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Mexico City (Ciudad de México) is the capital city of Mexico. Abbreviations: CDMX and DF.


Mexico City is on Central Daylight Time
Current time in Mexico City

If it is 4pm in Mexico City, what time is it elsewhere?


February 13-19, 2017 Semana de Viajes Responsables (Responsible Travel Week) #rtweek17

April 19-23 World bike forum #fmb6

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La Ciudad de México en el tiempo


Webcams de méxico

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Spanish Language Schools


Historic transfers of urban monuments
La CdMx tiene mala calidad del aire - Grupo Milenio
el-basurero-de-tanya-muller - @hdemauleon
Sistine Chapel
Mexico City's Invisible Rivers - @dromomanos
Invita la Central de Abasto a su tradicional romería del rábano
5 Best pulque in Mexico City - chilledmagazine
A New Lab to Reinvent Mexico City - Techonomy
Mexico City Renaissance - Joshua Berman
Now is possible to buy a temporary pass (1, 3 or 7 days) for Ecobici - shared bicycle program
In Mexico City, a small hotel with big green credentials: El Patio 77
Tourism Ministry unveils the path of Juan Diego - La Jornada


National Art Museum
Miniature Mexico

Flickr Groups

MUNAL looking images of the Fatherland
City More Beautiful

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Mexico City Treasure Hunt Pool

    Radio tower
    Mexico City Treasure Hunt


    Recommended Listening

    Tune! Moebius : Mondays, Mexico 1130am Time, 930am Vegas
    Wikimedia_mx @ Ibero909FM Wikipedia
    Hashtag: # Moebius909

    We must listen more in Spanish! Appointment Radio on Mondays, 1130am-Noon Mexico City Time - A program dedicated to all things on Wikipedia on Ibero 909 TuneIn

    'Neither a victory nor a defeat' - across time Tlatelolco - In October 2008, in Mexico City, Through Thousands of people marched the streets to mark the 40th anniversary of a brazen and brutal repression of student protesters, Carried out by the state on the eve of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. The Tlatelolco massacre, as it Became Known, yet more blood spilled upon one of Mexico City's Most Significant historical and archaeological sites. In Hindsight we explore the rich layers of history at Tlatelolco.

    Recommended Viewing

    The Shrine of Guadalupe - Burt Wolf


    Mexico City Got Bikers How to Stop Worrying and Ride



    2014 -

    Recent Events

    Aug 9-10 Coloquio: Pensamiento Indígena Contemporáneo
    Centro Cultural Tlatelolco de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

    November 24 to 27 Expo FONAES

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    Alameda Park

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    La Alameda de Santa María la Ribera en una fotografía de los años veinte. A la derecha se aprecia el Kiosco Morisco, trasladado aquí desde la Alameda Central en 1910; destaca también la estatua de Miguel Hidalgo que se encontraba al frente y más tarde fue trasladada a la acera norte del mismo jardín. Imagen: Col. Villasana-Torres

    Templo Mayor



    Mexico City @ 10.2010
    El Caballito - This sculpture of Charles IV was made ​​in a single casting by Manuel Tolsa. The statue depicts Carlos IV on a stallion with a front leg in the air, Because the king died at home from combat wounds. Carlos IV is wearing Roman dress and use no saddle. Since 1979 the statue is located across from the Palace of Mines and in front of the National Museum of Art (MUNAL) in the Plaza Tolsa .
    The horse - Sculpture of Charles IV made ​​by Manuel Tolsa one-emptying Carlos IV on a stallion with a front leg in the air, because the king's house supposedly died in combat wounds, dressed as a Roman, without saddle. Since 1979 it is located opposite the Palace of Mining and the National Art Museum (MUNAL) in today Plaza Tolsa .

    Mexico City Metro
    Spotlight on Metro Xola

    Each station is Identified by a minimalist logo related to the name of the station or the area around it.
    The design of the icons and the typography are a creation of Lance Wyman , lowest Also designed the logotype for the 1968 Summer Olympic Games at Mexico City.

