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ABC Open


Run that town

Clarke And Dawe

Respecting Our Culture (ROC)
Ecotourism Association of Australia
CRC Sustainable Tourism
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
Araucaria Updates
Quality Tourism
Travelbiz Australia
Victorian Tourism Awards
Tourism Industry Australia
Sustainable Tourism for Heritage Places
International Centre for Ecotourism Research (ICER)
Understanding the Jargon - Tourism Western Australia
Tourism Australia News Centre
National Tourism Alliance
Australian Society of Travel Writers
Australian Traveler
Travel Weekly
Travel - Nine MSN
New Resource Launched to Assist Indigenous Tourism Businesses

2013 Election

2013 election
Only the Greens will protect the environment @senatormilne
Hashtag: #ausvotes

2010 Election
Our nod to the federal election campaign and an update on Gov 2.0 initiatives


Outer Edge


Australian Farm Institute
Biological Farmers of Australia
Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Jerra Park
19th World Congress of Soil Science
CSIRO land and water
Birchip Cropping Group
Radio National - Future Tense - The world's first digital Global Soil Map
Year of the farmer

Caring for our Country is one way the Australian Government funds environmental management of our natural resources by supporting communities, farmers and other land managers to protect Australia’s natural environment and sustainability.



The Australian National Anthem - Australia Now
Australian National Anthem - Images Australia

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

archie roach

Green Building Council of Australia

Arts and Culture
Australia's Culture Portal
2004 Australian Culture Now

Australia Day

Australian of the Year

Australian of the Year
Australian of the Year - Wikipedia

AIMIA Awards 2011


Adventure and Backpacking Conference
Backpacking Australia


Beaches -

Big Things (Queensland)


2080: The future of Australia's biodiversity. Hugh Possingham
The business of biodiversity

Big Volcano

BigVolcano on Twitter
Big Volcano
Ecotourism Resource Centre
Wollumbin Visitor Guide


Australia Blog
Lost in Transit -


Araucaria Ecotours


Burke and Wills
Indigenous perspective on Burke and Wills

Modern tourists following Burke and Wills across Australia

Burke and Wills' fatal error


A horror bushfire season awaits southern Australia this summer as a result of the on-going drought, according to the latest forecast from the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre.
You Tube
Seasonal bushfire outlook map - National 2008-9
Wildlife Rescue - Wires


Ships of the Desert: Camels in Australia - Camels were part of some of the important colonial expeditions into the Australian interior, and they carried the railway sleepers and telegraph poles that connected the vast continent and eventually opened it up to the rest of the world.

Caravan parks

Caravanning Qld
Go See Australia

First Dog at Crikey




Bureau of Meteorology (Weather Forecasts) - National Radar Loop
To see the Miriwoong calendars go to weather calendars
Interactive: 100 years of drought in Australia
Garnaut Review 2011
Australia - Climate of Our Continent - Bureau of Meteorology
Climate change in Australia: technical report 2007
How climate change will affect your backyard - CSIRO (podcast)
Climate Change in Australia
Climate of Australia - Wikipedia
Parliamentary committee on climate change website
National Tidal Centre website
National Sea Change Taskforce website
Gold Coast City Council website
Gold Coast City Cultural and Civic Precinct Master Plan Ideas Competition
Master of Design Future's website
Australian Government report: Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts

Climate change and our coast

1. Scientists believe the drought that has been plaguing southern Australia is caused by…

a) A dominant El Nino weather pattern bringing less rainfall to southern Australia
b) Temperature fluctuations in the Indian Ocean
c) Climate change leading to overall lower rainfall across Australia
d) Bad luck

Australia's severe drought is being driven by temperature fluctuations in the Indian Ocean, scientists reported in February 2009. They investigated a climate pattern called the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). In its negative phase, the IOD is characterised by cool water to the west of Australia and warm water to the north, leading to winds that bring warm, moist, rain-bearing air to the continent. In the positive phase, water temperatures are reversed and less moisture travels to Australia. In the past 15 years the IOD has been either neutral or positive and in the last few years there were three consecutive positive phases, say the scientists.

Read the article: Indian Ocean driving Australia's big dry
An estimated 4000 tonnes of dust settled on Sydney, while scientists calculated about three million tonnes landed in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, during the dust storm that hit the city in September. Measurements taken at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science in Sydney Harbour and 10 kilometres offshore two weeks after the dust storm showed a tripling of microscopic plant life, or phytoplankton.
Read the article: Dust storm triggers ocean bloom

Island koalas too close for comfort


Coastal Watch
Coasts and Oceans - Department of the Environment
Oz coasts


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission


Semi-arid and arid lands ('deserts') cover over two-thirds of Australia.

