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People and places is a UK-based organization which organizes tours and produces thoughtful resources including An independant guide to ethical volunteering a blog and a newsletter edited by volunteers. Must reading is its thoughtful list of questions that should be asked of any volunteer organisation.

2014 articles

Volunteer holidays: how to find an ethical project
Major changes to the way we work with our projects abroad (outbounding)


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2013 articles by or about people and places
Our first Gambia Experience Volunteer is on her way!
Top Tips for volunteering overseas for the +50s
an ice blue anglia and Philly cheesteak sandwich and interview with people and places founder Sallie
putting responsibility back into responsible volunteering
people and places joins The Code - child protection in tourism
how people and places started
people and places announces partnership with leading UK tour operator to offer fully protected volunteer travel
The damage done when volunteers don't name and shame
"Enjoy yourself in poor countries become a voluntourist!"

Sallie co founder of people and places will be making a presentation on responsible volunteering at WTM on Nov &th 2013
An opportunity to meet the people and places team,local partners and previous volunteers

November 3rd 2012
World travel market Nov 6 2012 Sallie ( co founder people and places) and Paul our local partner in South Africa - were panellists discussing the ethics of volunteer travel watch the video here

2012 Articles by or about people and places

Naxal Orphanage uplifting but heartbreaking
Volunteering in childrens homes - a childs perspective
So whats responsible volunteering about? the rules are SIMPLE!
Radio interview with Sallie Grayson - programme director
Insured to pat a lion but not to read a book
Volunteer Travel and Child Protection – Let’s demand that we do better
Why pay to volunteer
Dont just travel volunteer
people give me my greatest rewards
working and walking in Nepal
Bullied communities - disappointed volunteers
How to avoid gap kids on your grown up gap
Working with children - our mistake
A different view of Saint Lucia

Watch video interviews of volunteers

people and places volunteers talk about their experience - highlights and challenges


people and places - Watch slideshows and powerpoint presentations


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people and places is officially a social enterprise
Time to start naming and shaming
irresponsibletourism time to name the bad practices and put a stop to them
Calling all volunteer bloggers

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People and Places
Better Volunteering
Better Child Protection

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Supporting WTM World Responsible Tourism Day November 10 2010 people and places drew attention to the fact that many volunteers may not be insured whilst volunteering - and launch a new insurance policy which is specifically designed for volunteer travel

people and places explain why they underwent an independant audit of their claims and encourage potential volunteers to ask "Why should I believe you - where is the proof? "

people and places joins the responsible100 the social movement to encourage and campaign for better business


Well designed and managed programmes do not replace local employment and do not leave cynical volunteers and exploited communities - oh and exploited volunteers too.
- Sallie

people and places and the press

Working with children a little responsibility is a dangerous thing
Independent 50 best travel websites
Journalists do more harm than good? and Another missed opportunity
ITC Giving - PR smoke or a genuine luxury voluntourism initiative?

Voluntourism Programme Launched by Luxury Operator

Short-term & luxury hotel – is this responsible voluntourism?
Volunteer Abroad and Feel Fabulous Body and Soul. Seriousl
Caveat emptor - bogus reviews - is there a solution
Budget Excursions for Volunteers

National Geographic Traveller quotes people and places advice…..but
EXCELLENT interview with Paul Miedema people and places local partner in South Africa about responsible volunteering

Volunteer and get a vacation deal
“I want to make a difference”: voluntourism, NGOs and international aid in Cambodia
World teachers day

Easily made mistakes

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