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Open Access = Availability to all

For a whistle-stop tour of all things open, check out the overview Set the default to open.

For our #OAWeek questions, watch the periscope video.

What's next?

October 23-29 Open Access Week
March 5-9, 2018 Open Education Week - @openeducationwk #openeducationwk


The Future Of Open Access: Why Has Academia Not Embraced The Internet Revolution?
why-open-science-daily - @journal_365
nature-communications-is-becoming-fully-open-access - @joergheber @NatureComms
Free the knowledge
Let's shine a light on paywalls that deny open access to scientific research
Open Access — yes you can - @Stephen_Curry
Open Access for University of Texas Libraries?

Translating Open Access Week

Spanish: Semana de Acceso Abierto

Translating: Set the Default to Open

Spanish: Establecer el Valor Prederminado a Abierto
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International Open Access Week 2017

International Open Access Week is a global, community-driven week promoting Open Access as the new default in scholarship and research. This year the celebration is held October 23-29. Hashtag: #OAweek

To be fair, International Open Access Week has always been about action, and this year’s theme encourages everyone to take concrete steps to make their own work more openly available and encourage others to do the same.

Established in 2008 by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and partners in the student community, International Open Access Week is an opportunity to take action. The “Open in Action” theme highlights the researchers, librarians, students, and others who have made a commitment to working in the open and how that decision has benefitted them—from researchers just starting their careers to those at the top of their field.

Key Links

2016 Examples

How is International Open Access Week translated in other languages?

What are the notable publications and resources made available this year in Open Access format in the following categories:
  • Travel and Tourism?
  • Parks and Protected Areas?
  • Travel and Tourism in Parks and Protected Areas?

Open in Action
Open in Action: 2016 Open Access Week (October 24-30) #OAweek @SPARC_NA

also see: impactstory

Open Access 16
Example: Bodleian First Folio
Welcome to the digital facsimile of the Bodleian First Folio of Shakespeare's plays, Arch. G c.7. This has been made possible by the generous support of the donors to the Sprint for Shakespeare public campaign (August to December 2012). We are grateful to them all, and hope that you will enjoy becoming part of the story of the First Folio.

Find out more about this book's remarkable history, the campaign, and the work that led to its digitization.
@OERConf @OldFortunatus #OER16 #libraries

Open with Care - Melissa Highton
At OER16 Melissa discusses the challenges for leadership in open educational resources, the role of universities in open knowledge communities and reflect upon the returns and costs associated with institutional investment. ‘There are shared areas of the internet, where we all have a civic responsibility to contribute and participate. The big cultural organisations such as universities have an important role to play’.

Soundbytes 5:50 Famous Sheep 6:30 10,000 distance education students in Edinburgh 7:15 Trick is to get the OER vision to match the mission by the university

Open for Collaboration: Open Access Week 2015

Open Access Week is a global event in its ninth year and took place October 19-25, 2015. This is an opportunity for academic and research communities to learn about the benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has selected the theme for this year’s International Open Access Week: "Open for Collaboration."

Twitter hashtags: #oaweek and #OpenAccess
Organizer: @SPARC_NA

New in 2015

How is it, or can it be, in the interests of communities to invest in making their knowledge less exclusive and more public? What do they get in return? By placing (or re-placing) the interests of communities at the centre we can understand, and cut through, the apparent dilemma that “information wants to be free” but that it also “wants to be expensive”. By understanding the limits on open open knowledge we can push them, so that, in the limit, they are as close to open as they can be.
@citylis @CameronNeylon


History: Begun in 2007 as the National Day of Action for Open Access, the event was originally a partnership between SPARC and students who organized local events on a handful of campuses across the USA. Since then, both student involvement in Open Access and Open Access Week itself have grown exponentially. SPARC’s student program, The Right to Research Coalition, has grown to more than 75 member student organizations, which collectively represent nearly seven million students in more than 100 countries around the world. The energy, creativity, and passion of the next generation that sparked the National Day of Action for Open Access in 2007 can now be seen in projects like the Open Access Button, a student-developed tool that helps users find freely available copies of pay walled articles. SPARC encourages advocates around the world to use the week as a catalyst for raising awareness of Open Access and to build a dialogue with the next generation about shaping the system of scholarly communication that they will inherit. Wishlist: We'd like to see connections among tourism and conservation professionals and academics. Are statistics freely available? Are scholarly reports accessible? We will spotlight good examples

Open for Collaboration: 2015 Open Access Week, Oct 19-25 #openaccess
Readings for Open Access Week - Peter Suber

Events around the World
Berkeley, California: participative-bay-area-oa-week-event-for-generation-open

Kick Off Event: World Bank

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Buzzword Bingo: Open = Allowing access, passage or a view
Buzzword Bingo: Creative Commons @creativecommons

How do we collaborate? = ¿Como podemos collaborar? #Roofdog #oaweek #OpenAccess



Recommended Listening

Open access - Easy access to published scientific and medical research can drive policy and real results.