Realising the potential of desert environments - ABC
Listen Now //- 24122008// |Download Audio //- 24122008//
Nearly three quarters of Australia is desert, you know. Consequently, most of our population centres have built up around the edges of the continent.
Recent discussion around deserts here have focused on the viability of remote Indigenous communities, with remote Australia being described by some as a 'failed state' ... referring to the difficulty maintaining infrastructure like health and housing. But it's a bitter contradiction -- Australia's deserts and the people living there contribute over ninety billion dollars to Australia's gross revenue. That's according to the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre.
In early November this year, over 300 people got together in Alice Springs to discuss the potential of desert environments. A sixth of the world's population live in desert regions ... and the conference examined the potential of these environments to generate energy, food, knowledge and industry. Sharing and developing knowledge of desert environments seems particularly relevant given climate change.

Dick Smith




Australia Greens After Record Rains - Earth Observatory (2010)
Drought in Southeast Australia - Earth Observatory (2005)


Stubborn Mule
Beyond Zero Emissions
University of Newcastle - Coal production research forecast
Grattan Institute- Energy Programs
The zero carbon jump

Burning desire to put coal industry out to pasture - Sydney Morning Herald


Eco Shop
Australia Conservation Foundation
Ecosustainable Hub Australia
Wildlife Tourism Australia
Coasts and Oceans - Department of the Environment
Ethical Consumer Guide
Rainforest Way
Greening Australia
Wilderness Society - An olive branch offered at the Wilderness Society (04.2010)
Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network -



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Food - -
Back 'o' Bourke Tails And How To Cook 'Em
Food on Friday - camp cooking

Australian cuisine - Meat pie, pavlova, lamingtons - is there such a thing as a national Australian dish? Today Australian cuisine is a mix of cooking styles from all over the world. You particularly see that in the variety of restaurants. But how about our home cooking? What defines Australian cuisine and the Australian eating culture?

De Groots Best Restaurants
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Organic Growers Australia
Biological Farmers of Australia
Australian Certified Organic
Demeter Biodynamic Agriculture Australia
Australia's Organic Directory (website of Environment Society of Australia)
Bathurst Agricultural Research Station
Farmers Markets
Seasonal food
Australian Food and Grocery Council
Green Tucker
ABC News - Government pulls plug on grocery choice
Australian Food News
Australian National Retailers Association

Beets on a hamburger

Bush tucker
Aboriginal Trail home page
Better Health Channel - Aboriginal diet and nutrition
Bush food of Australia
Aboriginal Bush Tucker
Bush Tucker Plants or Bush Food - Australian native food plants
Cultivating bush tucker


Small is beautiful
Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA)

Farmer's Markets

Australian Farmers' Markets Association
Is Australia in danger of farmers market saturation? - Bush Telegraph
Victorian Farmers' Markets Association -!/VicFarmrsMarkts
Bendigo Community Farmers' Market -


Oxfam Australia



How does film-induced tourism affect a country town?



The drama of rocks
Answer to opal mystery shows Red Centre's links to Red Planet


Australia Bureau of Statistics
Bureau of Rural Sciences

Great Artesian Basin

Australian Heritage Council


Moving forward, looking back
Alfred Deakin Research Institute website
Australian Policy and History Network website

A Merciless Place

When Britain was defeated in the American War of Independence, it had nowhere to send its criminals. Australia wasn't an option at the time but the British did have many slave-trading ports in West Africa. These convicts could fill the ranks of British soldiers who guarded the forts and their human cargo, kept there before they were shipped to North America, South America and the West Indies. What happened to many of these convicts during Britain's disastrous West African scheme that led to the colonisation of Australia, is told in a new book by Dr. Emma Christopher



Queensland Hotels Association
Australian Hotels Association


The Chaser
The Bladder


The Kosciuszko Huts Association (KHA) is an organisation of concerned people who care about the preservation, maintenance and history of the huts in the Kosciuszko (NSW) and Namadgi (ACT) National Parks.
Mountain Huts Preservation Society - Facebook (Tasmania)
Huts in the wild - Bush Telegraph
Huts and the imagination - By Design


The search for Jandamarra's head

Jorg Imberger





Lighthouses of Australia


Where the hell is Lara's line?- Courier Mail


interactive website

The Matilda Myth


Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC)


Major Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Livingstone Mitchell: Mapping maestro
Celebrations in central Victoria commemorate the 175th anniversary of Major Mitchell's expedition
Australia Felix - 175 years on