    Metro Insurgentes Where the walls are decorated platform With mock-ups of platforms from the Paris Métro and the London Underground created by Rafael Cauduro . ( Photos )

    Metro Xola
    There are several versions about the origin of the word Xola. One is that, in the nineteenth century were the estates of Narvarte, Becerra and La Condesa, ranches of Naples and Sola. Over the years, this single word (name of the owners) was changing, as some written and pronounced the Schola, until he finally changed the first three letters for the "X" that looks now that gives the same pronunciation.
    There are several versions about the origin of the word Xola. One Is That, by the nineteenth century haciendas There Were Narvarte, Becerra and La Condesa, ranches of Naples and Sola. Over the years, Sola esta word (name of the owners) was changing, as some written and pronounced the Schola, Until I was finally changed the first three letters for the "X" that looks Now That Gives the same pronunciation.

    Gastronomy Online / Mexican cuisine online
    a program with the chef, Ricardo Muñoz / a program hosted by the chef Ricardo Muñoz


    Pemex Tower


    tourism portals - -
    Youth Institute of the Federal District
    on Facebook




    Free on Tuesdays: Carcamo / Natural History Museum

    Historical center


    Museum Estanquillo
    Isabella 26, corner of Madero

    Carlos Monsivais collection


    Interactive Museum of Economics, Tacuba # 17, . Closed Mondays.

    Interactive Museum of Economics. Centro Historico, Mexico City Tuesday to Sunday 9.00 to 18.00 hrs.
    Tacuba 17, Centro Historico ·

    Colonia Roma

    Arroniz Contemporary Art Plaza Rio de Janeiro
    Green Garden Rome
    A small French bakery in Roma, La Boheme

    Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco -

    Templo Mayor Museum
    Seminar 8 Historical Center
    They presented in the Templo Mayor Museum exhibition "Tlaltecuhtli. Lady of the earth"

    After years of research and hard restoration process, the important archaeological find of a relief of the Aztec earth goddess Tlaltecuhtli (occurred in October 2006), it is finally put on display at the Templo Mayor Museum. Tlaltecuhtli monolith has spectacular dimensions and retains its original color, which is a valuable opportunity to admire this sculpture and all its glory.

    Palacio de Mineria

    Zocalo -

    Mexican Museum of Design (MUMEDI)

    See something or say something: Mexico City

    National Museum of Popular Art , Revillagigedo and Independencia, Centro Historico!/amigosmap

    Virtual Museum of National Palace

    Museum of Light - - at the corner of Calle del Carmen and San Ildefonso, is open Monday-Friday 9 am- 4pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am-5pm. This Year's Exhibits celebrate International Year of Astronomy. The museum opened in 1996 and is run by UNAM. The museum is vaulted Housed in a building built in 1575 as a chapel of the Maximum School of San Pedro and Pablo, a Jesuit school.

    Palacio de Iturbide, Madero # 17, is a restored 18th century palace designed by Francisco Guerrero y Torres in 1780 and from 1821 to 1823 was the residence of Agustin de Iturbide, while I ACTED as the first Emperor of Mexico. Today, the restored building houses the Cultural Development
    and has-been renamed the Palace of Culture Banamex.

    Benito Juarez International Airport

    Independently For Those catching buses from Terminal 1 in Mexico you need to go upstairs to the ticket office. Start at Gate 7 and go inside the airport away from the road, then a take the travellator to the first floor. Thereafter cross the road using the walkway to the terminal and head for the bus Cuernavaca bus service counter.

    Terminal 1: Wi-Fi from Dino's Snack Bar and Fast Food (with purchase of food or beverage)

    New airport


    Exploring Mexico City
    Alameda Park
    Green markets
    Things to do in Mexico City
    Transportation in Mexico City

    Elsewhere on the Web

    DF Writers
    The Citadel
    Tamayo Museum
    In the Pit



    Among the highlights of a visit to Mexico City - a quiet stroll-through one of the many pocket parks. Oh, and visits to the larger and more historical parks including Viveros and Chapultepec

    Polanco - Wikipedia
    Lincoln Park - Wikipedia
    Moorish Kiosk
    Alameda de Santa Maria de la Ribera

    Natural World

    BIKE RIDING - Calle Reforma is closed every Sunday from 6 am-2pm from the Alameda to Chapultepec Parks. Skates, skateboards and bikes are welcome.

    Flickr Group : Yes More Bicycles

    News in Mexico City Bikes:
    "With a team of 114 thousand bikes strategically located in 84 cicloestaciones, the Government of the Federal District will seek to prioritize the use of the vehicle and increase of 1.2 to 5 percent using this transport for the benefit of the environment and health Bogota, through the implementation of public bicycle system of the City of Mexico, "more: ...

