NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in Conservation and Tourism

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El colonialismo como el gran negocio de las ONG
Destrucción neta de biodiversidad

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Wilderness Society - An olive branch offered at the Wilderness Society (04.2010)
The leadership of the Wilderness Society is attempting to end a damaging split within its ranks by making it easier for all members to vote at annual general meetings, regardless of whether they can attend the meeting in person.Over the past 33 years, the Wilderness Society has grown from its small Tasmanian roots into a national body with many branches. It raises $15 million a year in donations and has more than 45,000 paid up members, making it the largest environmental group in Australia. But since last year's annual general meeting, attended by just 14 people, the Society has been deeply divided and legal action is pending.
Save The Wilderness Society

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Mark Dowie
Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century, MIT Press, 1995
- Demonstrates how national and international environmental groups have lost touch with local environmentalists. This book has a good review of NAFTA and politics in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

Mark Dowie
American Foundations MIT Press, 2001
- The author conducted more than 200 interviews with foundation officers, critics, and grant recipients in addition to extensive research in foundation archives to assess the status of foundations. His assessment that organized philanthropy has been "slow to see problems coming, slow to respond, and quick to justify every decision" is accompanied by a series of suggestions on how to make reforms.

ONG ambientalistas en México

A colleague writes

Tengo algunas preguntas sobre las ONG ambientalistas en México, espero puedas respondermelas, como siempre ira tu credito inlcuido en el artículo. Cuáles son las ONG ambientalistas que tienen credibilidad para la sociedad, cómo podemos saber que son organizaciones que en verdad utilizan los recursos donados a favor de su lucha?
Históricamente cuál ha sido la importancia de las ONG ambientalistas en el mundo, en el caso de México cómo es?
En estos tiempos de crisis ambiental, donde presenciamos fenómenos como es el calentamiento global, cuál es la importancia del trabajo de las ONG en este tema?
Cuál es su opinión sobre el trabajo en equipo de gobierno y ONG?
Cuál es la valoración que la sociedad debe dar a las ONG que trabajan por el medio ambiente?
De qué forma cada individuo puede trabajar en conjunto con este tipo de organizaciones?

Administrative note - A few years ago hosted an e-conference on NGOs in Tourism and Conservation and we created an index of organizations working around the world. In order to update that information and include links to relevant information on institutional websites and Web 2.0 channels, we are relaunching the index on this wiki. Suggestions are welcome.


Randolph Foundation is pleased to announce the International NGOs' workshop on Development Financing that will bring together 314 representatives of NGOs/CBOs from all over the world is scheduled in New York, United States of America, (U.S.A.)

Sep 3-5 Bonn Germany 64th Annual United Nations DPI/NGO Conference: “Sustainable Societies; Responsive Citizens”.
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