View Major Mitchell's Australia Felix expedition, 1836 in a larger map


Mountains of Australia - Wikipedia

Murray Darling

The basin covers 14% of Australia's land mass generates 40% of our income derived from agricultural production. It's home to more than 2 million people and a further 1.3 million people, including the population of Adelaide who are reliant on its water resources.
Murray Darling Basin - Wikipedia
Murray Darling Basin Authority
Weirs, barrages and rhetoric - Bush Telegraph
The Murray Darling Basin Draft Plan
Murray-Darling Basin Plan leaked before release next week (2011)
The proposed Basin Plan for consultation
The Murray Mouth Controversy
One place, Many Stories: Murray Darling-Basin


Australian War Memorial
National Museum of Australia (Canberra)
Museum Victoria
Powerhouse Museum

Folk Art Alliance
Dead Can Dance - Wikipedia
Paul Kelly
Australian music centre
Ngarukuruwala -

Music Festivals

Neighbour Day

Australia's annual celebration of community is held on the last Sunday in March

Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island fails self governing experiment


Outback Now


Picture Australia


Wayne Quilliam


Ern Malley Hoax
A secret history of Australian poetry


The Interpreter - Lowy Institute for International Policy

Australian Labour Party - @australianlabor
Australia Greens - @GreensMPs
Australian Greens - Wikipedia
Bob Brown - Wikipedia
Kevin Rudd - Wikipedia

Politics: Greens


e-Travel Blackboard
Crikey - @crikey_news

About Australia
The Aussie Pub


Radio National
Radio National Editor’s blog

Radio (Other) -

Redfern Speech

Rock Art

Centre for Rock Art Studies UWA
ABC Science - Debate over industry impact on WA rock art
ABC News - Megafauna cave painting could be 40,000 years old
ABC Radio National - Awaye!: Rock of the ages
Protect Australia's Spirit - a campaign to save our rock art
Australia's first chair in rock art, Professor Paul Tacon, launched a campaign called Protect Australia's Spirit.
Traditional owners welcome rock art register - SBS


Our Future World
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Australian skeptics


Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide
Seafood Experience Australia
The Australian Marine Conservation Society
Eat fish (ethically)


Standard Recycling Signs - Environment NSW

Social Web

The Pool


Australian Institute of Sport
Communication and Media Studies, Monash University
Sport Studies, University of Canberra
Australian Sports Commission, Ethics in Sport
St. James Ethics Centre, Sport
The Future of Sport in Australia
Australian Institute of Sport
Australian Canoeing
Independent Sport Panel
ABC Grandstand - Goal posts shift in sport overhaul
ABC News Video - Olympic Committee insulted by sport-funding report
@AUSTbaseball @TeamAusBaseball

Sporting Goods





The Car Pool
Road Conditions Reports Site


National Tree Day

Universities and Research Centers

Outdoor and Environmental Education - La Trobe University
Australian Catholic University
Australia Institute
Macquarie University
Charles Darwin University
University of Newcastle
University of Western Sydney
Macquarie Globe
William Angliss Institute


Water - The Age
Water Trail - CERES
Land and Water Australia
Average annual and monthly rainfall
The Climate Series: Mike Young on Australia's water in a time of climate change

In this Climate Series conversation, one of the nation's leading water experts Mike Young talks to Age environment reporter Adam Morton about water in a time of climate change. They discuss the extent of the nation's water shortages and the outlook for the future, strategies for coping with the likely ongoing deficit, the troubles of the Murray-Darling system and much more. Professor Mike Young is a member of the Wentworth Group, Executive Director of University of Adelaide's Environment Institute, Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO Land and Water, and a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences.

The CSIRO has released its most comprehensive study yet into the future of the Murray-Darling basin. It shows by 2030 there'll be 50 per cent less water flowing in the southern end of the Murray than now, if the drought continues.

The Murray Darling system is dying from the mouth up. In the midst of the rhetoric, the drought and our competing demands, an entire ecosystem and its people, are running out of time. One of the constant cries from people at the end of the river system is for some kind of single vision - an entity that can leap frog state politics and individual catchments to calculate a balance of flow and allocation that's both accurate, independent and truly sustainable. The Murray Darling Basin Authority only began life in December last year and is now reviewing the special drought sharing arrangements for the Murray.These special water sharing arrangements between New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have been in place since June 2007 as the normal sharing arrangements did not provide for the extreme and prolonged drought conditions that the Basin has been suffering.