    Cultural World

    Soumaya Museum , Plaza Loreto, Revolution Avenue and Magdalena River, Eje 10 Sur, 1030am-630pm, Fridays and Saturdays, 1030am-830pm. Closed Tuesdays.
    ElMuseoSoumaya A_mirandam

    Fine Arts

    Transportation in Mexico City

    Drivers in Mexico can be half wild.
    Taxi - view, Local news from driver
    Public transportation - more eco-friendly, inexpensive

    Transportation to Cuernavaca bus line for the state of Morelos ... non-stop commuter bus from airport to Cuernvaca

    Aztec stadium


    Four sites in Mexico City Have Been Given the category of "World Heritage" by UNESCO : the historic center, With its 1,436 historic buildings and monuments; Xochimilco district, Which Boasts over 200 kilometers of canals; Luis Barragan's house and studio and the Central University City Campus (UNAM).

    Spotlight on Tlalpan

    San Agustin de la Cuevas



    Mexico City Government

    Elsewhere on the Web

    Academia de San Carlos
    Go to Mexico City
    DF - El Universal
    Mexico City Tourism Office
    Trust Historic Center
    Historical center
    Free time
    Mexico City - Economist

    More Features

    Water Crisis - Guardian
    Largest Stadium - BBC
    Historic center rises from the ashes - Flight
    Tepito neighborhood

    terrace Conquistador
    Plaza de la Constitucion # 13, 6th floor


    In His blog says Simon Winchester That only four words from the Aztec language of Nahuatl Have Entered Inglés: Nahuatl, teguexin, tule and Axolotl. True?

    Route of Friendship Makes the 2012 Monuments Watch List from the World Monuments Fund.

    Pulque - Where are the best pulque in Mexico City? We'd like to visit The Pirate in Colonia Escandon. Anywhere else?
    Castle - yards of beer
    Iztacalco was in "the Garden of the Capital" The ecological park offers environmental education, orchards and a demonstration on the water cycle


    General Garcia Conde # 20
    Lots of cypresses in Chapultepec Park. Largest (and sadly dead) is Sergeant, below the castle. Circumference of 14 meters.

    Siqueiros Polyforum

    Polyforum is a multi-use Which forum in various culture, political and social activities take place. It has several autonomous spaces: such as a theater with a capacity for 500, galleries, offices and the Universal Forum. Polyforum Siqueiros is a museum in itself. The 12 outer panels of the building and the 2,400 square meters of the mural paintings of The March of Humanity Provide a Total of 8,700 square meters of an exceptional and unique representative sample of the movement called "Mexican Muralism," Which Began in 1920.


    University of the Mexican Republic


    Museum of Natural History and Environmental Culture, Open Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-5pm,

    The three sources of Vipers Were designed by Leonidas Guadarrama and Were Inaugurated in 1964. They Have Been since filled in with dirt and are used for casual games of soccer.

    Old Guard House - temporary exhibits

    Promenade Composers

    Source of Nezahualcoyotl

    Vine with Blue flowers

    Trees - Platanus tabascense
    'Aya' in Tabasco and Veracruz
    exported to Europe and is one of the main trees planted along the boulevard
    Champs Elysee in Paris

    Bird Watching in Mexico City

    Aves de la Ciudad de México / Birds of Mexico City

    Mexico City Water Tour
    aqueduct on Avenida Chapultepec, Metro Sevilla, near Prague Street

    Ruben's, Venustiano Carranza # 17

    things to do
    peel the citadel of Tacubaya

    Tallest Building
    Mexico Tower - tallest in LatAm?

    Metro Patriotism
    Escandon / Condesa

    Church - San Jose de la Montana

    Mexico City Churches

    San Francisco - Located between the Alameda and the Zocalo - Boasts Churrigueresque architecture

    Michoacan Market
    Origins Eco Market, Glorieta Popocatepetl # 41A

    TAPO bus station - With any purchase wifi from Route Café


    Recommended DF
    4 Corners / 4 centuries

    things to do
    Cutting Through Neighborhoods old with a home is more fun than with Google maps


    Parque Morelos
    the Pirate (pulqueria), Street September 13 esq. December 12, Tel. 2614.2962. Monday to Saturday from 9-19 hrs.
    pambacitas, progress # 61 - neighborhood joint pambazo
    The Golden Lion cantina
    Theatre Hipodromo Condesa



    Pa Child Day is Celebrated Calendaria February 2. The babies of the Christ are dressed. Every year the Child Pa Changes family. The baby travels in Mexico City, people make party (to celebrate).

