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Anyone can host a Mexico Night!

Mexico Night (Noche Mexicana) is a public party which explores Mexican culture, festivities, food, crafts and conscious travel, ecotourism and responsible travel. It can be conducted on any budget. Just use your imagination and remember 'el único tope es el cielo.'

How MexicoNight Works

Our idea borrows from social bridging exercises and Open Space Technology with the addition of green drinks and botanas.

Find videos about Mexico on YouTube. Among our handcrafted vids: Mercado Central de Abastos and Caldo de Piedra. Here's Ron's Mexico playlist.


Find this on the google map! @**Petroleros_Mina** is Petroleros de Minatitlán, Veracruz


lucha libre figures, masks
Lotería (board game)


agua de jamaica

More food


Papel picado
Postcards from Oaxaca
Flyers/Brochures from Mexico
globos de tri color (green, white and red balloons)




Food, health and building communities
Mexican food
Oaxaca markets

Flickr Groups

Árboles de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Trees)
Re-Imagining North American Ecotourism
Mexican Palette


Green, white and red
Lessons from Mexico


Caldo de Piedra (Stone Soup)
Conversation with Hector Ceballos-Lascurain
Oaxaca Flickrmeet 2008
Mercado Central de Abastos


Postcards from Oaxaca

VIP Version

If this Ron's invited, there can be an auction or sale of Oaxacan crafts and free postcards for the participants. We can also arrange a mezcal tasting.

Related: MexicoNight at Black Sheep Inn, Ecuador

Black Sheep Inn hosts a regular (almost weekly) MexicoNight (all vegetarian) serving re-fried beans with cheese, Spanish rice, corn bread, guacamole, tomato salsa and limey lettuce and has tequila shots on special. Occasionally chili rellenos are served with a spicy chocalate mole sauce. Tequilas that are available in Ecuador include Jose Cuervo, Sauza, Sombrero Negro, El Charro and a mezcal called Oaxaca.

Recent Events: Quito

A dozen people showed up for the September 2008 MexicoNight in Quito, Ecuador held at South American Explorers in September 2008. Free gifts (!) included the 2008 jaguar calendar, the map of historic and notable trees in Oaxaca City, examples of business cards from local businesses and bits and bobs of tourism materials.

Recent Events: Cancún

October 2009, Cancún event featured a tasting of handmade mezcall from Oaxaca.


Mexico Guide

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