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Nutti Sámi Siida provides arctic adventures based upon the Indigenous Sámi culture. Owners Nils Torbjörn Nutti and Carina Pingi are both Sámi from two different Sámi communities in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland. Nils and Carina had been working with tourism together with reindeer herding since mid '90s.

The company was established in 2000.

Nutti Sámi Siida is a well-established Sámi (Lappish) ecotourism company in Jukkasjärvi village, in northernmost part of Sweden. We are specialised in reindeer sledding tours.

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Nutti Sámi Siida started as family business in the autumn 1996. Due to ice on the ground and lot of snow the natural grazing for the reindeer was bad. To prevent them from starving they decided to feed them in enclosures during the winter. Buying factory made food was expensive and they got the idea to take on visitors to the reindeer corral and in that way finance the feeding. They contacted the famous Icehotel to find out whether they were interested to send guest. A cooperation started and Nutti Sámi Siida have since then been Icehotel's main producer of Sámi activities.

In the last years they have moved from just being a producer to become a tour operator. Today they sell packages including accommodation and other activities such as dog-sled and horseback riding. But still with an indigenous perspective on sustainability and respect for nature.

The name Nutti Sámi Siida comes from the old Siida system, where a Siida was a family group or a group of families that inhabited an area with natural boundaries where they herded their reindeer and had their hunting and fishing grounds.

Guided outdoor activities based upon Sámi culture, such as reindeer sled tours, and hiking trips.
Group events
Accommodation in Reindeer lodge
Open-air museum with Sámi artifacts from the nomadic time.
Handicraft shop and Cáfe

Nutti Sámi Siida has recieved plenty of achievements for their work in Indigenous tourism. The company was one of the first to be approved with "Natures best" a Swedish certification for Ecotourism. In 2010 Nutti Sámi Siida won the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award.

High quality, Time to explore, Joy of discover, Respect for nature and Sustainability are terms that stands for the work of Nutti Sámi Siida.

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Här har vi programmet för Sámi márkan Jukkasjärvi 19-21 aug. Ytterligare information finns på vår webb

Hoppas vi ses! Bures boahtin! Välkommen! - önskar teamet på Nutti Sámi Siida.

The Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi highlights and recognizes the Sami culture and various topics related to life in Sápmi. The event is held in Sámi Siida - Márkanbáiki / Kyrkudden in Jukkasjarvi. This year the market takes place August 19-21. For details, consult the original program

Here are Saturday's presentations
12pm Why Sami tourism is important for the Sápmi - Lennart Pittja and Nils T Nutti.
Lennart Pittja, Sápmi Nature, has worked in Sami tourism for more than 20 years. He is vice president of the Ecotourism Association and works as a part-time coach in Swedish Lapland with sustainable tourism and Sami tourism. Lennart gives his views on the opportunities and problems of Sami tourism.Taking into account the nature, the reindeer and the local community are important elements in the continued development of sustainability focus. Nils T Nutti, Nutti Sámi Siida tell about how his tourism with reindeer husbandry Foundation has developed and what the products such as Reindeer Lodge, Vuoján, Ráidu and Sámi Siida mean.

1:30pm Sami in social media - Samas muinna -kampanjens language ambassadors.
"Samas muinna" is an encouraging and positive campaign for the Sami language. The goal of the campaign is that the Sami languages ​​to be seen and heard in social media. Boađe sámástit yes cale miiguin. Vuoitte sámásmuinna cap távvala yes! "SAMase muinna2" Lea riikkaviidosaš movttiidahttin-kampánja mii lea visot Sámi nuoraide. Come and talk and write with us. Win a sámásmuinna flat-cap and painting! Sámásmuinna2 is a nationwide cross-pepper campaign for all young Sami.

Sun 21/8: pm. 11:00 Sami approach to learning - Ylva Jannok Nutti.
Ylva Jannok Nutti, Sami allaskuvla, PhD, first amanuensus of education at teacher training and project leader of the research project Samiske children think about traditional knowledge: Knowledge exchange between pre-school, school and community. What is Sami approach to learning? What may be different views on learning mean for socializing with children and young people in different contexts, at home, in kindergarten, in school and in society in general? These are questions that Ylva will highlight during his lecture that caters mainly to Sami parents.

Sun 21/8: pm. 13:00 pollinating conversation between science and the performing arts - Åsa Virdi Kroik, Giron Sámi Teáhter.
On the theme Sami outlook on life, food and power relations. If the colonial concept of religion and a different way to see - political shamanism and political Sami shamanism. The conversation led by Åsa Virdi Kroik who is a graduate student at Southern Cross University, Australia in Indigenous Philosophy and lecturer at Uppsala University. As a participant, you have space to share your thoughts, ask questions and share your experiences on the subject.
Local: goahti / cot on Kyrkudden, Jukkasjarvi.
Food: Traditional Sami food service, fika- and glass sales every day in the field.

