Buzzword Bingo: Narrative = A story or account of events and experiences (2011)

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Narrative = A story or account of events and experiences

Also see: counter narrative, counter narrative, non-narrated


The audience - readers, viewers - interprets the 'story' differently.

Our appreciation (or not) of narrative depends on what we're comfortable with. We also have different points of view given our age and generation.

Our liking or disliking of narrative depends on how we interpret story-telling. How do we wish to be engaged? Are we willing to be manipulated? Are we willing to accept far-fetched premises?

Open journalism creates an environment that is unlike traditional media.


‘I would like to be excluded from this narrative’


What is the difference between narrative and story?


In an attention economy where more and more options compete for scarce attention, the ability to attract and retain attention will increasingly determine who creates and captures value. Stories are a powerful way to engage audiences, but have limitations that make it difficult to retain attention, build relationships and mobilize action. Narratives offer a more powerful vehicle to amplify impact, but are much less well understood. Narratives operate at three levels in parallel: the individual, the institution and the social unit. By understanding this and crafting narratives that operate at all three levels, it is possible to amplify impact. New generations of technology especially social, cloud, mobile and Big Data make the development and deployment of narratives much more feasible. Narratives resist the confines of a single medium and tend to flourish in a transmedia world where the narrative can unfold across a rich set of media.

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