mexico / Mexico Travel Survey

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YOUR TURN - asks those knowledgeable about Mexico's tourism (and in particular ecotourism) to share insights that will be considered for inclusion in a new publication.


What advice would you give travelers seeking an eco vacation in Mexico? (¿Qué consejos le darías a los viajeros que buscan una vacacion ecologica en Mexico?)

What specific places would you recommend to travelers? (¿Qué lugares le recomendamos a los viajeros?)

What are a few things visitors may not know about Mexico that you think would be good to know. (¿Cuáles son algunas cosas que los visitantes no saben acerca de Mexico que piensas que sería bueno saber.)

What are your favorite eco or travel websites focusing on Mexico? (¿Cuáles son tus favoritos sitios web (ecológicos o de viajes) acerca de Mexico?)

What are a few things Mexico does well in terms of protecting the natural environment? (¿Cuáles son algunas cosas que Mexico hace bien en términos de proteger el medio ambiente natural?)