A gathering place, a forum for Sami actors operating in diverse fields such as Sami handicrafts, art, design, artisan food, music and theater, film and video, language, literature, tourism, legal matters etc. We want to contribute to highlighting the Sami; its diversity, creativity and challenges in DA, now- and future.

Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi is an initiative that aims to highlight and emphasize the Sami. Through a wide cultural events highlighted the Sami culture and various topics related to life in Sápmi.

By inviting Sami actors we create a networking forum for the Sami world. The Sami culture days will be filled with lectures, different views, etc., and on Saturday evening takes yoik and music scene at the Torne River. Sami food service takes place on all days.

Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi is a recurring cultural event, an annual summer festival in the heart of Sápmi. Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi combines grand celebration with the dissemination of knowledge and inspiration and welcomes an intergenerational audience from far and wide within and outside Sápmi.

Since access to the arts and culture is important for a region to be developed and be attractive is the creative and cultural industries are a vital part of this. Nutti Sámi Siida want to actively identify and promote Sami businesses in the neighborhood.

Open lectures and discussions:

Fri 19/8: pm. 12:00 Forcible and boundaries - John Marainen .

John Marainen, 76, grew up in Saarivuoma Sami and lives since studies in Gothenburg. He has worked in the Swedish school system. He has devoted much about genealogy and thereby engaged to three programs in the TV series "Who Do You Think You Are" and also starred in Finnish TV's "Kuka sinä oiken Home". John is current in the Swedish Church's so-called "White Paper", but also in a book about the genealogy of the Sami as Umeå University, presents on 20 August. Previously, he published the books "Karesuando Sami families" and Jukkasjarvi Sami families. " A third "Gällivare Sami families" are in the pipeline. His research in history at the University of Gothenburg and Sámiinstituhtta in Kautokeino, he has primarily devoted himself to show what the Nordic borders have led to the Sami and it is also the theme of the present lecture.

Market Concert Sat 20/8:

20:00 Melina Kuhmunen
21:00 Yana Mangi
23:00 Lars-ante Kuhmunen with ribbons
24:00 Kitok
Between Stern: Thomas Marainen, Cultural Berlin members
Concert Ticket: on Fri / Sat 10: 00-18: 00 on Kyrkudden and the admission 19:00. Outside the tourist office in Kiruna sold combi tickets on Sat from 18:00, which include concert admission + shuttle from 18:30 to 02:00 at the tourist office.
Concert Tickets: Adult SEK 400, children (5-15 years) 250 SEK.
Combination ticket (concert + transfer factor): Adult $ 500, children (5-15 years) 350 SEK.
Doors open: 19:00. Food and beer tent there.
Scene: Jávregáddi on Kyrkudden, Jukkasjarvi.

Taste Events Sat 20/8:

Taste of Sápmi - Taste of Sápmi
- Is the name of the cookbook industry organization Slow Food Sápmi released. But Slow Food Sápmi is not content with just a book, but now want to take this opportunity and therefore organizes an opportunity for you to participate in a tasting of a selection of the most delicious tastes of Sami cuisine. Moreover served suitable drinks. Slow Food movement's ideology is good, clean and fair food that fits well into Sami ideology where natural conditions and holistic approach should prevail in life, business and culture. Only pre-sale (limited spaces)! Contact Ylva Sarri 070 663 32 62 or buy the ticket on Kyrkudden Fri / sources.
Local: goahti / cot on Kyrkudden, Jukkasjarvi.
Time: 18:00

Exhibitors with their own market stalls 19-20-21 / 8:

Marainens Silver with Sami silver but also new products.
Per-Stefan Idivuoma with wood / horn handicrafts and some jewelry.
No-Wiktoria Popes with paintings, printed shirts and gadgets.
Made in Jukkas with Sápmi Recycle.
Boazoeaiggádiid oktavuohta / Reindeer Owners Association (BeO / RAF).
Torild Labba Karesuando Silver with Sami silver jewelery and silk scarves.
Sami Design and Materials Laila Idivuoma with fabrics, decorative ribbons and shawls.
Birgit Foam Pope with glass art.
Design Cecilia Svonni with shawls.
Likka Clean with gurpi, dry meat, chafing, mince, and pickled meats and grilling (sale only on Saturday).
Martha Huuva with bags, caps and skirts.
Niklas Sarri with watercolors and belts.
Location: The market on Kyrkudden, Jukkasjarvi, open 10:00 to 18:00. Free entrance.