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We love Mexican food. = Nos encanta la comida Mexicana.

This page celebrates the makers, creators and tasters of Mexico's wonderful cuisine. Editors are encouraged to add events, headlines and links to favorite restaurants and markets.

We look at the food in Mexico as well as Mexican food abroad, featuring restaurants and events around the world.


October Taste of Mexico (Los Angeles) - @tasteofmex

March 16 El Día de la Gastronomía Mexicana


Comida indigena (Oaxaca Wiki)
Mexico City Food
Mezcal (Oaxaca Wiki)
Teotitlan Gastronomia (Oaxaca Wiki)

Foodie Buzzword Bingo

Achiote - Almuerzo (Lunch) - Birria - Botana - Cena (Dinner) - Chilaquiles - Chiles - Chiles en Nogada - Chocolate - Cochinita Pibil - Desayuno (Breakfast) - Empalagoso (Sickly Sweet) - Estofado - Flor de Calabaza (Squash Flower) - Huarache - Lima - Maíz (Corn) - Mezcal - Michelada - Mixiote - Mole - Morisqueta - Pambazo - Panunchos - Pozole - Salpicon - Tamales - Tejate - Tescalate - Tlacoyo - Tlayuda - Tortilla - Torta - Tortas Ahogadas

Pati's Mexican Table
Merida Restaurants -


Mexican Culinary Traditions
Cultura Gastronómica de México


Fotos de comida mexicana - Marlene Ehrenberg

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Mexican Food




Mexican Food / La cocina mexicana Pool

Mexico Food Outside Mexico in the USA


Los Angeles - Guelaguetza -
Las Vegas - Lindo Michoacan - Facebook; Pinches Tacos, La Comida, Casa Don Juan (Facebook), El Dorado Cantina
Yerington - El Superior
New York
New York City - Cafe Frida, Mesa Coyoacán
Boston - Sol Azteca
Philadelphia - El Vez
El Naranjo - @elnaranjoaustin
Springdale - Bit and Spur
Multiple locations
Rosa Mexicano
Seattle, Washington
Seattle - Carta de Oaxaca

Las Vegas

Mexican Food Outside Mexico

Melbourne: Los Amates
Las Adelitas (Prague)
Czech Republic
Prague - Las Adelitas
wahaca: grow your own serrano chiles
London - Mestizos (Camdentown)
Taquieria (Westbonne Grove)
Wahaca (

Berlin - Maria Bonita (Facebook)
Danziger Strasse 33

Amsterdam - Los Pilones
San Julian Taco + Tequila @ Cape Town 05.2011
South Africa
Cape Town - San Julian - kurt's blog, ron's pic

Mexican Food

Mex without the Tex: El Naranjo's brick and mortar signals the beginning of the end for Tex-Mex

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The rebirth of the real Mexico - For decades Australians have laboured under the false impression that tacos, nachos and chilli con carne are the living embodiment of Mexican cuisine. RN First Bite traces the birth of 'real' Mexican back to the Aztec Empire.

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antojito - traditional dish, small in size (not to be confused with botana)===

botana - snack, appetizer (not to be confused with antojito)===

La botana va acompañada de bebidas con alcohol: cerveza, tequila, mezcal, ron, vodka, o suavecitas como anís, jerez, ó rompope; mientras que los antojitos según la hora se acompañan con atole, café, agua de frutas, tejate, horchata ó refresco. Otro punto es que la botana precede a una comida ó cena fuerte y los antojitos no.

Chilaquiles Rojos

Chiles en nogada

Huevos = Eggs

Huevos Motuleños - Fried eggs served over corn tortillas, topped with red chili sauce, green peas, fried bananas and ham


Letra de un canción yerbas en náhuatl y en los mercados se le dice quelite, el mas conocido es el pápalo quelite, pues la hoja tiene forma de mariposa

El yerberito llegó, llegó

El yerberito llegó, llegó
Traigo yerba santa, pa´ la garganta
Traigo beisbon, pa´ la hinchazón
Traigo abrecamino pa´ tu destino
Traigo ruda pa´l que estornuda
También traigo albahaca, pa´ la gente flaca
El epazote , para los brotes
Traigo el betivé para el que no ve
Y con esa yerba se casa usted




Pulque - Agua de las verdes matas, tú me tumbas, tú me matas, tú me haces andar a gatas.





