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related: tools, curate -- lets members publish their own online 'newspapers' in just a few clicks. Log in with Twitter and you can create a newspaper

When you set up an account, you can add up to 10 different streams of content to your Drag and drop them to order them by priority. Changes to the content streams will be reflected in the next edition. You can manually edit the content of your paper article by article! Reposition, promote, delete or block content by using the curation options found on each article of the paper.


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Easy way to add content to your paper is by dragging a special button to your browswer's bookmark bar from inside the set-up.

You have the option of automatically tweeting to all your followers new updates from your Twitter account (max once a day). Frankly, we recommend against this.

Improved Curation
We increased the number of content streams, introduced new sources such as Google+ and RSS feeds and improved filtering to aid you in publishing your topic specific papers

"Publish it" Bookmarklet
A nifty tool that empowers you to easily curate content from anywhere on the web into a current edition of your newspaper, as well as store that source for future editions. Learn more

Mobile Readers
We launched a native iPhone app and introduced a web optimized mobile browser for iPhone and Android devices to support the growing demand in mobile viewing.

Back by popular demand, we re-launched the Community blog. Read how publishers are using to support ideas, promote awareness and build communities around topics and events.

New home page
Lastly, we launched a new front page that brings all the essentials into one place. This makes it easy to access the newsstand and blogs, and stay abreast of announcements.

Promote on Twitter

AUTOMATICALLY tweet, to all your followers, any new updates for this paper from your Twitter account (max once a day). You can stop this promotion at any time.

Topic selection: Why is a random #hashtag displaying and not my own?

i have two of my own #hashtag options and only one of my own #hashtags is displaying (in the link bar) along with #jobs - which did not add, nor do I want (I actually would prefer more #hashtags of...
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How hashtags are chosen for the topics bar

The hashtags published in the topic bar are so called trending hashtags. These #tags represent the two most popular #tags associated with your content for that edition and cannot yet be chosen by y...
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The #tags in my headlines have changed / disappeared

The hashtags published in the topic bar are so called trending hashtags. These #tags represent the two most popular #tags associated with your content for the current edition and cannot yet be chos...
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