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A national monument is a section of public land set aside for its natural, historical, or cultural value. National monuments range from structures to oceans to large tracts of land.

The Antiquities Act was established in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt and has been used more than a hundred times since its passage. It gives the President of the USA the authority to create national monuments from existing public lands to protect significant natural, cultural, or scientific features.

National monuments strengthen local and regional economies by attracting a substantial number of visitors each year from outside the local region, many of whom spend multiple days in the area spending money at local businesses and contributing to the local economy. Monument-related visitor expenditures are especially important in rural areas where local economies and small businesses may be particularly reliant on income derived from tourism and outdoor recreation.

FYI: The Grand Canyon was designated a national monument before it became a national park.

NRDC Report
A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council highlights the tremendous economic and environmental benefits of some two dozen American parklands and waters.
There is robust public support for protecting these national monuments. In the coming weeks, however, the Trump administration could attempt to re

move protections for these public lands and waters, and open them to oil, gas, mineral or other resource extraction.

“These breathtaking places belong to you and me,” said Rhea Suh, NRDC president. “Millions of Americans have urged the government to protect them. They are not mere pieces of real estate the Trump Administration can sacrifice to industrial ruin.”

In an unprecedented move, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke launched the review of 27 national monuments in May following an executive order by President Trump. The administration invited public input, and in more than 2.7 million public comments, Americans have urged the Trump Administration to protect these national monuments.

“Our national monuments remind us what we share as a country, who we are as a people, and what we as Americans value enough to protect and conserve,” said Rhea Suh. “Protecting each of these treasures is a promise we’ve made to our children—and a promise we’re going to keep. If this administration tries to violate that, we’ll hold the president to account in the court of public opinion, and in our courts of law.”

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National Moments Review (2017)
Final Report Summarizing Findings of the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act,amp.html

Comments received
Dear Secretary Ryan Zinke, I am writing to you imploring that you not retract any protection of our national monuments and avoid any potential future sale of...
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It is critical that protect as much undisturbed land as possible. Once this land is destroyed it cannot be rebuilt. Once it's gone it's gone. The country has...
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American sportsmen and women support judicious use of the Antiquities Act to permanently conserve important lands and waters, safeguard fish and wildlife...
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The Value of National Monuments

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Key points:
  • National monument visitation results in approximately $58 million in labor income per year, with the lodging industries produces the most labor income in the local economy ($10.5 million). Other key sectors supported by visitor spending include restaurants ($7.4 million) and gasoline ($8.7 million).
  • Average expenditures made by non-local visitors whose primary trip purpose was to visit one of the national monuments total $129 million, while local visitors spend about $51 million on primary trips to the national monuments.
  • Between 2011 and 2015, there were about 3.9 million visits to the Obama-designated natural and cultural national monuments annually. Day use of Obama-designated national monuments by local residents (those who live within 60 miles of the monument) represents 49 percent of visitation, while 20 percent of all visits are by non-local overnight visitors

Economic Impacts of Obama Administration Natural National Monuments @SmlBizMajority

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