Sopa = Soup

Sopa rincón
Sopa Azteca


tequila and fresa - muppet, paloma, changirongo

Tescalate (Chiapas)

un alimento de origen prehispánico
Su nombre proviene del náhuatl "tlahtlaoyoh"


A warm pressed sandwich on a split white bolillo roll. Features a black bean spread, choice of filling, slice of tomato, avocado, onion and stringy Oaxacan quesillo cheese.


Xoconostle, the wonder cactus
Xoconostle de Chapatongo

Picante = Spicy
torta de vena de chile

Polvorones = Mexican Wedding Cookies


In restaurants, strangers seeing each other's eyes instinctively say "buen provecho" before eating. It's an earnest wish that their food should not only be tasty, but really pleasurable, and that the hope that their life will be a bit better as a result. There really is no English equivalent. Even our adopted "bon appétit" pales in significance.
- Robert Reid, Why you should go to Mexico

I like Mexico! Mexico me gusta (left)
mexico me gusta (right)


facebook: septehambre
flickr: septehambre worksheet

Taste of Mexico,0,5202583.story

Escuela de Gastronomía Mexicana

La Comandanta


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Mexican food is popular around the world ... and for a delicious reason. It's very, very good! There is no other cuisine that connotes good taste and good vibes the way Mexican food does.

September is 'Mes de la Patria' in Mexico and we'd like to celebrate by eating tasty Mexican food. Come hungry!

"Everyone is invited to Septehambre," says founder Ron Mader. "This is play on words 'Septiembre' meaning 'September' and 'Hambre' meaning 'hunger.' We ask that you seek out and taste singular, exceptional Mexican food. If you visit restaurants and markets, please responsible tourism photography by asking if you can take a photo. If the answer is negative, please respect the local wishes."

Septehambre is open to everyone eating Mexican food in Mexicoand around the world. For example, the Planeta Wiki documents some of our favorite Mexican restaurants outside of Mexico. Please share tips about places you would recommend and introduce us to the stars of the kitchens and markets."

"Let's create a slow, savory adventure," adds Mader. "September has 30 days. Eat something delicious every day. That in itself should be its own reward."

How to participate in 3 Steps

#1 Support your favorite restaurant or market and order delicious Mexican food

#2 Use the Web to see or to create or be generous to materials featuring Mexican food

#3 Enjoy your meal!

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La comida mexicana es muy popular en todo el mundo ... y por una razón deliciosa! Es muy, muy buena. No hay otra comida que tenga buén sabor, la buena vibra en la manera que hace la comida Mexicana.

Septiembre es el "Mes de la Patria" en México nos gusta celebrar comiendo comida mexicana sabrosa. Ven con hambre!

Esta invitación es abierta a todos los que gustan de la comida mexicana en México (!) y alrededor del mundo. Por favor recomienda lugares dónde se puéde comer bién.

Hagamos una aventura lenta y sabrosa, por favor muestranos lo que estás comiendo!. Si visitas restaurantes y mercados favor de practicar la fotografía responsable pregunta si puedes tomar una foto.

Como Participar en 3 Pasos

#1 Patrocina tu restaurante o mercado favorito y pide comida Mexicana deliciosa

#2 Usa el Web para ver o para crear o ser generos@ con los materiales acerca la comida Mexicana

#3 Buen provecho

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Directions to Wahaca

San Julian Taco + Tequila @ Cape Town 05.2011


Mexico Food



palo de chile

National Taco Day

November fmgm

September 2016 México, sus cocinas y sus historias culinarias

April 20 - May 3 Pasaporte Mexico 2016, Central Markets (texas)
Hashtag: #PasaporteMexico