    Flickr photo collection, Xochimilco and the Child Pa

    Featured photos

    Research ... Rio de la Piedad was ever a river?
    Yes! It originated About one kilometer from the Tacubaya borough in what is now west-Central Mexico City. It was tubed in 1942 and the expressway viaduct was built over part of it. The "river" now emerges from the tubing in eastern Mexico City in the new channel of Rio Churubusco near Pantitlán.

    Monumental parade alebrijes (October)

    Benches Dialogue on Reform

    Day of the Dead Celebrations
    Day of the Dead in the village of Mixquic, Tláhuac Delegation in Mexico City.
    Mexico City - Trip Advisor
    Mexico City Tourism


    The harmony is to protect life on earth.
    - Inscription on the statue Otafuku, Viveros Park


    Question - Do You have any additional information About visiting the axolotl breeding facility in Canal Apatloco in Xochimilco? For example, how long does it take to reach the site from the Caltongo launching site? I'd like to see the facility, but I'm traveling with a small group That Is not In This destination as interested as I am. Also, I've just started learning Spanish, so I fear That Attempts to ask questions of the person driving the trajinera will go nowhere.

    Answer - As always, I would recommend hiring a local knowledgeable guide. Xochimilco is a place That can be enjoyed by everyone, so even if your group is not as interested in the axolotl breeding program as you are, they'll still get to enjoy a leisurely tour on the water, the lively atmosphere filled with music or bird song (Depending on the channel!). It takes about 90 minutes to get to the site and one of the pluses is the Entire punt When is lifted by an elevator. In terms of guides, the best of the best is Marlene Ehrenberg .

    What is the Difference between a Chilango and dfeño?

    Buzzword Bingo

    Ambulante - Axolotl - Aztecs - Cargo Bikes - Historic Center - Chapultepec Park - Central Axis - Diego Rivera - Frida Kahlo - Azteca Stadium (the Colossus of Santa Ursula) - merolico - Metro - Sanborns - Torre Latinoamericana


    Independence Tour
    Angel of Independence
    The Corregidora - The conspiracy HAD Been discovered. Instead of the original plan for November, moved up to September
    Dona Josefa Dominguez Otiz (Corregidora of Queretaro)

    Also see:

    Air Quality

    Revolution Tour

    Monument of the Revolution
    Obregon Monument
    National Palace
    Tile House
    Phrygian cap on the back of the Presidential Chair in Chapultepec Castle
    Avenida Revolucion

    Markets Markets =

    Merced market
    Jamaica Market

    Mexico one of the biggest cities in the world has one of the largest markets
    Central de Abasto - Marlene Ehrenberg

    where to stay in the center
    Hotel Florida, Belisario Dominguez

    Where to stay elsewhere

    Mexico Monday! - Colleagues and friends share info About Mexico using the #mexmonday hashtag on twitter . Help us Improve our coverage of Mexico's Indigenous people, biodiversity, parks, markets and food by posting your news and recommended resources. We'll retweet our favorites and highlight news in the Mexico Update .
    Hostal Moneda


    Folk Art

    Expo FONAES , Palacio de los Deportes, Storify

    Let's talk about the elephant in the room or the Palacio de los Deportes @ExpoFonaes @AyuukTienda #mexiconow

    Expofonaes2012 @ Mexico 08.2012

    Learn Spanish!

    Recommended book for kids

    What's new?

    The DF Parish , Calle Brasil No. 5

    Bicentennial Park

    Ver mapa más grande

    Programa Sectoral de Turismo (2008-2012)

    Spotlight: Ruta de la Amistad

    Embedded Tweets

    Monday is # Moebius909 We heard at 11:30 by @ Ibero909FM ! Connecting the world through Wikipedia

    Recommended Reading

    Sectoral Tourism Program (2008-2012) PDF

    Visual Thinking: Venus in Mexico City

    2013: Year of the Snake


    Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)