour explores Brompton and touches on the memories of those who have called in home.
It seems like podcasting has been around forever, but the idea of people putting audio programs online for others to listen to has really only been a big thing for a decade or less. In fact, the term 'podcasting' first appeared only eight years ago in 2004. Now, just about anyone can make and upload their own stuff—on any topic and in any format they choose. But, as technology races ahead, podcasting is changing, particularly as smartphones saturate the market. So what are the next directions? At the beginning of September, Radio National hosted a conference on behalf of the Ian Reed Foundation. It was called Radio Beyond Radio, and looked at trends and the future of radio. We invited two of the international speakers, Silvain Gire and Francesca Panetta, to tell us a little of what they know about podcasting as a medium and how they think it's being shaped by changing listening habits and ease of delivery.

podcast page

Thrilling Radio Adventure Hour



Podcast Audiences: is a Podcast Social Subscribing site:
  • Collect all your favorite podcasts in one place.
  • Discover what other people are subscribing to.
  • Play anywhere anytime, even when you are on the go.

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