The Great Artesian Basin

Wildlife Tourism Australia

Wildlife Tourism Australia
Wildlife Tourism and Conservation: The Perfect Marriage? - WTA
Wildlife Tourism Australia - Flickr


Australian Collaboration
Waste Wise Events
Convict Creations
Rainforest Rescue
Lismore Tourism
A walk in the park – ABC
Local Tourism: Your guide to tourism and local governments
Anna Wearne Trust
Northern Rivers Tourism

Charles Firth

Conservation Covenant

Conservation Covenant Concessions
Conservation covenant concession
Nature Conservation Covenant Program
Covenant program components
Conservation covenant concessions

Outdoor Australia



Markets -


Australia Survey


Hotel Link
Travel Lodge

MGSM Executive Hotel
Sydney - Hotel Link

Byron Bay
Arts Factory


Australia 2020

peter garrett

car rental




Anzac Day
Australia Institute
Monkey Grip
Reg Sprigg
Southern Cross
Tim Flannery
Tall poppy syndrome
Tasman Sea


From little things big things grow
Get Up Australia
Gunns and labor
River's End
Sport: a panel discussion with William McInnes, Gideon Haigh and John Harms. Adelaide Writers' Week
From little things big things grow
A humorous look Gunns, the Tasmanian Government and old growth forestry logging in Tasmania - John Clarke and Brian Dawe


Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Government 2.0 Taskforce webpage



The Pool is a social media project developed by ABC Radio National to share your creative work with the Pool community and ABC producers - upload music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews, animations and more. It's a collaborative space where audiences become makers. Radio National's Bush Telegraph invites you to get on your soapbox and tell everyone about your loves, loathes, passions and inspirations.


Australia's Bicentennial National Trail is a 5330-kilometer route through Australian bush, wilderness and mountain areas

Land and Water Australia

Lyrebird TV

Tourism Australia
Tourism and Transport Forum

Wandarra nyundu

Torres Strait

Torres Strait Islands: Pearlshelling, Treaty, the Sea and Joh
With the announcement of a referendum on the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution, Rear Vision asks: what do we know about the history of the people from the second half of that phrase? How is it that Australia recognises two different groups of indigenous people?


Winton is the birthplace of QANTAS and the home of Waltzing Matilda, Dinosaurs and Opals.
Walking with Winton


Art at the heart - A total of 950 delegates met in the desert town of Alice Springs for Regional Arts Australia's sixth biennial conference art at the heart. The conference held from 3-5 October 2008 provided artists, arts workers and arts volunteers the opportunity to gather, discuss, perform and celebrate the arts and cultural achievements of regional Australia.

art at the heart was hosted by the Northern Territory Government through Arts NT in collaboration with the Alice Springs Town Council. The Australian Government supported the conference through the Regional Arts Fund, the Australia Council for the Arts supported the artistic program and the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs supported the Indigenous participation in the conference.

Regional Arts Australia's seventh national biennial conference - .... a cool change is coming - Launceston,Tasmania, August 2010. More information is available on

Red Mob Wangka Man

Rethinking our Place in Nature
- The School of Philosophy at ACU National

Video - Clive Hamilton: Consumerism, Self-Creation and Prospects for a New Ecological Consciousness

Ross Garnaut on the costs and benefits of climate change mitigation - The Monthly

Ross Garnaut presents key findings of the Garnaut Climate Change Review (commissioned by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments), which examines the impacts, challenges and opportunities of climate change for Australia.

Gina Rinehart


The Rudd government has set up a 200-million dollar Reef Rescue plan. One of the key elements is to reduce the high rate of pesticides, sediment and fertiliser that runs off farms along the north Queensland coast, many of which are sugar plantations.


Why the bloody hell they aren't coming - Eddie McGuire
"The world economy is on the fritz, people are staying close to home. And just as Paul Hogan was the face of Australia, well, Paul Hogan remains the face of Australia! We need more than shrimps on the barbie and babes in bikinis on beaches. You can do that nearly everywhere else in the world. Cheaper and more conveniently ... As romantic as it used to be to imagine Australia as a happy-go-lucky Crocodile Dundee backwater, that now works against us. The first thing people ask when contemplating going somewhere a bit different is "how safe is it?" The only news people hear about Australia and tourism is Ivan Milat, the Backpacker murders, people being left out among man-eating sharks on dive tours off Queensland, crocodile attacks and the world's deadliest spiders. Tickets, anyone?"

Glass House Mountains National Park

The great race: Mapping the Australian coastline
Who was the first to map the entire Australian coastline? Was it the British or the French? David Hill presents a gripping account of the competition between those early explorers and their journeys into the unknown.

Ludwig Leichhardt
Leichhardt's Brass - A musical adventure across the Australian desert in search of Ludwig Leichhardt.
In the footsteps of explorer Ludwig Leichhardt