Open Space Technology
Open Space Technology

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Open Space Technology is one of our favorite conference or unconference formats. To understand how it works, participate in an event.


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OST workshops also employ the following principles which are posted in the main room:

whoever comes is the right people (ost)
Whoever comes is the right people
Spanish: Quien sea que venga, son las personas correctas
The wisdom to achieve solutions is present in the room.
whatever happens is the only thing that could have (ost)
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
Spanish: Pase lo que pase, es lo único que pudo haber pasado
Keep attention on the best possible effort in the present, instead of wondering endlessly about what should or could have been done.
whenever it starts is the right time (ost)
Whenever it starts is the right time
Spanish: Cuando sea que empiece, es el momento preciso
when it's over, it's over (ost)
When it is over, it is over
Spanish: Cuando se terminó, se terminó
Continue their discussion so long as there is energy for it. This may result in a short session not filling the entire time allotted, or it may result in a session longer than the time allotted.
wherever it is is the right place (ost)
Wherever it is is the right place.
Spanish: Donde sea es el lugar corecto
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If it's not fun, it's not working = Si no está divertido, no está funcionando #foamboard
If it isn’t fun, it isn’t working
Spanish: Si no está divertido, no está funacionando
Make it fun!
be prepared to be surprised
Be prepared to be surprised
Spanish: Se listo para estar sorprendido
Keep an open mind!

Law of Two Feet

The Law of Two Feet #openspace
The Law of Two Feet - If people find themselves in situations where they are neither learning nor contributing, they are responsible for moving to another place -- using their two feet to find a place where their participation is more meaningful.
La Ley de Dos Pies #openspace
La Ley de Dos Pies - Si las personas se encuentran en situaciones donde no están ni aprendiendo ni contribuyendo con nada, ellos son responsables de moverse hacia otro sitio - usando sus dos pies para encontrar un lugar donde su participación sea mas significativa.

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