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Pinterest -- is a visual scrapbook to organize and share images of the things you love. It has more than 10 million members

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Have you created an account on Pinterest?
Have you pinned an image?
Have you repinned a friend's image?
Have you edited your profile?
Have you checked your recent activity?

Pinterest: Levels of Engagement = Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentive
Be creative
Create a board
Crea un muro
Be generous
Like, Repin
Me gusta, repin
Be generous
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Buzzword Bingo

activity - analytics - aspiration - board - browse - category - copyright - curate - follow - follower - friends - grid - likes - logout - pin - pinterest - popular - repin - settings - social web - stream - tools - undo

News (May 2012)

Flickr & Pinterest You can now find a "Pinterest" button in the share menu to easily "pin" everything that you can share via Flickr, including photo pages, favorites, and groups. If you pin a lot, the share menu will act smartly and prioritize the Pin It button, showing it as one of the two shortcuts on the photo page. If a photographer does not want their content to be shared, the share menu will be disabled making the Pinterest option unavailable as well.
Please check Flickr's FAQ and a thread in the help forum


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Tip: If you don't use Pinterest or have affection for this tool, you can dismiss it easily by saying 'I"m not pinterested.'

Tips: Pinterest is said to be one of the strongest social media tools existing as it gathers interest to consumers who purchase products seeing in on pinterest.

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