Big Deals in the knowledge business: how scholarly publishing divides academia - The battle to control information in the world of science, technology, and medical publishing


Some terms

Open access is free and unrestricted online access to and liberal re-use of material*.
Gold open access is* immediate OA publication ** on a publisher’s site, often involving payment of an article processing charge (APC).
Green open access describes the practice of authors making papers available in public repositories.
Fully open access journals publish all content within the journal on an open access basis.
Hybrid open access journals publish a mixture of open access and non-open access content.

Elsewhere on the Web - - @openscience
Guerilla Open Access Manifesto -

Gold and Green Open Access

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World Bank,,contentMDK:23164771~pagePK:64257043~piPK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html


Open access literature is digital, free of charge and does not have the copyright and licensing restrictions.


PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit organization and publisher whose goal is to establish more open, efficient, and effective ways to communicate new ideas and discoveries. Everything published is freely available online throughout the world.

Open Access Week 2013: Redefining Impact

Recommended Reading

Open Access by Peter Suber

How open is it?

Recent Events

October 21-27 Open Access Week is an annual scholarly event which takes place during the last full week of October in a multitude of locations both on- and offline around the world. Activities include talks, seminars, symposia, or the announcement of open access mandates and other milestones.

The theme of 2013's Open Access Week is “Redefining Impact." If there are any takeaways from previous efforts in opening and sharing access to information is that what is most effective is the most widely understood. Meaningful interaction with knowledge requires that we learn how to communicate across sectors. If we truly engage people at all points of the dialogue, then the impact we can make will the greatest and the most surprising.

Ron Mader: "I am currently unable to organize a local 'open access' event when locals have no understanding of what 'open access' means. It may be understood theoretically, but these words are outside the vocabulary. Let me explain. I live in southern Mexico where few people speak English. Trying to explain concepts like 'open access' is a big challenge. I welcome any suggestions on introducing the ideas and hosting a walk-and-talk to explore them in depth."

Questions: Is there a way to connect the noble ideas of Open Access Week with traditional conferences? Would anyone be interested in editing a 'call to action' for event planners to make their information and events open access? Could we create an 'open access' scorecard for academic publications and international events?

Official Spin

Check out what groups are doing with Article Level Metrics to change the way scholarly communication is measured—read the SPARC Innovator article on the creators of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

Start planning and posting your events now to get maximum participation!

Some ideas for collateral at your events: use the official templates to create buttons, flyers, stickers to hand out and promote open access at your events. Create posters to have as backdrops to your speakers.

Are there people right on your campus who could speak? Has your campus been using Open Access Funds? Showcase your progress. See how other campuses are using their funds.

To help you start planning watch the SPARC Webcast with Brian Glanz on Hackathon’s. You could build an event around a simple Hack.

Watch the Right to Research’s PhD Comics “Open Access Explained” video Link:
Watch Jack Andraka explain how Open Access to research allowed him to discover breakthrough diagnostic for pancreatic cancer.
Join a group here to get more ideas or see what others are planning.

Libraries Host Events Highlighting Open Access Week, 10/21-10/25 (Austin, Texas)

@gmcmahon @Stephen_Curry @niamhmbrennan @ersatzben @davidecarroll @LibraryatQUB
#OAweek #QUBOA

October 22-28 Open Access Week

OA Week is an invaluable chance to connect the global momentum toward open sharing with the advancement of policy changes on the local level.

Here is the final version of the Open Access Spectrum Guide (OAS) so that people can download and print it for their use next week and beyond. - @OpenAccessNow

Sep 27 Connecting the Dots between Open Access and Open Educational Resources


Open access is an inevitable consequence of the internet.
- Stephen_Curry

Open Access Button

Creative Commons: November 18 marks the launch of the Open Access Button, a browser bookmark tool that allows users to report when they hit paywalled access to academic articles and discover open access versions of that research. The button was created by university students David Carroll and Joseph McArthur, and announced at the Berlin 11 Student and Early Stage Researcher Satellite Conference.

Here's how the Open Access Button works: Every time you hit a paywall blocking your research, click the button. Fill out a short form, add your experience to the map along with thousands of others. Then use the tools to search for access to papers and spread the word.

Buzzword Bingo: Open Access Button @OA_Button @Open_access @OpenAccessNow

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