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Mexico Explained answers the questions while raising even more. The podcast is sadly out of production. Keep an eye on the hashtag:

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March 23 #31 Is AMLO Voldemort in no Disguise?
Presidential front runner (for now) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reminds the pod of someone who is president north of the border and shall not be named. He tells fibs, takes everything personally and overreacts to criticism. But seriously, John, Tom and Luis also look at how the presidential election is shaping up for next year and declare one party as past any hope of resuscitation. We also bring you the true conspiracy behind the theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey, which turned up in Mexico this week. And finally we look at Latin American politicians and their penchant for luxury real estate in Miami.

March 14 Congress Snoozes
Join John and Tom as they take you through the arcana of the Mexican Congress and whether or not they will ever pass a bill regulating the use of the armed forces in fighting crime. AMLO taking the heat over the Ayotzinapa tragedy in the hometown of his old buddy Rudy Giuliani. And why was there no soccer in Mexico last weekend?

Key points/Bingo: State of Mexico - PRI has the ground game - Home State - 2018 Presidential Election - Popular - Social Development - Ground Game - Mabaches (Election Fixers) - Ayotzinapa (24:30) - Michoacan - Boot of a car - Drug cartel - Unvoiced debate - Caught on tape - Collusion - Immunity - On the Lamb - (26:20) Story of the week - Referees physically assaulted - Head Butt - America - Suspensions - Rules - No refs, no game - Mistakes - Instant Replay -

‘No refs, no game.’ Timestamp – (26:20) is the story of the week on #MexicoExplained
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I'd like to get the word out sooner than later about this Mexico-focused podcast. The conversation in British and American English focuses on Mexico, and the conversations that are just beneath the surface or voiced in a taxi cab.

‘No refs, no game.’ (26:20) is #MexicoExplained at its finest https://mexicoexplained.com/2017/03/14/28-congress-snoozes @jonjo66 @TomBuckley519 #mexsplaining #timestamp

January 27 Trump Declares Trade War on Mexico
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled a visit to Washington DC after President Donald J. Trump insisted he will make Mexico pay for a proposed border wall. The pod look at how serious this is for the country and what might happen.

Minute 5:00 NAFTA clarification
Minute 7:30 El pendejo con iniciativa (es aquel osado que no sabe que no sabe)

November 21
The pod crew sit in their virtual studio to discuss the post real world of a Trump election victory that has changed the present and the future of Mexico almost as much as it has changed the United States. This episode looks at possible impacts and searches in vain for signs of optimism as the president elect names his cabinet.

October 3
In this episode the pod crew look at Mexican concerns that both presidential candidates are anti-trade, one because it is his main campaign message and the other in an attempt to become more electable. In the end, for all its faults, NAFTA is bioengineered into the economies and any change would be highly disruptive. Also we look at crime and corruption for a change.

September 9
Donald Trump's visit caused such outrage in Mexico that it led to the resignation of Finance Minister Luis Videgaray, the country's de facto vice-president and the leader's closest confidante. The pod looks at whether he jumped or was pushed and what the new Finance Minister inherits. Hint: Empty coffers

Favorite Podcast of the Week: Trumpaggedon (Mexico Explained with @jonjo66 @TomBuckley519 @luisantespino) #Playlist

Podcasts: Mexico Explained @jonjo66 @TomBuckley519 @luisantespino #MexicoExplained

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Ron Mader: One of my favorite podcasts of 2016, Mexico Explained ...

There are more than a few brilliant comments here and insight otherwise unavailable in the English language about the Mexico-US relation.

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